X102B (ASUS) specifications

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X102B (ASUS) specifications
X102B (ASUS) specifications

Notebooks ASUS, developed by a Taiwanese company, regularly release some new product on the market. Relatively recently, the X102B model appeared. ASUS classifies this model in the category aimed at everyday use. It is the most affordable for consumers from the CIS countries. In this article, we will look at how convenient and functional the X102B is. ASUS quite often pleased consumers with its technology, but we have to find out how successful this netbook is.

x102b asus
x102b asus


First of all, it is worth noting that this model is best suited for those who are looking for an inexpensive working machine. It is notable for the fact that it has an excellent touch screen, as well as a high-speed USB 3.0 port. Here the user will not find a huge amount of memory or a powerful video card, but the X102B is very light and compact. ASUS tried to do everything to make this model inexpensive and functional at the same time.


The main material used in the development of the laptop is plastic. Despite this, everything is done quite soundly. The laptop does not creak and does not bend, despite the fact that it has a low cost. Rounded edges are the main feature of the X102B appearance. ASUS made this modelminimalistic. The netbook battery is not removable. The lower part of the case is made rounded, which provides better cooling. In general, we can say that the design of the model is not bad. The weight of the model is just over one kilogram. Thickness - only three centimeters. There are several color options.

asus netbook
asus netbook

On one side there are two USB ports: 2.0 and 3.0. There is Ethernet, as well as HDMI, which is very rare in such models. Netbook ASUS X102B is equipped with a camera with which the user can make video calls, as well as an SD card slot.

Keyboard and touchpad

Despite its small size, the keyboard is quite comfortable here. The keys are not too big, but have enough space between them to comfortably type. Although this is a budget model, the keys are pleasant to the touch. Even when typing for a long time, the hands do not get tired, and not strong heating does not allow them to sweat.

The ASUS netbook has a small touchpad, which, despite its size, is pleasant to use. It is located flush with the body.


The screen quality is about the same as competitors in this price range. It uses a 10.1 "touch matrix with a resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels. The display cannot boast of excellent viewing angles, but they cannot be called bad either. It transmits colors quite juicy and bright. The touch screen is responsive and instantly responds to touch. It has a protective glass. The display gets dirty quite easily, but it is also easy to clean it withnapkins.

asus x102b specs
asus x102b specs


ASUS X102B, whose characteristics are at an average level, has quite high-quality speakers. Located on the right and left sides. Although they are small in size, the sound quality is quite high and loud. This is more than enough for watching movies and listening to music.


ASUS X102B is equipped with AMD A4-1200 processor. Of course, it will not be enough for heavy games, but everyday tasks for a netbook are not a problem. The X102B also has 4 GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive, which is quite a lot for such a small device. This stuffing is enough for office programs and multimedia applications. The laptop cannot boast a powerful graphics card that would give additional performance.

asus x102b battery
asus x102b battery

ASUS X102B, which has a battery capacity of 3000 mAh, will allow the user to work more than four hours. However, if you turn off Wi-Fi and reduce the brightness of the screen, then autonomy can be extended by a few more hours. It is worth paying attention to the charger. Here it has a small size, and not the usual brick, which is used in charging more productive laptops. Therefore, the charger can be placed even in a small handbag.

In progress

In addition to a comfortable case, ASUS X102B differs from its competitors in that it practically does not heat up. This is due to the energy-saving processor, which generates a minimum of heat. It is logical to think that this netbook does not make noise, butthis is not true. The cooling system is quite quiet, but the hard drive reminds of its presence. And there's nothing you can do about it.

asus x102b reviews
asus x102b reviews

It doesn't hurt to mention the cover, which can be turned to a convenient angle for the user. When closed, the lid seems to stick to the body of the netbook, which is quite rare in cheap models.

Autonomy is also good news. The battery is enough to watch a couple of movies or to surf the net for a long time. At the same time, the netbook boasts a number of system utilities developed specifically for this model, which will help with setting the optimal battery usage mode.


If you are looking for a new and productive laptop, then ASUS X102B is not your choice. However, for everyday tasks, this model is ideal. ASUS X102B, reviews of which are mostly positive, is a good budget device that outperforms its closest competitors with confidence. First of all, users like this model for its low cost, as well as good performance. The disadvantages include a not very high-quality screen that fades in the sun. It will be an excellent assistant on long business trips or in school. Good autonomy will help pass the time watching movies or browsing the Internet. The touch screen is great for the entertainment that Windows 8 or 10 offers. The keyboard available on the laptop will help you fully work with mail or text documents. As ifWhile the touch screen was convenient, typing large text on it is inconvenient. The price of ASUS X102B is about twenty-five thousand rubles.

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