The best programs for voice control of the computer

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The best programs for voice control of the computer
The best programs for voice control of the computer

A few years ago, voice control of a computer could only be seen in science fiction films. Now it's enough to download the appropriate program, and you can give commands to your PC without using a keyboard or mouse. Of course, such utilities are far from ideal, but there are those among them that work at the proper level. This article is devoted to the best programs for voice control of a computer.

Standard Windows tool

Not everyone knows, but the speech recognition system is a standard Windows application. Voice control of the computer in this operating system is hidden in the sound settings and, unfortunately, does not support commands in Russian. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning it, because it will be useful to those who live, for example, in European countries.

So, to enable speech recognition:

  • Connect the microphone to your computerand set it up following the prompts.
  • Open the Control Panel. Select the display mode "Small Icons".
  • Go to the Speech Recognition section.

After that, the “Setup Wizard” will open, following the instructions of which you will teach your computer to understand your voice. True, the standard application can only execute primitive commands, so don't rely on it too much.


Somewhat better than in the previous case, the situation is in Windows 10. Computer voice control is represented here by the Cortana program, which not only opens the applications you need on command, searches for information on the Internet and sends letters, but also easily tells fresh jokes.

Windows 10 voice control
Windows 10 voice control

Again, Cortana doesn't understand Russian yet. The developers have been promising for more than two years to teach her to recognize the great and mighty, but so far there has been no progress in this. However, you can always change the language of the operating system to English (or any other supported by Cortana) and thus enable the application.


Well, now, finally, it's the turn of the program that allows you to exercise Russian voice control of your computer. It is called Speechka and is notable for its ease of use. By launching the application, you can select certain actions in it and bind the appropriate voice commands to them. So, the utility can open pages on the Internet, run other programs, and also openspecific files and folders.

Unfortunately, the functionality of Speechka, as you probably noticed, is somewhat limited. However, for simple operations, this application is ideal.


And this utility for voice control of the computer already has a much larger set of functions. Rather, its functions are almost the same as those of Speechka, but it is much more convenient to use them. For example, you can set the main command "Open", and then bind the names of the programs or Internet sites you need to it. Typle's interface may seem a little confusing at first, but it's not that hard to figure it out.

Voice control type
Voice control type

The downside of the application is that it is no longer supported by developers. In addition, the program sometimes incorrectly recognizes Russian speech, so it is advisable to “communicate” with it in a monotonous voice.


This application for voice control of the computer is good because it has a fairly large list of ready-made commands. Simply put, you do not need to manually make notes to open a particular program. For example, Laitis can access the VKontakte website, open Google Chrome, launch Skype, and much more.

Voice control in Laitis
Voice control in Laitis

The program interface is convenient. All functions are divided into categories, so you won't get confused. Also, if necessary, you can edit already recorded commands if they do not suit you.

It is also worth noting that developers are actively releasing updates for theiroffspring. Each new update adds additional features that make using the program even more convenient.


No, this is not a fabulous villain, but another program for voice control of the computer. In addition, the application was made by domestic developers, so it recognizes the Russian language with a bang. At the same time, "Gorynych" gradually adapts to the timbre of your voice, so that every day it will be easier for you to use this utility.

But there is also a fly in the ointment. Unfortunately, there are no preset commands in the program. That is, you will have to do all the notes yourself, and if there are a lot of them, this lesson can stretch for several days.


A simple but very pleasant application to use. After installing it, a small training course will start, during which you, following the prompts, will learn how to create voice commands. Speaker, like its competitors, can open files, run programs, movies, music, as well as turn off and restart the computer.

Voice control in Speaker
Voice control in Speaker

Unfortunately, the developers no longer release updates for the utility, so its performance on new versions of Windows (older than Windows 7) is not guaranteed. But even so, Speaker is quite suitable for any average user.


The notorious Yandex company is developing this application. Already now, "Alisa" will easily tell you the exact time, share freshnews, turn on music and so on. In addition, the program is built into the interface of the operating system, which makes it easier to work with it.

Voice control "Alice"
Voice control "Alice"

The application also has its downsides, of course. For example, you can only use pre-installed commands, but you can't add new ones yet. Also, the program is at a relatively early stage of development, so sometimes all sorts of bugs appear in it. However, the developers are actively fixing all the bugs, and also constantly provide the utility with new features.

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