Notebook Acer 5552: specifications, photos and reviews. Comparison with competitors

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Notebook Acer 5552: specifications, photos and reviews. Comparison with competitors
Notebook Acer 5552: specifications, photos and reviews. Comparison with competitors

Notebook Acer Aspire 5552 is a relatively simple device, but at the same time with a multifunctional "stuffing". The laptop will become your indispensable assistant in everyday work and a good entertainment center at home. Of course, you won’t be able to play modern and “heavy” toys on it, but the Acer 5552 laptop does a very good job with not very demanding software. In addition, due to its low weight (only 2.5 kg), the gadget will fit perfectly into any trips and travels.

acer 5552
acer 5552

As you understand, the subject of today's review is the Acer 5552 laptop. Features, design, advantages and disadvantages, as well as expert opinions and reviews of ordinary users regarding this model are presented in the article.

Package set

The Aspire line, and the 5552 series in particular, is one of the best sellers, especially in large computer retail chains. Therefore, one should not be surprised that the devices are packed in a very mediocre package made of cheap cardboard - they will buy anyway.

When you open the box, you will see:

  • laptop itself;
  • rechargeable six-cell battery;
  • power cord with adapterfood;
  • passport and warranty card;
  • instruction manual;
  • disc with gadget presentation + Acer 5552 driver.

Included in the package is nothing extra, just what you need to get started. Special thanks must be said to the manufacturer for the presence of an intelligent Windows 7 operating system, even if it is a home edition, but 64-bit and completely in Russian.


The design of the Acer 5552 Series, as mentioned above, does not draw on something refined and representative. Nevertheless, if you look closely, you can see not only the original texture on the surface, but also the quality of the material (plastic and aluminum inserts). Judging by user reviews, the model feels great in the hands of both office workers and students.

laptop acer 5552
laptop acer 5552

In addition, the Acer Aspire 5552's matte finish prevents marks, so most fingerprints will be hidden. The working surface of the device is made of the same matte plastic, for which special thanks to the company. The only place that will "collect fingers" is the glossy display frame. Why it was also not made matte is not entirely clear, but the fact is obvious: each opening / closing of the lid will leave your prints.

As for the case itself, it looks more or less monolithic. No critical gaps or gaps were noticed, but some users in their reviews complain about small deflections in the working area. For lovers of holdinglaptop on your knees all conditions are created: 160-degree opening and strong fixation of the lid.


Acer 5552 is equipped with a 15.6-inch display with a standard aspect ratio of 16 to 9. The resolution, although slightly outdated (1366 by 768 pixels), is quite enough not only for watching movies with photos, but also for full office work.

Some outstanding features of the display, alas, no: mediocre contrast ratio, the same color saturation, despite the glossy screen. With brightness, things are about the same - an average and unremarkable level. If you want to use your laptop outdoors, then the Acer 5552 is not your choice. The display in the sun immediately fades, glare and does not work normally. If we compare the model with its closest competitors in the face of Lenovo's IdeaPad and Satellite from Toshiba, then our respondent clearly loses here, while the displays of these devices feel quite tolerably in the sun. And this is with a similar "stuffing" and one price category.

acer aspire 5552
acer aspire 5552

Furthermore, the viewing angles are also not acceptable. If the horizontal resolution is still somehow tolerable, then the vertical one is completely distorted even with a slight deviation of the display. The reviews of the owners are literally full of lines of indignation regarding the visual capabilities of the gadget: installing a very good "stuffing" that is capable of much, providing the device with a mediocre display is not the most reasonable option.


WhatAs far as sound is concerned, the Acer 5552 has clear advantages and disadvantages in this regard. On the one hand, these are two very good stereo speakers, which are conveniently located just above the working area. The sound stream completely envelops the user and, in addition, has a good margin of maximum volume.

But on the other hand, it's the sound quality. A rather poor balance of high and low frequencies, as well as cacophony at high volume, will not allow you to comfortably enjoy your favorite music or movie. The only adequate solution in this case is to connect an external headset or intelligent acoustics. Not only the Acer 5552 suffers from this shortcoming, but also its closest competitors: IdeaPad, Satellite and Samsung's R-series.

Owners leave relevant reviews about the sound capabilities of the laptop and see only one way out - third-party acoustics.

Work area

Almost the entire working surface of the laptop is occupied by the keyboard, and with a separate number pad, which is good news. Each of the 103 keys has an acceptable size for work and a clear response.

acer 5552 pew76
acer 5552 pew76

Despite the fact that owners in their reviews often complain about miniature arrow buttons and confusing labeling of symbol keys, the keyboard is very comfortable to operate. For office workers, a laptop will become an indispensable tool for quickly entering numerical data. The difference from the same "Lenovo" (IdeaPad) and "Samsungs" (Satellite) of this segment: they cannot boast of an extended keyboard.


With a noticeable shift to the left side of the working area, there is a quite nice touch manipulator. Working with the touchpad is very convenient due to the recessed surface: fingers always remain in the control zone.

Positioning is more than comfortable: sensitive sensors and a smooth surface instantly respond to any user gesture. In addition, the touchpad can perform vertical and horizontal scrolling, the effectiveness of which can be adjusted using proprietary software.


Acer 5552 (PEW76) is powered by a dual-core Athlone 2 processor from the P340 series, clocked at 2.2 GHz. There is a pretty nimble 1MB L2 cache with 45nm technology. Despite the modest technical characteristics, the set of chipsets allows you to cope with most ordinary tasks: any office suite, graphic editors such as Photoshop and Corel, etc.

laptop acer aspire 5552
laptop acer aspire 5552

The stock of regular laptop RAM is very small - only 3 GB, but it can (and should) be expanded up to 8 GB, which is quite enough for "heavy" programs.

The built-in video chip from Radeon HD 5470 series supports Direct X 11 technology and copes well with games at medium and low settings. In addition, if we talk specifically about the graphic component, then the output image is very realistic and detailed. 512 MB GDDR3 memory can easily handle video decoding, significantly offloadingprocessor.

Moreover, the video chip easily handles HD formats and has the ability to work with two monitors at the same time. The owners speak rather warmly about the filling of the laptop: they appreciated the good features of the device for a relatively low price.


The gadget should have enough ports and communications even for the most demanding "peripherals". On board there are several USB ports, video outputs for every taste, as well as interfaces for connecting a headset and external speakers.

On the left side of the gadget you will see a USB port (2.0), a headphone output, a microphone input, interfaces such as HDMI (19-pin) and analog VGA. There is also a socket for network charging of the device and a LAN port.

acer 5552 specs
acer 5552 specs

On the right side of the notebook there are two USB outputs for peripherals, a Kensington lock and an internal DVD drive, which can be called "omnivorous". Unlike the closest competitors (Satellite and IdeaPad), the set of interfaces is more than complete, which has been repeatedly noticed in the positive feedback from users.

Battery life

The device is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4400 mAh. The six-section device allows you to work in medium load mode for about 3 hours. If you increase the load, for example, by watching a movie in HD resolution, then the operating time will be reduced by about half an hour. At maximum display brightness and heavy CPU load (modern games, powerful graphics programs, etc.), the battery does not work for more than an hour.will last.

acer 5552 series
acer 5552 series

The regular charger has good characteristics and is able to fully charge the battery in just over an hour. If we compare battery life with its closest competitors, then the Acer 5552 is about in the middle (52 points in the classic test) between Lenovo's IdeaPad (79 points) and Samsung's Satellite (51 points). In general, judging by the reviews, the majority of users are quite satisfied with the autonomy of the laptop.

Summing up

The model is quite suitable for undemanding users who are not obsessed with modern toys and ultra-realistic graphics. In addition, the device is not suitable for music lovers and lovers of high-quality sound.

For everyday needs and office work, the Acer 5552 is quite a smart option: good performance, coupled with a good set of features, will allow you to cope with any ordinary tasks.

The device will be a great gift for a schoolboy or student. An inexpensive gadget in a practical case made of a matte finish will perfectly cope with both mathematical calculations and games, even at the lowest graphics settings.

Pros of the model:

  • intelligent case with matte finish (does not leave fingerprints);
  • good set of chipsets, as well as performance;
  • high capacity hard drive;
  • quiet cooling system;
  • quite affordable price.


  • after two or three hours of productive workcase starts to get very hot;
  • display has too modest features and capabilities;
  • sound output from stock speakers leaves much to be desired;
  • uncomfortable arrow buttons on the keyboard.

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