How to use DWS Windows 10?

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How to use DWS Windows 10?
How to use DWS Windows 10?

The release of a new version of the Windows 10 operating system has caused a lot of controversy about privacy and a lot of "anti-spyware" applications. These software solutions promise to keep users safe from “spying,” but can often cause more problems than they solve.

These types of tools include Destroy Windows Spying (DWS Windows 10). This privacy protection program comes with many options. The Privacy tab is the most useful section of the program, it details the settings and all you have to do is uncheck or check the box next to each item.

dws windows 10
dws windows 10

DWS Windows 10 - what is it and how does it work?

Experts differ in assessing the usefulness of these applications, but everyone agrees on one thing: the functionality of these programs does not bring anything new to the operation of the operating system, but can seriously disrupt regular processes.

Generally accepted recommendation -change your privacy settings yourself using the normal settings in Windows. External tools can cause various system problems and disrupt the user's personal computer.

What do anti-spyware tools and scripts promise?

Developers promise to stop Microsoft "spying" in just a few clicks as follows:

  • change basic settings;
  • blocking web addresses in the hosts file and fail-safe remote services included in the operating system.
  • ws lite windows 10
    ws lite windows 10

Developers list the following benefits in their software solution description:

  • very fast speed thanks to optimized algorithmic solutions;
  • large audience - millions of users use this program and help improve it by adding to the source code;
  • the program has advanced settings that allow you to further configure the removal of spying;
  • high efficiency;
  • prohibition and activation of updates;
  • continuous update;
  • defender off;
  • block IP addresses;
  • uninstall Metro apps;
  • open source.

The updated version of DWS Destroy Windows 10 Spying has the following improvements:

  • bugs fixed;
  • optimized code;
  • removed operating system updates that violate user privacy.
  • dws destroy windows 10 spying
    dws destroy windows 10 spying

Problem with Windows 10 Antispy DWS tools

Applications of this type can cause a lot of problems. These include:

  • Complete blocking of Windows Update.
  • Preventing the installation of important security updates.
  • Vulnerability of your PC.
  • Violation of the hosts file to block certain Microsoft web servers causes various problems. For example, the Skype app does not sync chat messages or download updates.
  • Breaking the Windows Store, preventing app installation and updating enabled apps.
  • Disabling Defender Antivirus, which helps keep the operating system secure and other essential system components such as OneDrive.

For example, if you downloaded the "Windows-10" PowerShell script from GitHub and ran it, the tool will block various Skype domains in your hosts file, allowing the application to work incorrectly. It can also remove various services from Windows instead of just disabling them.

When loading DWS, you can see that the application disables Windows Update so that the PC does not receive new spyware updates. The tool also notes that the changes made are irreversible, so there is no easy way to undo them without reinstalling Windows. This means you won't get important security updates and stability fixes for issues like a broken webcam, for example. These are just a few of the serious problems that can be found with a cursorylooking at the service toolkit.

windows 10 dws x64
windows 10 dws x64

Violation of regular PC operation

The following is a list of changes made by DWS. These include removing and disabling the following:

  • keylogger and telemetry;
  • some diagnostic services and Windows Media;
  • Cortana;
  • Windows Telemetry;
  • diagnostics;
  • blocks MRT from being enabled in Windows Update from the registry.
  • Adding spy domains to the hosts file and blocking in Windows Firewall:
  • blocks Microsoft telemetry URLs from the hosts file and Microsoft IP telemetry from the firewall and routing table.

DWS disables personal settings:

  • Disabled Cortana;
  • Camera on LockScreen;
  • biometrics from the registry;
  • Bing web search;
  • password confirmation button and sensors;
  • localization services.

DWS Lite version of Windows 10 disables the following security features:

  • Windows Defender from registry;
  • automatic submission of malware samples;
  • malware entry;
  • Smart Screen filter.
  • windows 10 dws x86 x64
    windows 10 dws x86 x64

Disable Tracking in Windows 10 DWS from Task Scheduler:

  • diagnostics;
  • Media Center Discovery;
  • service telemetry;
  • Customer Experience;
  • WinSAT service.

Settings and specifications

Portable applicationcan be run on Windows 10 DWS x86 and x64 computers running version 7, 8 and 10.

After accessing the main window, you need to activate the program to stop all processes related to activity tracking. This is reflected in the log files, which can be checked by anyone interested in all tasks performed, but users have no control over these actions.

Another handy feature of Windows 10 DWS x64 is that the program offers the ability to get rid of several pre-installed programs - XBox, Solitaire, OneDrive, Mail, Calendar, People or Builder 3D, as well as various media tools (namely news, weather or sports).

In the application launcher, you need to check the box corresponding to each of these applications and wait for DWS Windows 10 to automatically uninstall them.

disable tracking in windows 10 dws
disable tracking in windows 10 dws

Cleaning and deleting the hosts file

This utility allows you to access the hosts file from a computer running Windows 10 or delete all its contents.

Also, it allows you to access privacy options directly from this app and manually disable further settings. The disadvantage of this method is that you need to be a highly skilled user to make sure these actions are safe.

The latest version of the Windows 10 DWS can be used by anyone with a privacy concern when using Windows 10. This release of the appdoesn't come with many customizable features and thus it's more suitable for novice users as they just need to press a button and disable tracking.

Self-configuring security settings

Some applications, such as Windows 10 Antispy DWS, may work fine, but most tools and scripts are harmful and dangerous, albeit to varying degrees. Often, when the OS crashes, you need to restart or reinstall Windows 10. Since the anti-tracking program is not a one-to-one solution, you can configure your privacy settings yourself.

Some settings are not available for good reason - the user should not completely disable Windows Update as security updates are critical. It is also unacceptable to completely disable telemetry in home or professional versions of the OS. Many tools set the Allow Telemetry option to zero. This only works on Enterprise and Education editions of Windows 10.

In other cases, Microsoft can easily work around these changes. Windows 10 actually ignores the hosts file for certain domains, which means that trying to block domains in your hosts file won't actually do anything. Thus, anti-spyware tools and scripts do not live up to their promises.

windows 10 antispy dws
windows 10 antispy dws

OS Control

Windows 10 has a lot of new features, but it also leaks privacydata that sends personal information about the use of a personal computer to Microsoft. Of course, these settings can be turned off at any time, but the main challenge users face is finding them.

Windows 10 offers many user-friendly features, such as the Cortana virtual assistant, which can make everyday life easier. To make this possible, the operating system must collect huge amounts of data. The OS also analyzes user profiles and is configured to collect a lot of data by default.

When extending control over your operating system, do the following:

  • adapt your security settings;
  • protect your privacy;
  • turn off location services;
  • manage Windows updates;
  • don't share user data and diagnostics.

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