Acer 5100. Overview of laptop specifications

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Acer 5100. Overview of laptop specifications
Acer 5100. Overview of laptop specifications

Acer 5100 was designed specifically for the needs of users who want mobility and power. Its configuration, as in one of the first laptops, included a fairly powerful dual-core processor AMD Turion 64 X2. At the same time, the device "can boast" of low cost. The body of the Acer 5100 was also of high quality, and the screen is distinguished by high contrast and brightness. This laptop will be a great helper on long journeys. With it, the user can not only work, but also have fun playing and watching movies. There are, of course, disadvantages, but they are not too noticeable, especially since they are present on many similar devices.

acer 5100
acer 5100


The case of Acer 5100 cannot stand out with anything special. The design is similar to other models of this company. Nevertheless, everything is done qualitatively. The main material was plastic. During use, the case does not emit any squeaks, every detail fits perfectly. The lid is made of a material that does not leave fingerprints. The lid is attached to two hinges, which allow you to turn it to a convenient degree for the user. It doesn't take much effort to open it. Since Acer 5100 is a budgetdevices, then the case is not without various kinds of shortcomings. The main one is the deflection of the case in some places, and especially in the area of the lid, due to which the image on the display is distorted.

acer aspire 5100 reviews
acer aspire 5100 reviews


Like many things in this laptop model, the keyboard is fairly standard. Acer Aspire 5100, reviews of which are usually positive, received a full-fledged digital block. The keys are big. They have an easy move and at the same time emit a characteristic sound. Hands do not get tired during typing. Due to the design, very small objects can fall inside the keyboard. Notebook Acer Aspire 5100 has average characteristics, as mentioned above. Therefore, the keys here are made of a fairly average material, which is pleasant to the touch and does not get very dirty.

Acer Aspire 5100, the technical characteristics of which are presented in the article, of course, received a touchpad. It's like it's embedded in the body. Endowed with a number of basic functions. In addition to the two main keys, there is a third, responsible for scrolling pages. Otherwise, it is the same as other laptops in this price segment.


The laptop has a 15.4" liquid-crystal display. The manufacturer responsibly approached the development of the screen and added a high-brightness function to it. It has a very high contrast, perfectly conveys color depth. However, like many other similar devices, it glares strongly in the sun, and also does not stand out with excellent viewing angles. Even a slight deviation to the side causes distortion of the image on the display. The resolution of the screen is 1280x800 pixels.

acer aspire 5100 laptop specs
acer aspire 5100 laptop specs


Acer 5100 is not powerful, but it can handle everyday tasks without any problems. The processor is installed here from AMD, which in some respects is inferior to a similar chip from Intel, but has a lower cost. The Turion 64X2 is mobile and focuses not on performance but on battery life. Nevertheless, even such a processor will easily work with most modern programs.

RAM in different configurations - from 512 MB to 4 GB. However, for 4 GB, you need to install a 64-bit system, which will fully reveal the potential of this volume.

The laptop received a discrete graphics card. Here is the built-in ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 card, from which one should not expect outstanding performance. Nevertheless, it will be possible to launch not very demanding games, but the latest releases will not work even with a greater desire.

Two stereo speakers built into the body of the device are responsible for the sound. The sound quality is average, as there are not enough low frequencies. However, the audio system is sufficient for watching movies.


acer aspire 5100 specifications
acer aspire 5100 specifications

In the end, it can be noted that the Acer 5100 is quite outdated by today. Nevertheless, performing everyday tasks, the laptop will be able to serve the user for quite a long time. Like many similar devicesbudget segment, the Acer 5100 has certain disadvantages, which are fully offset by the low price. This laptop will undoubtedly suit those who spend a lot of time on business trips and at the same time do not want to spend large sums of money to purchase such a device.

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