Information medical systems, their implementation and development

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Information medical systems, their implementation and development
Information medical systems, their implementation and development

Humanity, as it exists, comes up with various opportunities to make life easier and make life easier. One such tool that frees you from routine is the medical information system (MIS), which helps coordinate the work of the he alth care system.

Information system

information medical systems
information medical systems

What is generally understood by them? An information system is defined as an information processing system that works together with the people, technology and financial resources on which the provision and distribution of information depends.

Automated system

Under the automated system is called a complex that consists of automation tools for human labor and the personnel who serve it. The speaker performs the functions programmed in advance for it. If there are several automated systems (from two pieces), provided that the functioning of one directly depends on the other (others), then they are called integrated.

Medical Information Systems

BARS medical information system
BARS medical information system

Different definitionsMIS is given by the luminaries of science. But the most popular option sounds like this: a set of software, information, technical and organizational tools that aim to automate medical processes / organizations. But for completeness of information, you should read one more. It sounds like this: MIS is a form of organization of medical processes that enable medical personnel, with the necessary technical support, to use a set of tools that ensure the collection, processing, analysis, storage and output of medical information related to he alth and its condition for specific person. In addition to conventional MIS, diagnostic and related IS are additionally distinguished. It was not possible to designate them in clear defined groups due to the fact that there is no clear state standard that would be qualitatively processed, therefore there is no generally accepted division into various medical information systems. Classification, however, is carried out by individuals or groups of specialists.

Classification of medical information systems

MIS medical information system
MIS medical information system

Due to the novelty of the technology, there are no state-approved standards yet, so I bring to your attention the following classification:

  1. Information banks of medical services. Information service for patients. Aims to provide the widest coverage of work and service to the maximum number of people in the shortest possible time intervals.
  2. Information technology medical systems. An objectwork - patient, user - medical worker.
  3. Information and statistical medical systems. Creates information support to the population of the served region. The division is carried out according to objects and according to the territorial principle.
  4. Research medical information systems. The main subjects of work are documents and objects of science. Additionally, they are divided into subsystems depending on the differences in the objects of description.
  5. Information-training and educational medical systems. Trainers provide support to those who go through the training and learning process. Educational systems are used to assess the level of knowledge.

But besides this, MIS are further divided into subsystems and have a number of additions. Thus, medical information systems, the classification and purpose of which is difficult, were moved to diagnostic and related types. Additionally, a determination is made as to whether the system is complex or not.

Complex systems

A medical information system (MIS) that deals with both administrative and clinical functions, and for which an electronic medical record is chosen as the core, is called an integrated automated medical information system. It includes:

  1. Caring for the automation of accounting, personnel and economic services, office work, engineering support, logistics - everything that allows you to automate administrative and economic activities.
  2. The system of personal medical recordshelp. Maintenance of an electronic medical record, support for subsystems of procedural and diagnostic departments with a hospital pharmacy.
  3. Reference information. It can be both a comprehensive description of various problems, ways to treat them, symptoms, as well as the schedule of doctors, laboratories, their level of employment and a brief dossier.

Diagnostic Information Medical Systems

medical information systems classification
medical information systems classification

The task of this type is to receive, transmit and analyze data that have been obtained as a result of certain diagnostic or laboratory tests, using special external devices. Due to the frequency of cases when DIMS or MIS is installed and the difference in their functionality, they are considered as separate systems. But if there are medical information systems, then DIMS is considered to be its subsystem. Its purpose is to complement the main one.

Associated Medical Information Systems

medical institution information system
medical institution information system

Modules for the purpose of a special use (usually medical or economic). SIMS can include personnel or accounting systems, full-fledged pharmacy systems (which can provide planning, procurement, and distribution of medicines and medical equipment), systems for automating processes in specific departments. Despite the inclusion of this topic in the article, in practice it is considered solely as an addition, the purpose of which is to increasefunctionality.

Modern systems and their uses

medical information systems
medical information systems

And finally, about some medical information systems in Russia, which are used (though not very common) in medical institutions.


Medical information system built on a modular basis. It is designed to automate the processes of hospitals and clinics. The number of modules for them is 11 for each institution. Allows data exchange and centralized collection of required indicators. Supports interaction between staff, collects data to inform the management of the institution in which LARS is installed. The medical information system allows you to work not only with staff, but also with patients and facilitate their interaction with a medical institution in matters of making an appointment, issuing prescriptions, sick leave, calling an emergency. Based on the received data, it can generate reports on the status of individual patients, doctors and medical institutions.


Is an integrated information and functional environment that has combined various classes of medical information systems (HIS). Support for he althcare facility services – from financial reports and documentation to individual patient records. Integration with medical equipment and support for decision-making systems is important.


Information system of a medical institution that conductsautomation of activities, planning and optimizes the processes of patient treatment. Allows you to reduce the time spent on documentation, coordinates the work of doctors' offices and laboratories, optimizes the use of labor resources, and organizes a rapid exchange of information.

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