How to turn on Wi-Fi on an Acer laptop? Hotkeys to turn on Wi-Fi

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How to turn on Wi-Fi on an Acer laptop? Hotkeys to turn on Wi-Fi
How to turn on Wi-Fi on an Acer laptop? Hotkeys to turn on Wi-Fi

For many inexperienced users, enabling a Wi-Fi adapter in a laptop is a whole problem. This cup has not passed and the owners of laptops from Acer. Many have already broken their brains, thinking about how to turn on Wi-Fi on an Acer laptop. Especially if the default transmitter is in the Off position. It should be noted that the method depends on the specific device model. Unfortunately, there is no universal recipe. That is why you should consider all possible options in detail.

how to turn on wifi on acer laptop
how to turn on wifi on acer laptop

A little about Acer

This Filipino company has been around for a long time and has managed to win the sympathy of many PC and laptop users. Initially, the company specialized in the production of cheap components for such American giants as Intel and Apple. But over time, the company's management decided to compete with them. What can I say, the competitor turned out to be serious. Now a good part of the computer market belongs to Acer. Who would have thought?

acer aspire
acer aspire

A bit of history: Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a transmission technologydata without wires. This is very convenient, as it frees PC and laptop users from using outdated and always tangled wires. Wi-Fi was first used in a serial laptop in 2000. At the time, this was a rarity. And there was no particular point in having a transmitter in a laptop, since there were very few wireless access points. By 2002 the situation is changing. Wireless Internet began to gain popularity. Well, how it ended, you can now see for yourself. No mobile device is complete without a Wi-Fi transmitter.

Wi-Fi Standards

The most common Wi-Fi adapter standards are b, n, g and ac. The first three are no different from each other. But ac stands out noticeably in data transfer speed. It is several times higher than that of standard b-, n-, g-adapters. Now many manufacturers install ac standard transmitters in their devices. The most common Wi-Fi frequency is 2.4 GHz. Everything would be fine, but Bluetooth works at this frequency. As well as microwaves and much more. All this interferes with the purity of the channel. But Wi-Fi technology is gradually moving to a frequency of 5 GHz. Nothing will interfere with the wireless Internet there. But we digress. How to turn on Wi-Fi on an Acer laptop? We will analyze this topic step by step.

wifi not working on acer laptop
wifi not working on acer laptop

What should I do first?

In some cases, problems with the Wi-Fi transmitter have nothing to do with the laptop model. It's all about the inattention and carelessness of some users. The most common problem with Wi-Fi is the lack of installed drivers for the adapter. If this is the case, then there is no problem here. It is enough to download the necessary drivers from the official website of the manufacturer and install them. The Acer page contains programs for any device. Therefore, this can not be considered a problem. It is very important to download the driver specifically for your laptop model. The fact is that there is no universal software, since the manufacturer installs various types and types of adapters in their devices. Therefore, one should not hope that the driver from Acer Ferrari will fit the Acer Aspire.

Move on

If, after installing the Wi-Fi driver, it still does not “start”, we continue to look for the problem. Models such as Acer 1000, 1690, 2012, 5610 have a dedicated power button. It can be located anywhere: on the side, behind, in front, above the keyboard. If Wi-Fi does not work on your Acer laptop, it makes sense to look for such a button.

acer laptop software
acer laptop software

The most interesting thing is that she can look like anything. Some models show an antenna on the button. If so, then finding the switch will not be difficult. But in most models there is the most common key that you need to find and press. The buttons on some models of Acer laptops have light indication, which is very convenient. No need to puzzle over whether the transmitter is on or off.

If there is no button

It also happens that the physical switch (or switch) of the Wi-Fi adapter is missing altogether. In this caseLet's turn to the rich laptop keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts can turn on and off a variety of laptop devices. Only the specific combination depends on the model. If we are dealing with the Acer Aspire One model range, then to turn on Wi-Fi, you need to use the Fn + F3 key combination. Most other models from Acer use the Fn + F5 combination. If these combinations did not work, you need to try to find the right combination using the "scientific poke" method.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that in different models the Fn key is displayed differently. It can be represented both by the letters themselves, and by some incomprehensible symbol. If the inscription Fn is not visible anywhere, feel free to click on all the incomprehensible buttons. You still can’t do much harm to the system and laptop with your actions. As a result, the desired combination will be found. If the Acer laptop does not see Wi-Fi even after that, then go to the next step.

If Wi-Fi still doesn't work…

In this case, let's turn to the system methods for enabling the adapter. In Windows 7 and 8, the WLAN adapter icon is located in the system tray at the bottom, on the right side. You need to right-click on the image and select "Network and Sharing Center". There we click on the item "Change adapter settings". We are looking for the name of your WLAN device and right-click on it. In the menu that appears, click "Enable". Then close all windows.

acer laptop not seeing wifi
acer laptop not seeing wifi

After all of the above has been done, click on the WLAN icon insystem tray with the left mouse button. Then select the name of your Wi-Fi network and enter the password to connect. After all these manipulations, wireless Internet access should work. However, that's not all.

Additional software from the manufacturer

If Wi-Fi has not "up", then your device is equipped with additional utilities that manage adapters. "Acer" (laptop) programs used for this are usually "hidden" so that incompetent users do not mess with the settings. You should open "Start", select "All Programs" and see if there is anything unusual with the Wi-Fi or WLAN sections. If so, these utilities should be enabled. For without them, the operation of the wireless adapter is impossible. If all of the above did not help, then such a laptop has a direct road to a service center, since by all indications there is a problem in the adapter itself at the hardware level. But you did your best. Now let the experts figure out how to enable Wi-Fi on an Acer laptop.


Now we can take stock. What was learned from our little educational program? Let's determine the order of switching on the adapter in Acer laptops:

  1. Checking for the necessary drivers.
  2. If they are in place, we are looking for a hardware power button.
  3. When it is not there, we select the key combination on the keyboard.
  4. If this does not help, try to enable the adapter systemically.
  5. Not working? We are looking for specialized programs from the developer.

It seems that everything is simple. Now you know what it takesdo to provide yourself with wireless Internet access. And for many, information about which keys to turn on WiFi on a laptop will be very useful. After all, it can also be turned off in order to save battery power.

what keys to turn on wifi on a laptop
what keys to turn on wifi on a laptop


As an example, we have considered devices from Acer. However, the algorithm of actions for laptops from other manufacturers is almost the same. There are only minor changes in the location of the buttons. Thanks to this article, you can easily set up Wi-Fi on any device. Now you know how to enable Wi-Fi on an Acer laptop. Dare - and you will succeed.

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