Rings in "Skyrim": features and purpose

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Rings in "Skyrim": features and purpose
Rings in "Skyrim": features and purpose

Rings in "Skyrim" were originally purely aesthetic and did not give any bonuses. But subsequent updates have made a number of changes that have affected the purpose of these accessories. The properties have changed, as well as the value of some items. Now the rings in Skyrim have become quite important equipment that can help a lot during adventures. Next, we will look at their varieties and give some examples.

Accessories in the game

The ability to equip your hero in the game is a great chance to make special builds for battles and adventures. Some options offer a magical advantage, others are designed for physical confrontation. In any case, the user gets complete freedom in terms of the use of equipment. This is especially true of the rings in Skyrim. At first, the game will come across quite simple and familiar varieties of accessories. They will be designed solely for visual beauty and will serve as a good way to earn money. But the further you progress through the story, the more interesting options you will meet.

skyrim many rings
skyrim many rings

Fancy rings

To give you an idea of what items of equipment will come across, we will introduce a few rings from Skyrim.

  1. Hirsin's Accessory is a unique artifact that can be obtained in the process of completing the Call of the Moon quest. In this task, you have to help a person who uncontrollably turns into a werewolf. If you manage to remove the curse from the ring, then you will get it. The ability to turn into a dangerous creature remains, it remains only to figure out exactly how to use it.
  2. Accessory of silver blood is a universal item that can be obtained in the process of completing the quest "No one escapes Sindh". True, you have to kill the leader of the Outcasts and try to leave the location without his help. If you get the accessory, the 15% weapon and armor upgrade bonus will be yours.
  3. The artifact of Ilas-Tea is the ring of a failed mage who killed himself through misuse of spells. You can find the accessory in the northeastern part of the location, not far from Ysgramor's Tomb. It does not provide any bonuses, but can be the basis for an interesting adventure. The main thing is to put it on and never take it off.
  4. Accessory of the Sanctity of Marriage is an important item that allows you to get married in the game. The ring is endowed with the "Blessing of Mary" and remove it alreadyit will be impossible, except perhaps to apply the pentagram of souls. But keep in mind that after using the curse, you can no longer use the accessory.
  5. multiple skyrim rings
    multiple skyrim rings

There are a lot of rings in the open spaces of "Skyrim", it's quite difficult to see absolutely everything. We have noted the most popular options that will definitely surprise you with their properties. In total there are several dozen items of this type, but not all of them are unique. In addition, rings in Skyrim can be added using various modifications, but we will talk about this later. To begin with, let's figure out whether it is worth using these items of equipment at all.

Utility of accessories

Many users must have wondered about the appropriate use of accessories. But you should not doubt their usefulness, since the rings in Skyrim not only look good, but also open up new opportunities. You can wear several accessories at once and the bonus from each will be summed up. Therefore, you should not drown in doubts and it is better to personally test these items of equipment, you will surely like them.

multiple skyrim rings
multiple skyrim rings

Using modifications

Mods have become a pretty nice addition to the rings in Skyrim. Thanks to numerous updates and improvements, users can now access a wide variety of equipment options. For example, we recommend using the following mods:

  1. New Generic Rin –adds a utility to the game that randomly generates rings. Particularly interesting options will not appear, but it will be possible to select accessories for the appearance of uniforms.
  2. New magic rings - a special mod that adds several varieties of magic rings to the game. More often these are interesting options from the past parts of The Elder Scrolls.
  3. Expanded Jewelry Crafting - adds new recipes for forging a wide variety of rings, from simple to legendary.

With a variety of options, users get a large collection of accessories to use. The main thing is to carefully read the description and select other items of equipment for them in advance. Now you have information regarding the rings in the Skyrim game. Whether or not you use them is up to you, but they are guaranteed to be useful to you.

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