Google play error "Not supported on your device". Ways to fix

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Google play error "Not supported on your device". Ways to fix
Google play error "Not supported on your device". Ways to fix

Many owners of Android devices, when installing or updating applications, may sooner or later encounter the Google Play service message "Not supported on your device." And if we are talking about some non-critical update, the absence of which does not interfere with the normal operation of the application, or the user is not interested in the next innovation of the program, there is no problem. You can safely use the utility further, and either ignore annoying system messages or disable them altogether. But what about situations when an update is important and necessary, or a new application that needs to be installed has no analogues?

google play is not supported on your device
google play is not supported on your device

Causes of error

There are several ways to solve the problem, but the effectiveness of their application will depend on the reasons for the Google Play notification "Not supported on your device":

  • lack of device model intechnical compatibility lists of the application (at the same time, the gadget can easily work with this version of the program, but it has not been tested by the developers);
  • prohibiting the use of the application in a certain country;
  • actual software incompatibility (operating system version mismatch);
  • Device does not meet system requirements.

The efficiency of this or that method will depend on these factors.

Root rights on an Android device
Root rights on an Android device

Google Play "Not supported on your device" error: what to do

The Market Helper utility allows you to change the device ID requested by Google services to a suitable one that will be accepted by the market, after which the application will become available for download. However, the program will run and work correctly only if it is compatible and meets the system requirements.

Please note that Market Helper requires superuser permissions (so-called root rights) to be installed because the application makes changes to the system files of the operating system. The program is installed using the apk file, which must first be downloaded from the official website. At startup, a window will appear with information about the current device, it is from it that the replacement process begins. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Under the Select Device line, select the type and model of the device,
  2. In the Select Operator section - country and telecom operator, respectively,
  3. Selectaccount - specify an existing account in Google services.
  4. Tap the Activate button (in this place you will need to give the application root access),
  5. Visit the official Google Device Manager and verify that the data entered in the application matches.
  6. Clear Play Market app data.
Market Helper utility
Market Helper utility

If everything is done correctly, and the Google Play error "Not supported on your device" occurred only because the device signature did not match the database, then the program will be available for download, installation and further use.

Getting root rights

Procedures for obtaining root rights on different devices can vary significantly from each other. Sometimes it is enough to install a small program and perform a couple of simple actions, and sometimes it may require extensive intervention in the software structure of a smartphone or tablet, which requires certain skills. In both cases, users will be helped by specialized resources where you can find all the information you need on a particular gadget, including detailed instructions.

There are two things to keep in mind:

  • Getting root rights is guaranteed to void the warranty.
  • The user performs all actions at his own peril and risk, since there is a possibility of turning the device into a "brick" or getting a bootlap - an eternal reboot.
Android update process
Android update process

Loadingapps from third party sources

Downloading the APK file of the program and manually installing it into the system using a standard or third-party file manager is quite simple:

  1. Download the installation file of the application from the selected site by selecting the save folder, or download using a computer and then transfer to a smartphone.
  2. Make sure that "Install applications from unverified sources" is checked in the gadget's security settings.
  3. Using the file manager, go to the save folder and start the installation of the application by tapping on the APK file.
  4. Wait for the installation to complete, if necessary, restart the device.

Use of anonymization tools

Useful in cases where Google Play issues an error "Not supported on your device" due to geo-blocks.

First you need to install a VPN service. To do this, you can use both the Play Market and download the installation file of the selected application yourself, since there are enough free and paid utilities on the Internet. After the application is installed, in its settings you must specify a country that is not included in the block list, or one of its IP addresses. Next, you need to manipulate the basic settings of the device. If the application is distributed under the free model, only the first item will be needed. For paid programs, all items are sequentially performed.

  1. Erase Play Market app data.
  2. Start the store and depositpayment information of a bank card (if this data has already been entered, the item can be ignored).
  3. In the "Methods of payment" specify one of the addresses of the country whose IP address is used for substitution.
  4. Information about addresses and postal codes is publicly available online, you shouldn't have any problems finding it.
Clearing Play Store Data
Clearing Play Store Data

Updating the operating system

If the Google Play message "Not supported on your device" is caused by incompatibility with the current version of Android, then the device can be updated to the latest one. Please note the following:

  • The gadget's hardware must support updating to the required OS version. The specification, as well as the availability of official firmware, can be found on the official website of the device manufacturer or on specialized resources.
  • In the case of using unofficial (so-called custom firmware), the entire responsibility lies with the user.
  • The device meets the minimum system requirements of the application, taking into account the possible increased load on the hardware from the updated operating system.

For example, the currently popular telephone "streaming" is actively supported by Twitter, which developed the Periscope application specifically for today's active youth. And if among them there are owners of devices with the Android operating system up to version 4.3 inclusive, then the same Google error shines on them. Play "Not supported on your device": Periscope requires 4.4. You will have to update or replace the device with a more modern one.

What is the result

You should not immediately abandon the app you like just because Play Store refused to install it on your smartphone. It makes sense to first understand the reasons why the Google Play error "Not supported on your device" occurs. How to fix it, this instruction will tell you.

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