Updating Mac OS. Mac OS update archive

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Updating Mac OS. Mac OS update archive
Updating Mac OS. Mac OS update archive

Updates to operating systems are always eagerly awaited. After all, they bring a new interface design, improved features and fixed bugs. Updating Mac OS also gave users of "apple" laptops a lot of innovations. But there are many questions to this topic.

What is this?

Let's start with a description of Mac OS. Before us is a definition that stands for Macintosh Operating System. It represents a whole family of proprietary operating systems that were created by Apple. It is not difficult to guess that Mac OS updates appeared on Macintosh personal computers.

macos update
macos update

The first version was "born" back in 1984. Although until the 90s of the last century, the family of operating systems had a different name. Only a few years after the first launch, it was decided to introduce this term as a designation for all operating systems for the Macintosh.


Not many people know, but there is a slight difference between MacOS and Mac OS. The last one was updated in 2016. Then the experts decided that the version of OS X would be released under the name macOS. Since,obsolete name no longer used.

This decision was made in favor of unification. Since the rest of Apple's platforms were named tvOS, watchOS, and iOS, it made sense to change the name of the PC operating system as well.

New name

MacOS is the same proprietary operating system that became the successor to the previously released version of Mac OS 9. Originally called Mac OS X, it became OS X in 2012. It was only renamed MacOS in 2016.

Now this OS is already the second most common for PCs. The first one was taken from her by Windows. The share of the "apple" version this year reached 11%.

mac os high sierra
mac os high sierra


The first update of Mac OS took place in the year it was released. Version 1.1 was released in May 1984. Then the first revision of the OS was called System 1. From that moment until April 1997, 6 more major versions and several dozen minor updates appeared.

The next global innovation was Mac OS 8. It became transient and did not last long, as it appeared at the time of major hardware changes in the Macintosh platform.

It was followed by Mac OS 9, which turned out to be the last update of Mac OS in its "classic" manifestation. This version appeared in 1999 and lasted two years. In the spring of 2001, Mac OS X 10.0 Cheetah was released.

First revision

Talking about the very first release of Mac OS is not easy. This is because there is little information left from that time, and the number of revisions has exceeded 50 versions. All of them are included in"classic" set that ran from 1984 to 2001.

Second revision

Following the regular Mac OS, came the Mac OS 8 update. As already mentioned, this operating system was used at the time of the platform's hardware changes. Initially, it worked with the outdated Motorola 68040 processor, then it was redesigned for the PowerPC G3. In the first week after the release, the company managed to sell over a million copies.

mac os x update archive
mac os x update archive

The first version of Mac OS 8 was codenamed Tempo. It was sold for $100. Version 8.1 was not long in coming and appeared six months later. Bride of Buster is a free update to Mac OS. The main change concerns the HFS+ file system.

After that, the developers create version 8.5, which comes out after another six months. Allegro began to support the new microprocessor architecture, worked with Sherlock search engine technology, themes and 32-bit icons. This upgrade also cost users $100.

Allegro was followed by another revision 8.5.1 two months later, which fixed a couple of problems with the new update. It became known as The Ric Ford Release. And the latest in the Mac OS update archive was version 8.6 - Veronica. It was built on a new nano-kernel for the correct operation of Multiprocessing Services 2.0.

Third revision

As already mentioned, this global update is the latest in a series of "classic". When Mac OS 9 appeared on the market, the developers were busy releasing updates to Mac OS X.eight revision. Not all of them have become visible and important.

After the release of major version 9.0, there were a couple of minor updates that fixed bugs. After that, update 9.0.4 appeared, which improved USB and FireWire support. And if the first name of the revision was Sonata, then this update was called Minuet.

New possibilities appeared with the release of Fortissimo. It became possible to burn CDs from Finder. At the same time, the stabilization of the system has improved. Moonlight appeared under version 9.2 and became optimized for the new processor. Limelight and LU1 became sub-revisions of the main version, which were also released to fix bugs.

Cat Revisions

Following the ninth update, the tenth was expected to appear. In addition, it was talked about even at the time of the release of Mac OS 9. Mac OS X 10.0 Cheetah was the first global update for user and server systems. It became known in 2001. Its cost was $30.

latest mac os update
latest mac os update

When users learned that the first version was given the name of a predator from the cat family (Cheetah - from the English "cheetah"), it became clear that in the future there would be a tiger, and a puma, and a jaguar.

And they were not mistaken. The next option really was the Mac OS X 10.1 update. Not even a year has passed since the Cheetah, and the developers are introducing a new revision of the Puma.

The following year, Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar became known. He also served a year, and already in 2003, an update appeared Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. He turned out to be the first long-liver and was popular until 2005year.

After that, the Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger update lasted the same amount of time. Behind him began to appear "Leopard" and "Snow Leopard". Both versions lasted two years. "Lion" and "Mountain Lion" worked until October 2013.

The path to change

Apparently, over time, the developers ran out of fantasy, so the new version of the same update was called a beach in California. The company announced the release of new revisions, which will be called places of interest in this state.

mac os update freezes
mac os update freezes

OS X 10.9 Mavericks update stood out for being a transitional update. It left still outdated "chips", but slowly switched to new items.

OS X Yosemite, as you might guess, was named after Yosemite National Park. OS X El Capitan reminded users of the highest mountain in this park.

In the fall of 2016, an update appears. At this point, macOS 10.12 Sierra enters the market. Although insignificant, the update received a new name for the entire series of operating systems. The codename was associated with the mountain system of California - the Cordillera.

"Fresh" innovation

In September 2017, developers present a new version of Mac OS High Sierra. It is not too different from last year's revision, but has made some corrections to the system. The functionality of the interface has been improved and updates of various programs have been introduced.

Mac OS High Sierra has got an upgraded Apple file system. Worked out security issues in case of disconnected connections,power outages or unexpected failures. An encryption system has been added to protect information.

Mac OS High Sierra
Mac OS High Sierra

With the advent of OS X, users have stopped complaining that the Mac OS update freezes or crashes. Even if such cases occurred, Apple support always responded quickly to them. This is how universal instructions began to appear that would correct such problems.

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