Samsung gaming laptops: overview of models and reviews about them

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Samsung gaming laptops: overview of models and reviews about them
Samsung gaming laptops: overview of models and reviews about them

Every year, global companies struggle to create the most competitive product. Recently, several categories have emerged among laptops. Thanks to this distribution, the user can choose a model that suits him in terms of characteristics. There are gadgets for simple tasks, for work and study, for business or games. We'll talk about the latter today.

No choice

Samsung Group has been on the market for a very long time. The Koreans first founded the company in 1938. In addition to a variety of gadgets, Samsung creates household appliances, audio and video devices. PCs and accessories for it have always been popular among buyers. Many preferred monitors or hard drives from the company.

Laptops are also not "lost face". The Koreans were able to make a truly durable, high-quality and powerful product. But Samsung's gaming laptops didn't hit the market right away.

samsung gaming laptops
samsung gaming laptops

For several years the company had to study this segment. She looked at her main competitors, who to this day remain head and shoulders above the Koreans: Asus, MSI, Alienware. However, at the end of 2011the company successfully introduced the gaming laptop "Samsung" series 7.

For whom?

Before we deal with the creation of the Koreans, you need to understand what a gaming laptop is. These models are considered the most powerful. This is due to the fact that games always require more CPU and GPU performance. Therefore, developers are making gaming laptops the most powerful among the rest.

Of course, they also have their drawbacks. They are most often quite noisy, because due to the huge load on the system, cooling has to be used, and it never works quietly. There are also overheating of the processor, which is why you need to buy a cooling pad. Nevertheless, every gamer knows that this type of laptop will provide him with a comfortable game of the latest action games.


Regardless of the model, sooner or later Samsung gaming laptops will require service. And if you miss this moment, then in 2-3 years you will have to buy a new device. Another significant problem is the complex configuration. If you can buy a new improved hard drive for a computer, upgrade a video card, etc., then this will not work with a laptop. Most often, it has an integrated system or expensive components.

Therefore, to this day, there are disputes on the Internet about which is better, a laptop or a portable computer. Of course, laptop mobility plays a big role for many, but constant noise, heat, and objectively less power tip the scales towards the PC.

samsung gaming laptop reviews
samsung gaming laptop reviews


But back to Samsung. As mentioned earlier, the company decided to start production of gaming laptops from the 7 series. Already after 5 years, it became clear that the company had just started the production of gaming gadgets and immediately finished it. However, these Samsung gaming laptops have been popular among users. It is difficult to make a rating, since there are only two models: NP700G7 A and NP700G7 C.


The series was quite limited. Usually companies produce more than two models, but this time it turned out differently. Most likely, the Koreans decided to capture another segment of the laptop market and later began to produce excellent models for work and study.

However, the Samsung NP700G7 A gaming laptop has become the first and most popular. At the time of 2012, he was almost the best gaming gadget. He was able to compete with the world leaders Alienware, ASUS and MSI.


The whole series has almost the same appearance. It has a classic design that the Koreans do not change. Its main difference is the dimensions. Since this is a gaming laptop, its dimensions are impressive. At first glance, the model looks dull. Black lid with already bored company logo. The shape is angular and rough. But when open during activity, the laptop is beautifully backlit by the keyboard, and the dull logo also glows.

samsung np700g7 gaming laptop
samsung np700g7 gaming laptop

The interface here is standard. A pair of USB 2.0 connectors, headphone and microphone holes. There are video outputs, a card reader and a lockKensington.


Samsung's 7 Series Gaming Notebooks get a distinctive feature - a wheel. It is located on the panel in front of the screen. Its main task is to regulate performance. User can select four modes:

  • Gameric.
  • Standard.
  • Quiet.
  • Economy

In game mode, the backlight changes and performance picks up. The laptop becomes noisy due to the fact that the cooling system is turned on, and at full capacity. It is also nice that in this mode the touchpad is automatically turned off so that there is no interference during the game.

samsung gaming laptop models
samsung gaming laptop models

Quality work

About the keyboard, Samsung gaming laptops received the best reviews. Certainly nothing out of the ordinary. But during the game, you begin to notice the details that make the process comfortable. First, the keys have a special u-shape. This design makes it easy to find the right buttons and not make unnecessary clicks.

Secondly, the digital block is specially separated from the letter block. The cursor control buttons are also conveniently located. Thirdly, the backlight pleases the eye. In normal mode, the keys glow white, and blue during the game. Moreover, the famous WSAD buttons, in addition to blue, are highlighted in red. Windows special keys are also disabled during gaming.


In laptops in this segment, it is important to pay attention to everything. Therefore, a high-quality screen also remains an integral part. Standard on all laptops is 15-inchdisplay. Samsung gaming laptops have much better screen specs.

They have a 17.3-inch display with 1920 x 1080p resolution, a glossy finish and even 3D support. Brightness figures are high here, as many games require sufficient visibility. But the colors are a bit "cold".

To enjoy 3D technology, Samsung gaming laptops come with active glasses. They communicate with the laptop via Bluetooth. Special lenses will help the gamer to make the game more smoothly, the colors are natural, and the picture is not distorted.


Well, it's impossible to present Samsung gaming laptops, which we are currently reviewing, without describing the technical characteristics. As stated earlier, this model was very powerful for 2012. Now, of course, it is inferior to many gaming laptops, however, it remains of high quality and stable.

samsung gaming laptop rating
samsung gaming laptop rating

The laptop was based on a quad-core Intel Core i7-2670QM processor. Clock frequency 2.2 GHz. The AMD Radeon HD6970M graphics card worked with 2 GB of dedicated memory and 8 GB of RAM. If you disassemble the laptop, you can see two slots for a hard drive (the maximum capacity of each is 750 GB).

At that time, the model competed with the famous gaming giants: ASUS ROG G74SX and MSI GT680R. Testing showed that only in autonomy did the Koreans lose to their competitors. Otherwise, albeit slightly, the Samsung NP700G7 turned out to be better.

Second Gamer

As mentioned above, inSeries 7 had two models. Samsung NP700G7C came out a little later. Outwardly, he practically did not change, but for many he became head and shoulders above the previous brother. Unlike version "A", the new one was running Microsoft Windows 8. It was equipped with a more powerful processor - Intel Core i7-3630QM, and the clock frequency increased to 2.4 GHz.

Games now run thanks to the new AMD Radeon HD 7870M video chipset, there were also variations with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 675M. The amount of RAM has also changed - 8 GB or 16 GB.


Samsung gaming laptops (7 series models) have become very popular in their time. And not only thanks to the marketing campaign, but also in particular to user reviews. The Koreans later began to produce various modifications, but basically all models were called Samsung 700G7.

samsung gaming laptop specifications
samsung gaming laptop specifications

Mostly gamers praise the keyboard, screen and performance. Games of 2012-2013 "fly" on the laptop. The model really turned out to be very powerful and efficient. The keyboard was liked by many, not only because of its showiness. Of course, bright lighting always attracts attention. However, the positive reviews were not limited to her. Most of all I liked the convenient location of the buttons, as well as the comfort of pressing.

The screen attracted many as expected. This is due to a fairly large diagonal, also with the 3D effect. The picture really becomes realistic, bright and comfortable. Although some users have complained about uncomfortable glasses. But this question is individual.for each.

Well, the technical characteristics are the most discussed and laudatory for this model. This is obvious, since creating a powerful laptop was the main task of the Koreans. The company managed to do this, which is evidenced by positive reviews and satisfied customers.


Samsung gaming laptops have not lost their shortcomings either. Their description, fortunately, is scarce and, in principle, applicable to almost all models of gaming laptops. The Koreans failed to fix overheating and noise. Probably, this problem will remain unsolvable for a long time, since powerful coolers are needed to cool the system, which create noise. But it is impossible to put many coolers in a laptop, unlike a PC, where there can be 6 or 8 of them.

samsung gaming laptops description
samsung gaming laptops description

That's why gamers have to suffer: either the mobility of a laptop with noise and heat, or the stationarity of a PC, but with a high-quality cooling system.


The 7 series gaming laptops from the Korean company turned out to be competitive - and this is the main thing. However, it is already difficult to find gaming models from Samsung on the market now. Perhaps the company is preparing customers for the release of the next giant, or it may have left the gaming niche altogether and directed all its efforts and resources to the creation of multimedia laptops, devices for study, business, etc.

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