How to get paid for commenting online?

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How to get paid for commenting online?
How to get paid for commenting online?

The Internet occupies a significant place in the life of each of us. Many users of this network simply kill time by pointless browsing sites, downloading unnecessary content and commenting on posts that, in fact, are not important to them at all.

How to make good use of time?

Think about how often you find yourself thinking “what am I doing on this site?” or “why did I start arguing in the comments?”? And then you realize that you just wasted a lot of time, but you could have done something useful. Things like commenting do not seem to take much time, but in fact, if you add up all the minutes spent on this case, they will result in hours and so on. And you could make a profit from it. Yes, just get paid for a comment you write. And we will talk about how to do this and how much you can get for this simple matter in this article.

money per comment
money per comment

Who needs your comments?

Let's start with how websites will benefit from your comments. Many resources are willing to pay for what is on their sitescreates the appearance of activity. A person visits the site, observes how many other people have already commented on this topic, and begins to be interested in it himself. Everything happens according to the principle of the crowd. Imagine that you enter a store and see two lines. In one of them there are several people, and the other is simply teeming with people so that it is not even visible, which is why all the excitement. Of course, you will be interested in the second, and so will everyone. “It's not for nothing that so many people have left comments on this site,” you think and carefully study the page.

Another reason website owners are willing to pay money for a comment is to advertise a particular product or service. You are offered to talk about a product or service in a good light, tell about all the benefits, and so on. In fact, you are just advertising what you will be asked to praise.

And another motive to give money for a comment is visibility for search engines. If there are a lot of comments on the site and people continue to discuss any topic on the page, search engines “see” this and, therefore, raise the site in the list of similar ones for this search query.

comments for money
comments for money

Where can I write for money for comments on the Internet?

Any person who was interested in this topic knows about the existence of some freelance exchanges. Or rather, copywriting and rewriting exchanges. First you need to register on one of them. In the list of new orders there will be proposals for writing new articles, but we need something else. Sometimes there are orders to writecomments, the resource is indicated (or you decide on the choice of the resource yourself, as, for example, in the case of advertising a product), the deadlines that you must meet, and a note with a price for such a service. Previously, you had to constantly look through new orders to find the right one. Now this problem is gone. Her solution was the emergence of new comment buying exchanges that are aimed specifically at this.

write comments for money
write comments for money

Comment buying exchanges

To start writing comments for money, you need to find a suitable exchange for buying comments. Since many scam sites have appeared with the advent of this kind of vacancies, we advise you to be vigilant. It often happens that fictitious sites offer you to write comments for money, you write a beautiful and detailed review on the specified resource, and then they simply do not pay you the promised funds or even block them on the resource where you left your “works”. In order not to fall for the tricks of scammers, we recommend that you use only proven exchanges for buying comments that have been operating for more than one year and have good recommendations from users. We will tell you about one of them.

comments for money work
comments for money work Exchange

Probably one of the most popular exchanges for making money on commenting. In order to get started, you need to go through a simple registration. To do this, we fill in all the fields, after clicking the "Register" button, an email will be sent to your mail to confirm registration. Confirm and done! Butthere is one more small nuance. You will be asked to take a short test. What is it?

As expected, you will need to write a comment on the given topic to see how well you can do it. Oddly enough, some people manage to write illiterate and meaningless text just to get off work and get paid for empty labors.

Review must be correct, correct and, most importantly, unique. Please note that this will be tested. So you won’t be able to copy the review somewhere, or you simply won’t get access to new tasks. When the task is completed, wait for the site moderators to check it, in the worst cases, you will have to wait up to two weeks. But in practice, it takes about 1-3 days, depending on the workload of the site.

One more note: if there are enough commentators, you will receive a message to queue up for registration. As a bonus, while you are waiting for the test task to be checked, you can earn some money on social networks on the exchange (likes, reposts, etc.), the main thing is that you have the right accounts.

money for comments on the Internet
money for comments on the Internet

How much can you earn on these exchanges?

Unfortunately, you won't get much money for commenting, and you won't get rich much on such exchanges. But such work is good as an additional income. It is ideal for mothers on maternity leave, students looking for a part-time job, and just for those who are not used to wasting time without use. Start just now writing comments for money. The work is quite easy, but you can earn money for pleasant little things.

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