Best Voice Changer Software Review

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Best Voice Changer Software Review
Best Voice Changer Software Review

There are quite a lot of scenarios when you might need a program to change the voice through a microphone: professional activities, calls to customer services, game chats, practical jokes, etc. Such utilities change the tone, timbre and other indicators of the source, and on the output may be very different from the original result.

There are a lot of programs for changing the voice during a conversation. But not every utility copes with the task with due efficiency. Therefore, choosing a program to change the voice in the microphone is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Moreover, this is a rather specific software, and distributors of viruses and malicious code are drawn to it like a magnet.

We will try to understand all this diversity and present to your attention a list of the best programs for changing the voice, where each utility can boast of its efficiency and accessibility for a simple layman. All of the followingsoftware can be downloaded from the official developer resources, so there should be no problems with testing.

The rating of the best voice changer software is as follows:

  1. AV Voice Changer Diamond.
  2. MorphVOX Pro.
  3. Scrumby.
  4. Clownfish.
  5. Fake Voice.
  6. Fanny Voice.

Let's take a closer look at all the participants.

AV Voice Changer Diamond

This is one of the best voice changing software you can find on the web. It can be seen in the arsenal of advanced users and narrow specialists working in call centers or service departments. And that already says a lot.

best voice changer
best voice changer

The program for changing the voice during a call works in real time, so you can adjust all the necessary parameters right during a call. The interface of the utility is intelligently divided into categories, and it is very difficult to get lost there. In addition, you can call the master assistant in the menu, which will guide you through the main functionality and tell you how to deal with difficult situations.

Program features

It is also worth noting the presence of a special mode for working with the popular Skype video messenger. There are basic settings in the program for changing the voice to female or male with one click, which is very convenient. By the way, in the latest update, a similar opportunity appeared for the increasingly popular Discord messenger.

In addition, one of the best programs for changing the voice in the microphone has an enviablethe number of filters, masks and effects that can also be applied in real time. Plus, the utility allows you to compare your own voice with others, giving a detailed chart.

Distinctive features of the utility

A few more obvious advantages of the program are speech recording in any audio format and advanced export and import options, which subsequently greatly facilitates further processing of the received content.

male voice changer
male voice changer

Users are overwhelmingly positive about the capabilities of one of the best voice changer software. There is a smart equalizer, noise reduction, a built-in player, as well as a user-friendly interface with a lot of training materials. Although some complain about the lack of Russian-language localization, it can be found in an amateur format on thematic forums, and very well done.

The product is distributed under a paid license, but the developer offers a trial period to get acquainted with the main functionality of the program. Judging by the same reviews, users agree that the program is worth its money and works it out to the fullest, especially when it comes to the professional scope of the software.

MorphVOX Pro

Another product on the list of the best voice changer programs, which is enviably popular all over the world. Among the obvious advantages of the software, one can note an extremely high-quality recording, a clear and thoughtful interface, and, of course, an amazing library of effects. The latter will help change your voice tounrecognizable.

voice changer software
voice changer software

In a word, this is a program for changing the voice to male, female, robotic, cartoon, dog and whatever else. All effects in the library can be edited and EQ curves can be changed as you like. Although the utility is positioned by the developer as a product for professional needs, a good half of users use it for practical jokes.

The program menu turned out to be clear and well-branched, so you won't have to get lost there. In addition, the developer's website has detailed video tutorials on working with the utility. Yes, and the local help system is organized as it should, and you can quickly navigate it. By the way, this voice changer is in Russian, so there shouldn't be any serious problems.

Utility Features

The result can be saved in any of a dozen proposed audio formats and immediately share it with your friends on social networks. It is also worth noting the fact that the developer carefully monitors his offspring and periodically releases updates, based on user feedback.

The product is distributed under a paid license with a two-week trial period. If you are interested in a simple voice change, for example, from male to female, and only, then you can look at the free version with the prefix "Junior" and not Pro.


This is one of the best voice changer for video messengers. Moreover, almost all changes can be made in the modereal time. To get started, all you need is to set the means for online telephony in the settings, and the utility will do the rest.

microphone voice changer
microphone voice changer

The program offers the user a good library with a dozen preset voices: man, woman, robot, dog, cat, etc. If desired, you can edit the standard presets and adjust them to your needs.

It is also worth noting that the program feels great in tandem with modern network games like Dota, League of Legends, Tanks, etc. The utility automatically adjusts the game chat and takes control of communication in their hands.

Distinctive features of the program

Among other things, there is a competent suppression of noise, background sounds, as well as fine tuning of the equalizer. As for the interface, users in their reviews note some confusion of the menu branches, but after a couple of days of active communication, the discomfort completely disappears.

It is also possible to save the result in popular audio formats. The resulting files are, however, larger than they should actually be, but this is not critical for desktop devices with impressive storage capacities.

The product is distributed under a shareware license. The trial version works stably and as it should, but is limited in functionality. Here, again, if you have enough female-male options, then you can leave a free modification. In other cases, you will have to buylicense.


This is an absolutely free program designed primarily to work with the popular Skype video messenger. Initially, the developer positioned their product as a tool for fixing errors in chat and recording conversations, and the voice changer function was just an additional mode.

female voice changer
female voice changer

But the program turned out to be so successful and well-implemented that they used it only for voice substitution. The developer did not object and with subsequent updates only improved this functionality.

It is also worth noting the most simplified and intuitive interface of the product. Here everything is laid out on the shelves, and getting lost in the menu is simply unrealistic. In addition, the utility received a competent Russian-language localization and an intelligent help system. So there should be no problems getting started.

The program offers a rich set of all kinds of blanks for congratulations and pranks. You can spend an hour in the library choosing the effect or template you like. In addition, all available presets can be changed at your own discretion by a local audio editor.

App Features

Another useful option is the built-in translator. The enabled mode allows real-time translation of everything said by the opponent, which is very convenient both in business negotiations and in simple communication with a foreign friend.

Users speak very warmly about this program and its capabilities. Of course, the application has some drawbacks, for example, it works only with Skype and the Windows operating system, but they cannot be called critical, having studied the distribution conditions.

The developer offers the product for free, because he is a kind of contractor for Skype itself, so his selfish interest is satisfied by the employer, and not by the ubiquitous advertising.

Fake Voice

This is a pretty high quality product that allows you to change your voice online. Unlike more noble counterparts, the utility does not know how to record sound, but it feels great in tandem with some kind of meeting-recording program.

microphone voice changer
microphone voice changer

The application interface is something like a mixing console. That is why some consider it very convenient, while others, on the contrary, are too original and non-ergonomic. Nevertheless, even beginners in this business master the utility and all the proposed tools in the shortest possible time. Some, however, complain about the lack of Russian-language localization, but it can be easily downloaded from thematic forums in an amateur version.

The process of transforming your voice is quite simple: you move the levers on the mixing console and hear the changes being made in real time. The setting is quite subtle, so you can achieve quite decent results here. As such, there are no libraries with ready-made presets here, but there are several effects that can be applied to the voice.

App highlights

It is also worth noting thatthe program is not at all demanding on system resources and in terms of RAM consumption is in last place in the file manager. The utility works only on Windows and Android operating systems, and for Mac and Linux there are only amateur modifications installed at your own risk.

The product is distributed under a free license, and even without a hint of advertising. Users are generally positive about the program and its capabilities, but consider Fake Voice a utility for beginners.

Funny Voice

This utility allows you to change the tone of your voice while maintaining the confidentiality of communication via instant messengers. The program attracts primarily with its simplicity, asceticism and intuitive interface. The latter, in fact, comes down to just a couple of buttons. Despite the lack of Russian-language localization, there are no serious problems with the development of the program. Moreover, an amateur version of the latter can be downloaded from thematic forums.

call voice changer
call voice changer

The program is undemanding to system resources and takes a purely symbolic place in the task manager for the consumption of RAM, hard drive and processor. On the hard drive, the application takes no more than 3 megabytes, which is extremely small for modern desktop software. It is also worth noting that the program has the ability to save voice recordings. True, in a single WAV format, but this is quite enough, given the abundance of codecs on the Web.

BIn the process of work, you can move the slider responsible for the tonality, and a thin female voice will instantly turn into a male baritone. Moreover, the specific digitization is invisible in the end, and the end result looks very believable.

App Features

Users are generally positive about Funny Voice and its features. Yes, it is entry-level, but it copes with the tasks set very well. The application does not have any serious shortcomings, so it can be recommended to everyone. The software works on the Windows operating system, but there is also a semblance of an analogue for the Android platform from the same developer. In the latter case, by the way, the functionality is noticeably expanded and libraries with presets are added.

The product is distributed under a free license, and advertising does not always appear, and you can’t call it aggressive. In addition, the installed amateur Russification is a "pill" from advertising blocks.

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