What is a laptop and what are its functions?

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What is a laptop and what are its functions?
What is a laptop and what are its functions?

What is a laptop for a modern person? This is the kind of thing you just can't do without. It is he who helps to perform a lot of tasks very quickly, replacing a whole host of other devices. But few know about such an important thing all that is required. So, let's consider what a laptop is (the definition will be given below), what are its functions, capabilities and internal structure. So let's get started!

What is a laptop: definition

The etymology of this word is easy to establish. What is a laptop is easy to understand. Everything is clear if you know English. Translated into Russian, this word means "notebook". Usually a person writes down a lot of things in his organizer, draws and uses them for his business needs. The most important thing is that it is always with you, and at any moment you can look into it and find out something that has already been forgotten. So, the laptop has similar parameters. It is intended for the business needs of the owner. And most importantly - its portability and independence. No need to constantly sit near the sourcecurrent. Portable and independent personal computer - this is the answer to the question of what is a laptop.

what is a laptop
what is a laptop

Notebook Features

A laptop, like all devices, must perform certain tasks. In essence, this is the same personal computer, more compact and non-volatile (at least for a few hours). Even all components and internals are the same as PC.

On it you can process and create documents. Fortunately, the standard installed package "Microsoft" helps in this. Also, the laptop allows you to quickly access the World Wide Web. You can connect a cable to it directly or use special Wi-Fi routers. Very convenient: you sit in a cafe with a cup of hot coffee and work. That's what a laptop is - it's always a fast way to process data and get online anywhere.

what is hibernation in laptop
what is hibernation in laptop

Differences between laptops and PCs

What is a laptop and how is it different from a regular computer? The first is a small copy of the second, which has slightly different features. Well, let's get down to the differences right away.

Immediately, one can single out a feature in which these two devices differ - the size. The fact that a laptop is much smaller than a desktop computer can be seen immediately. This is one of the main advantages of one over the other. Thanks to its small size, you can even work with a laptop on the road, transport it to another city or carry it with you all the time so that it is underhand. Of course, it is problematic to transfer a PC even to another room along with its wires, monitor, various devices and the system unit itself. Therefore, in the mobility category, laptops are unmatched.

what is laptop definition
what is laptop definition

Another nice plus - no need to connect additional attachments. Everything is built into the laptop: the screen, the keyboard, and even the mouse (touchpad). Without all this, an ordinary desktop computer will not only be useless, but even a burden. This category also includes autonomous work in remote locations without access to the electrical network and fast Internet connection via wireless networks. Therefore, one more plus goes to the treasury of miniature computers.

Cons of laptops

But, despite all these advantages, these devices also have disadvantages. A significant disadvantage of all laptops is low power. In this case, they are simply incomparable with conventional desktop computers. Even if the laptop is gaming (which means that it has the highest possible parameters), then it only pulls in power to an average PC. But this is also a controversial issue, those who just need to work with documents simply do not need a powerful laptop.

what is a touchpad in a laptop
what is a touchpad in a laptop

Replacing a certain element in the device will not be so easy. Compared to computers, where everything is simple and clear, in laptops (especially in cheap models) it is sometimes impossible to replace a broken element. Therefore, the use of such devices should be limited.carefully.

What is laptop hibernation?

Each device has its own interesting features. An ordinary user will ask: what is hibernation in a laptop? Yes, the word is interesting. The function itself is not very popular. Few people know about her. To this is added the fact that not all laptops have it. That is, the function exists, but in order for it to appear in the Start menu, you need to write a certain code through the command line. By the way, in exactly the same way you can remove this function from the menu.

Some people confuse hibernation with sleep. Yes, in fact, they are similar to each other and serve for the same thing. Only here is the difference: the sleep mode involves the operation of the device at a reduced power consumption. In this state, the battery can last up to twelve hours. In hibernation mode, the device can save a charge for a longer period. How does he work? It's very simple: the system creates an image of the RAM and stores it on the C drive (so you need to have enough space on it). Then the electricity consumption simply stops. You can even pull the plug out of the socket. When you suddenly need a laptop, you can bring it out of this state.

what is bridge in laptop
what is bridge in laptop

The plus is that, unlike a normal boot, which lasts about one minute, you can already work after ten seconds, and the effect will be as if the laptop was not turned off (everything will be saved). There is no power consumption while in hibernation mode. The function itself is not very necessary for ordinaryPC users. It may be useful only for programmers or very busy people, but there are very few of them. After all, it's not too lazy to spend just one minute downloading and another one opening other files.

Touchpad, or touchpad

What is a touchpad in a laptop? This is one of the surprises in such computers. Thanks to him, the laptop does not require an additional mouse connection. You can use the touchpad as you would on a phone. Some even find it more convenient to use the touchpad rather than the mouse. In places where there is not so much space (in a carriage, minibus, small cafe), it is easiest to use it. Now it’s clear what a touchpad is in a laptop.

what is northbridge in laptop
what is northbridge in laptop


What is a bridge in a laptop? Usually ordinary users do not even think about the existence of any bridges in their device. However, such a term can be heard by those people who contacted a service center with a breakdown. They may say that the north or south bridge burned out: you will have to change the motherboard. Such words baffle the average user, because he does not know what the northbridge is in a laptop and why it is needed.

Really, why is it needed? First you need to know what a chipset is in a laptop. Such a strange word is called together the north and south bridges. Together they are responsible for the operation of the components of the motherboard. The northbridge has many tasks. That is why he is so important. Its replacement is not possible because it is built into the motherboard. This node is responsible for compatibility andthe work of the so-called RAM-memory (operational), processor and video adapter. It also performs other tasks. Due to the fact that a lot of tasks (and not the easiest ones) were hung on such a chip, it overheats very much. A miniature cooler is sometimes even installed for it, but most often a simple passive radiator. Its temperature is thirty degrees more than that of the south bridge or another node of the motherboard. Excessive overheating or overloading will simply kill it, which is why the northbridge breaks so often on a laptop.

what is a chipset in a laptop
what is a chipset in a laptop

South Bridge

Southbridge is a smaller counterpart of the northbridge. It also crashes quite often. This is because additional cooling is not expected for this node, unlike the northern one. As a rule, the southbridge "takes the hit" and does not allow the entire laptop to die. A common reason for the failure of this particular node is overheating or a short circuit of the USB connector: it simply burns out.

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