How to add music to iMovie? Tips

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How to add music to iMovie? Tips
How to add music to iMovie? Tips

IMovie is the default video and video editing software. The utility is an Apple product. It is mainly used to add music to the background of the video, as well as to create beautiful cuts of videos. It is these functions of the utility that allow this application to come out on top among other programs of this kind.

The software product is released only for users of Apple devices. This suggests that you will not find this application in its pure form on devices with the Android operating system.

icloud drive
icloud drive

How to add music to iMovie? Load Options

With the app, you can add background music to any video you are editing.

You can embed a track from the following sources:

  • one of the default music themes offered by the iMovie app;
  • music that is in iTunes (it's easier to do this when you sync your device with others, preferably with a computer);
  • use the iCloud Drive program(a special program for importing documents from one device to another Apple products).

How to add music using iCloud Drive?

how to embed music in imovie on iphone
how to embed music in imovie on iphone

"Icloud Drive" is a special program designed to import documents from one device to another.

How do I add my own music to the iMovie app? Step by step instructions for adding looks like this:

  1. First of all, you need to open the iMovie app.
  2. Add the video you want to edit to it (add your own music in the background).
  3. Scroll the video to the desired point (where you want to insert music, start playback).
  4. Press the "Audio" button (located at the bottom of the app screen).
  5. In the provided list of categories, select iCloud Drive.
  6. Open the desired folder in iCloud.
  7. Then you need to select the track that you want to add to the background of the video clip. All is ready. Here's how to upload music to iMovie. As you can see, everything is done very simply. Now the selected music will play in the background of the edited video clip.

How to add sound effects to iMovie?

how to upload music to imovie
how to upload music to imovie

IMovie provides the ability to add various sound effects to the edited video clip. We will now tell you how this is done.

Instructions for loading a sound effect into a video using the described application:

  1. First you needlaunch the iMovie app.
  2. Add the video you want to edit (add sound effects).
  3. Rewind the video to the point where the sound effect will be.
  4. Click on the "Audio" button (located at the bottom of the screen of this Apple app).
  5. In the proposed list of adding music, select "Audio effects".
  6. Click on the desired sound effect and use the "Use" button (located at the bottom of the screen). All is ready. The sound effect will now play in the background at the point you specify in the video.

You can preview the audio effect before adding it to the video. It's also worth knowing that this feature is free.

How do I record music and add it to the app?

How do I add currently playing music to iMovie? This video editing application provides the ability to record audio in the background while editing a video. How to do it right? Follow the step by step guide below.

Instructions for adding a recording to an editable video clip:

  1. Launch the iMovie app.
  2. Upload a video to the app to be edited.
  3. Scroll the video recording time mixer to the point at which you plan to add a future recording.
  4. Next you need to select "Voiceover" (look for the icon in the form of a microphone for recording sound).
  5. After thatthe countdown will start from 3. You can now start recording your voice. As soon as you finish your recording, you must click on "Stop".
  6. Select the desired action from the proposed ones ("Cancel" - delete the record, "Return to a new record", "Repeat", "View" - listen to the result of the record, "Accept"). If you select "Accept", then the entry is saved. All is ready. Now the recording you made will be added to the video interval you specified.

Note that you can find the created recording while working with the "iMovie" application in your multimedia files ("Audio" - "Recordings" section).

how to add music to imovie
how to add music to imovie

How do I know if music has been added to the program?

We have already figured out how to insert music into iMovie on iPhone. And how to understand that it is loaded there? When adding music, the background of the iMovie app is grayed out. This suggests that there was no overlay of audio on the video. Once audio has been added to the background of the video, the gray color changes to green.

If you added music and didn't specify where it should end in the video, the song will play until the end of the video in repeat mode. If the duration of the track being added is longer than the duration of the recording, then it ends at the same time as the video itself ends.

how to add music to imovie
how to add music to imovie

Small conclusion

Now you know how to add music to iMovie. All of the above instructions apply to all Apple devices. That is, they can be used both on the iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. Just keep in mind that it is much easier to do this by initially downloading the necessary music through a computer. And already through synchronization and iTunes, use the downloaded music to add it to the background of the video. This is due to the difficulties of downloading songs and using them in other applications on iPhones.

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