The best media player for Windows 7: names, rating, ease of use, installation and configuration

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The best media player for Windows 7: names, rating, ease of use, installation and configuration
The best media player for Windows 7: names, rating, ease of use, installation and configuration

Choosing the best media player for Windows 7 is not as difficult as it might seem. To do this, just look at the leaders of the ratings, try out several options and decide for yourself what is best. Pay attention to ease of use and customization. You can also make your choice by looking at the program interface.

What is a media player for?

This is a program that is designed to play media content. Now most people talk about video players. But almost all such programs can play both music and movies, so there is no such clear distinction.

Media player helps you listen to music on your computer, play movies and other videos. Previously, this type of program was more popular. Now many users have switched to online services that are equipped with their own player.

Player for Windows
Player for Windows

Nevertheless, the review of media players for Windows 7 is always relevant, since programs canneeded at any time. Sometimes a standard computer application does not cope with the tasks.


Finding the best media player for Windows 7 is easy. There are not many such programs, so just choose one of them.

Rating is more complicated. Almost every year it changes, as this or that program receives more profitable updates, redesign, and therefore attracts the attention of users.

Because ranking is a subjective matter, one may not agree with the members and the places they occupy. But in a few years, leaders among the players have already been established:

  1. Windows Media Player.
  2. VLC.
  3. Media Player Classic.
  4. KMPlayer.
  5. ComboPlayer.

The top 5 media players for Windows 7 may be swapped. Some of these programs are a little outdated, but are popular due to their past accomplishments. Some are completely new and therefore not yet known to the general public.

Windows Media Player

This is the most popular player. And rather, this is due to the fact that the program is preinstalled in Windows. Many users are already used to it, so they do not even try to find a better option.

Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player

Standard Windows Player works with audio and video. Previously, the program was especially popular because it allowed you to rip music from CDs, burn CDs and create playlists.

In addition, in the application you cansynchronize files from players and other devices, purchase music in online stores, work with the Windows Media Format library.

The first version was released in 1998. Last updated in September 2017.

Operating and configuring Windows Media Player

You do not need to install "Windows Media Player" for Windows 7, because the program is preinstalled. But if for some reason you do not have it, you can download it from the official website. Installation is automatic and does not require anything from the user.

In general, the player is easy to use. If a CD is installed in the PC, it will start playing automatically. When launching the program, it is enough to transfer files to an empty window. If a smartphone is connected to the computer, one of the tabs will display media files ready for playback.

Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player

You don't need to set up the player. In the left column is a library that displays all the files on the PC. From here they can be launched. At the bottom of the window is the player itself with volume control, switching between files and pause.

The disadvantage of this option is its limited ability to play formats. It does not support some of them, so you have to look for an alternative. The player got to the first place only because it is the most popular.


At one time, when new video formats appeared, and Windows Media Player stopped coping with them, this was one of those players that came to the rescue. His,It's probably not the best media player for Windows 7, but it's still used on many PCs.

Especially pleased that the developers did not abandon work on it. Therefore, now you can install the program not only on Windows, but also on Android, iOS, Linux and Mac OS.

In the app, you can adjust titles, quickly adjust the volume, listen to Internet radio, sync with smartphones, install browser plug-ins, play streaming videos, and more.

VLC Media Player
VLC Media Player

Operating and configuring VLC

VLC is a media player for Windows 7. It is not much different from others. Of course, its interface has changed somewhat. Many consider it outdated. Especially they say that it is high time to change the bottom media control panel.

By 2018, she looks messy. Reminiscent of older versions of Windows that had dull colors and bulky icons. But it is convenient to use the program.

Easy to navigate the menu. No special codecs are needed to set up and run. The program supports many modern file formats: MPEG, FLV, RMBV, DV, h.263, h.264 MPEG-4/xVid, WEBM, AC3, Flac, OGG, MP3, WAV, etc.

Easy to install. It is enough to download from the official site and run the installation file. By the way, the resource offers free automatic program updates.

Media Player Classic

This program speaks for itself. It is one of the best media players for Windows 7. It is user friendly and very simple. Was first releasedin 2003. The program received a similar interface with Windows Media Player, but is written in a completely different code.

At one time the player was considered one of the most popular. It was quick to download and install. It played almost all necessary files. He was easy to work with.

Media Player Classic
Media Player Classic

Operating and configuring Media Player Classic

"Media Player Classic" for Windows 7 has not received an update for a long time. The last one was released back in 2006. Since then, he has not received any support from the developer. Nevertheless, it is still popular.

Some have decided to turn a blind eye to the interface. It remained gray and outdated. Although many believe that it is the most convenient. And in fact it is.

Program installation is simple. You can download the file and run it. After a quick installation, you can start working right away. The program does not require any additional downloads.

The interface is very simple and clear. At the bottom is the file control panel. There are several tabs at the top that allow you to open a file, add it to a playlist, customize the view, or use bookmarks.

You can work with the program using the cmd.exe command line. You can adjust sub titles or switch to another audio track. You can arbitrarily change the resolution and scaling of the video. It is possible to adjust the brightness and contrast. The player can easily deal with corrupted AVI files.


Which is the best media player for Windows 7? Here much depends onuser requirements. But it is KMPlayer that often becomes an indispensable assistant. This is a free program from Korean developers. There are so many settings that many are not used at all.

KMPlayer interface
KMPlayer interface

A feature of this program is wide format support. For example, some movies over 20 GB in MKV format cannot be played by every program. KMPlayer copes with this task. At one time, the program was almost the only one that could play such files.

Since the release, the developers have changed the player interface several times. It looks beautiful and concise.

Operating and configuring KMPlayer

You can download the program on the official website. After that, just run the installation file. The process is fast. The only thing is to be careful during installation.

Because the program is free, the developer embeds many other utilities that may be superfluous. Therefore, it is better not to mindlessly click "Next", but to read and uncheck where necessary.

Program may contain advertising banners. This is one of the main disadvantages. It is also quite resource-intensive, so it can take a long time to open on weak PCs. You don't need to configure anything. After turning on the movie, you can right-click on the screen and adjust the video. For example, here you can remove sub titles, change the audio track or scale.

The player allows you to take screenshots, capture video and record audio. To improve the audio track, you canuse the 10-band equalizer to customize the effects.


Not many media players know about this. He is not the most popular, and therefore takes fifth place. But over time, when it becomes known to a wider range of users, it will definitely become the best media player for Windows 7 x64.

ComboPlayer Channels
ComboPlayer Channels

A feature of the program is the ability not only to play PC files, but also to view 20 Russian channels and listen to 400 radio stations. You can also insert a link to a podcast or live stream.

The player quickly connects to the channels. Provided a stable Internet connection is not interrupted.

Operating and configuring ComboPlayer

The program must be downloaded from the official website. Installation takes some time: it all depends on the power of the PC. The program loads all the necessary files on its own.

You don't need to set up the player. There are three tabs in the left column. The first contains a list of TV channels, the second - radio stations, the third - a line where you need to copy the link to the stream or podcast. When viewing, the graph can be collapsed.

At the top there is a menu that allows you to open a file located on your computer. The program receives automatic updates from the official website. There is a version for Android.

A special feature is that you do not need to download a torrent on your PC to watch movies. At the moment, the program plays all available file formats. The disadvantages include a limited number of channels (only 20). Perthe rest will have to be paid. Also the program does not work on Windows XP.

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