Troubleshooting Windows 10: instructions

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Troubleshooting Windows 10: instructions
Troubleshooting Windows 10: instructions

The Windows 10 operating system is used by everyone - both experienced PC users and beginners. For any category, the OS has an auxiliary service that allows you to solve problems that have arisen. If an experienced user can independently figure out a particular issue, then a beginner needs help from a computer wizard. In order to help the user find errors in the system and malfunctions in the hardware, the developers came up with a troubleshooting program in Windows 10. Let's get to know it better and find out how to use the wizard, in what cases and where you can find it.

troubleshooting windows 10
troubleshooting windows 10

Where to find it?

The latest operating system update called Fall Creators 1703 brought some changes. Now the troubleshooting wizard can be launched not only through the control panel, which takes several minutestime, but also through the system settings interface.

Both launch options give access to the same tool. This means that the troubleshooting wizards in Windows 10 in Control Panel and Settings are no different from each other. Let's take a closer look at how to run the program in both ways.

where is the control panel in windows 10
where is the control panel in windows 10

Via control panel

First, let's find out the answer to the question "where is the control panel in Windows 10". There are several ways to open it:

  • Through the search in the start menu. Just enter the name of the program as it appears in the search box.
  • The second option is through the "Run" window. To do this, hold down the key combination Win + R and enter the command control.
  • Via command line. If one of the above methods does not work, then open the command line (through the search or "Run" using the cmd command) and enter the word control.

Next, for the convenience of the search, you need to switch the view of the sections to large or small icons. Then find "Troubleshooting" in the list. On Windows 10, this window provides access to the entire wizard toolkit.

Through "Options"

The second option is only available to Windows 10 users:

  • right click on the Start icon;
  • in the context menu, click "Settings";
  • next, go to Update &Security;
  • now in the left column select"Troubleshooting".

Done! Now you know where is the "Control Panel" in Windows 10 and where is "Settings". Through them you can access the troubleshooting wizard. The interface of these windows looks different, but you will find the same functionality in them, which we will discuss below.

finding and fixing problems
finding and fixing problems

How does diagnostics work?

Before the troubleshooter can help the user to get rid of a breakdown or malfunction, it must diagnose. If you know what you are having problems with, then select the appropriate item in the Windows 10 troubleshooting menu. After launching the tool, a window with a search for the problem will appear on the screen. Wait until the end of the process to see the possible cause of the malfunction. If the assistant has successfully found the problem, then all the information will appear in the window and ways to solve the problem will be suggested. If the wizard did not detect a breakdown during the system he alth scan, then it will prompt you to answer a few leading questions to narrow the search. Select one of the options and click Next. The tool will again scan the computer for a breakdown in the area you specified and return the result. In the event that Windows 10 Troubleshooting takes a very long time looking for problems, but does not find anything, you will have to seek help from specialists or solve the problem on your own.

Typically, problems are checked within 1 minute. If the program does not offer any further actions, but onlycontinues to show the "Issue Detection" window with a ticker, try restarting it and rescanning the system. Consider all the categories by which you can diagnose a computer using standard operating system tools.

troubleshooting windows 10 startup stuck
troubleshooting windows 10 startup stuck


This category deals with compatibility issues between the operating system and installed software (applications, games, and so on). To start diagnostics, click on the "Run programs designed for previous versions of Windows" button. Most of the compatibility issues are related to using older versions of the software on Windows 10. This wizard will help you fix this problem automatically.

After starting, the program will automatically scan the system within a few seconds. If the problematic software has not been identified, then you will be prompted to select one of the installed programs from the list. Then you can apply the recommended parameters to run the program and check if it works or continue to search for the problem.

windows 10 troubleshooting very long
windows 10 troubleshooting very long

Equipment and sound

Here you can find and fix problems with any connected equipment:

  • Device setup. The program allows you to fix all errors related to connected devices, their drivers, and so on.
  • Using the printer. Fixes all problems with connected printers, scanners and MFPs.
  • Troubleshoot audio recording. Saves you from problems with sound recording devices.
  • Troubleshoot audio playback.

Network and Internet

In this section, you can diagnose the status of your Internet connection and set up your network environment (access to folders on this and other computers). To start searching and fixing problems, click the "Connect to the Internet" button. In the window that appears, click "Next" to start the operation. After a short diagnostic, the program will ask you to clarify the type of problem - connection failure or lack of access to a particular page. In the first case, the computer will check the ability to enter the official Microsoft website.

The "Share shared files and folders on other computers" button opens the troubleshooting wizard. As in the previous case, on the main window, click "Next" and wait for the search to finish. For clarification, you must enter the path to the folder you want to access.

System and Security

With the help of this section, you will be able to correct the following points:

  • errors that prevent updating the operating system;
  • diagnostics and identification of unnecessary files and shortcuts, as well as subsequent removal;
  • search for power problems and optimize the system when running on battery power; this feature will be relevant for laptop users.

Diagnostic problems

Let's figure out what to do if on Windows 10troubleshooting is not working properly. The problem may be due to the fact that your copy of the operating system is damaged or infected with viruses. This often happens with pirated versions. Scan your computer for malware and clean it up.

The second reason is the lack of updates. In order for troubleshooting to not get stuck when starting Windows 10 or during diagnostics, you must install all the latest operating system updates. You can do it like this:

  • open "Settings";
  • go to the Update & Security tab;
  • next click on the button "Check for updates";
  • install the update if necessary and then restart your computer.

To get help with the diagnostic wizard, you must click on the "Help" link in the "Troubleshooting" window.

windows 10 troubleshooter not working
windows 10 troubleshooter not working


Keep in mind that the Microsoft Operating System Troubleshooter does not always work correctly. Often, it is not possible to get rid of a malfunction or error in the system using this wizard. However, you can determine the cause and try to optimize your PC with it.

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