Notebook Samsung N150 Plus: specifications, description and reviews of owners

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Notebook Samsung N150 Plus: specifications, description and reviews of owners
Notebook Samsung N150 Plus: specifications, description and reviews of owners

Mobile computer market has replenished with a very interesting device, which quickly attracted the attention of both sellers and buyers. We are talking about the Samsung N150 Plus laptop, which claims to occupy several consumer niches at the same time. From the very first day of sales in our country, the manufacturer assures all potential buyers that this is the most technologically advanced device on the Russian market. The statement is very serious, and this should certainly be de alt with. In this article, the reader will be able to get to know the novelty closer and find out the technical characteristics of the laptop, its description and reviews of the owners.

Samsung N150 Plus
Samsung N150 Plus

Interesting move by Korean giant

Samsung has been trying not to stand out in the mobile technology market, focusing only on the budget and business class. The reader is unlikely to be able to recall at least one device that can be considereda masterpiece from the Korean giant. For comparison: the same Asus has Lamborghini VX7 in its lineup, and HP has Omen.

The market was calm until the Samsung N150 Plus appeared. The reviews in the media raised the rating of the device to a very high level. The laptop has taken the most popular niches in the mobile device market.

  1. The class of inexpensive devices has been replenished with a device with a 10-inch screen and the ability to continuously work up to 8 hours, removing all its competitors from the shelf.
  2. Affordable price, small size, attractiveness and good performance have made the Samsung N150 Plus a favorite device for women, all students, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.
  3. Performance, portability and uptime make this device indispensable on trips and business trips.

Meet by clothes

The Korean manufacturer has never skimped on the packaging of its equipment. The box looks attractive: it has a picture of the laptop itself and a brief description of its characteristics. Standard equipment: Samsung N150 Plus, charger, battery, instructions and CDs with programs.

Samsung N150 Plus reviews
Samsung N150 Plus reviews

We can not say that the appearance of the notebook will greatly impress the buyer. At first glance, the body of the device is no different from other models. But if you look closely, the user will see that the glossy plastic on all sides of the laptop has a specific coating that will save the laptop not only from accidental slipping out of hands, but alsowill not allow the surface to collect fingerprints. For a consumer device, the assembly is very high quality. Nothing creaks or makes extraneous sounds.

The most important ingredient

Notebook users are no longer interested in ergonomics and performance, but in the quality of the liquid crystal display, which should not create inconvenience during operation. On the contrary, the owner should enjoy a juicy and high-quality picture on the screen, sitting in front of the laptop screen.

For a diagonal of 10 inches, the screen resolution of 1024x600 is not high quality, but it is quite acceptable for working and viewing multimedia (16:9 aspect ratio contributes to this). The advantage here is completely different: the screen has a matte finish, a filter is installed to protect against glare, there is an LED backlight. All the factors that contribute to comfortable work at any time of the day and in any light. Even outdoors, in sunny weather, the Samsung N150 Plus netbook will allow you to contemplate a high-quality and juicy picture.

Netbook Samsung N150 Plus
Netbook Samsung N150 Plus

Control panel

The keyboard installed in the laptop is very tiny, there is no numeric keypad, there are no several buttons for editing texts, but the manufacturer has brought all the missing buttons to the function keys. This solution made it possible to make the keyboard not only beautiful, but also easy to use. There are small gaps between the keys, which will prevent the user from accidentally pressing several buttons while entering text.

The touchpad in the Samsung N150 Plus is very small, butits surface is enough to perform all actions with one touch. The very surface of the touchpad has a pleasant coating, so that the fingers glide over it naturally and easily. A huge plus here is multi-touch, which allows you to scroll in two planes, zoom and rotate.

Samsung N150 Plus specs
Samsung N150 Plus specs

About interfaces and connection ports

Samsung N150 Plus is priced much more attractive than its competitors and has all the necessary interfaces that a full-featured mobile device has. On the left side there is a power socket, two audio jacks (headphones and a microphone) and a USB port that can charge devices connected to it even when it is turned off.

samsung n150 plus price
samsung n150 plus price

On the right side there is a D-Sub video output and two additional USB ports. The card reader is located under the front end of the device, and to use it, you need to lift the laptop up, which is a bit inconvenient during operation. Pleased with the complete absence of any connectors on the back of the device. Judging by the numerous reviews, this solution has a positive effect on operation - the laptop can be placed close to the wall or used in a car without fear of breaking devices connected from the back.


For the Samsung N150 Plus laptop, the technical specifications responsible for the performance of the entire system are not a priority. Emphasis made by the manufactureron the autonomy of work, so it was to be expected that all components are energy-saving. An intel Atom N450 processor with an integrated GMA X3150 graphics chipset and 1 GB of RAM consume almost nothing. Even at maximum load, their heat dissipation is very low.

The system has a hard drive with a capacity of 250 GB. On the one hand, a large capacity and good performance, on the other hand, a solid state drive would be a more reliable solution, because the device is not designed for stationary work.

Notebook Samsung N150 Plus
Notebook Samsung N150 Plus

The cooling system is rather strangely implemented in the laptop. Air intake is carried out only from the bottom panel, which is completely imprudent on the part of the manufacturer, because many users prefer to place a mobile device on their laps. Fortunately, dust can be removed without disassembling the laptop by vacuuming through the air intake holes.

About the pros

The Samsung N150 Plus's battery life has been well received by the media. The 8 hours of continuous operation declared by the manufacturer are confirmed by all owners of this netbook. Users note that disabling wireless interfaces at the hardware level and reducing the screen backlight to 70% will allow the device to work for another two hours - this is a total of 10 hours. Does this laptop have a competitor on the market?

In addition to the standard Wi-Fi module, the laptop is also equipped with a wireless interfaceBluetooth 3.0 with EDR support, which cannot but please users. This decision of the manufacturer opens up many possibilities: synchronizing the netbook with mobile devices, connecting a wireless headset, using a modem with the appropriate connection technology. The owners will also be pleased with the audio system. Judging by the numerous reviews, the imitation of 3D sound in the device is implemented at the highest level, there are no rattling and locking at low and high frequencies (for volume up to 80%).

Samsung N150 Plus Specifications
Samsung N150 Plus Specifications

In closing

The Samsung N150 Plus has every chance of becoming the favorite device of many Russians. This is facilitated by its merits and reviews of happy owners. Naturally, the autonomy of the mobile device played a significant role in this. Small size, light weight, many interfaces and a great screen make the gadget very attractive for people who prefer an active lifestyle. However, Samsung N150 Plus is unlikely to be of interest to fans of productive games, its filling is not able to cope with the required load. Therefore, before buying, you need to decide what is more important: autonomy and convenience or laptop power.

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