Dell Inspiron 7347: reviews and specifications

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Dell Inspiron 7347: reviews and specifications
Dell Inspiron 7347: reviews and specifications

The focus of this article is a laptop from the most famous electronics manufacturer Dell Inspiron 7347. This multimedia device has a very high rating in the mobile device market, but the conflicting reviews of the owners in the media are embarrassing. Therefore, you have to get to know the laptop better, study its characteristics and, drawing conclusions, compare them with user reviews.

Dell Inspiron 7347
Dell Inspiron 7347

Market positioning

The laptop-transformer Dell Inspiron 7347 is positioned on the market as a 2 in 1 device. On the one hand, this is a mobile computer, and on the other hand, a huge tablet with a touch screen. Naturally, the device is able to transform, because for this there is a hinge between the display and the case, which allows you to turn the screen 360 degrees.

The company's marketers chose the right price niche, placing the laptop on the same shelf with the notorious Lenovo Yoga 2 device.on the characteristics of the devices, the buyer will find almost complete similarity of components. Is that the price of new items from Dell will be one and a half times less. Such a marketing move by the manufacturer should certainly attract buyers to an inexpensive device with such great features.

Meet by clothes

All laptop manufacturers try to make the box for their devices bright and attractive, but Dell's designers thought otherwise. An ordinary cardboard box with the manufacturer's logo looks very poor. Since the battery is built-in, the package bundle of the device is also modest: the Dell Inspiron 7347 laptop itself, a power supply and quality certificates.

But the appearance of the device itself is very attractive. We can say that the company has spent all its strength to create a real masterpiece that can win the hearts of millions of buyers. The laptop is made in the form factor "ultrabook"; its weight, dimensions and thickness open up a lot of opportunities for the buyer, placing the device in several price categories at once: business, multimedia, entertainment. Do not forget about using a laptop as a touch pad. There is something to think about for people who are thinking about buying several mobile devices: for work and leisure.

Dell Inspiron 7347 reviews
Dell Inspiron 7347 reviews

Design and build quality

Regarding the build quality of Dell, buyers have never had any questions. After all, this is one of the few manufacturers on the market, which is considered to be the reference and which everyone is guided by.competitors. Ultrabook Dell Inspiron 7347 assembled perfectly. The main problem with all laptops is the swivel mechanism, but not for Dell. Nothing creaks or cracks in it, the screen can be fixed at any angle. The body also does not make any sounds when trying to deform.

The body is made of matte plastic, which makes it possible for the owner not to lose it accidentally from the hands. At first, the glossy bottom of the laptop is embarrassing, but during operation it turns out that the smoothness of the bottom does not affect anything.

There are few interfaces, but you don't need more to work: two USB 3.0 connectors and one USB 2.0 connector, HDMI video output, audio connectors, card reader, volume control buttons and a slot for a touch input pen. The manufacturer also placed one speaker on the side panels, which significantly affected the sound volume. Although there are many conflicting reviews regarding sound quality.

Quality screen is the key to success

The user's attitude to the display can be twofold. On the one hand, an IPS-matrix is installed, which has no equal in terms of color reproduction, and everything is just great with viewing angles. The touchpad itself does not raise any complaints, and it is very easy to manage it, because it supports 10-finger multi-touch.

On the other hand, the screen is set to HD, with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels. On a diagonal of 13 inches, such a resolution is considered to be primitive. Due to the fact that the screen is touch-sensitive, its surface is glossy, and this is a constant problem with fingerprints on the display for all owners. By the way,due to a dirty screen, the Dell Inspiron 7347 laptop may experience ghostly clicks - when it reacts to a dusty sensor without user intervention and performs some actions. This problem is very relevant for all devices that support multi-touch with more than five fingers. The manufacturer did not install an anti-reflective coating on the screen either, which makes it difficult to work outdoors on a sunny day. Fortunately, in the settings of the video adapter driver, you can increase the brightness, and the issue with light will be resolved.

laptop dell inspiron 7347 reviews
laptop dell inspiron 7347 reviews

Laptop control panel

Notebook Dell Inspiron 7347 has a waterproof keyboard, which is very pleasing to all lovers of eating in front of the screen of the device. In addition, the keys are backlit - a dream for all users who prefer to work in low light. True, the engraving of the buttons is made very dull, and working with the function keys in the first stages of use will be difficult. The arrow block is greatly reduced, and the manufacturer endowed it with the functions of turning, pages and moving the cursor to the beginning and end.

Compared to other laptops, the touchpad in this device is small, but it is enough for comfortable work. There is one remark to the lack of a scroll on it. It is somehow inconvenient to navigate through the pages on the Internet without it. It does not have a touchpad and an off button, which owners often use when working with texts.

Stylus included. It is considered passive and many sellers are unable toexplain its presence in the kit. After all, the touch screen is designed to work with your fingers. On the official website of the manufacturer, the stylus is positioned as a tool for creativity and is intended for drawing.

laptop transformer Dell Inspiron 7347
laptop transformer Dell Inspiron 7347

Many questions about stuffing

Judging by the characteristics, gamers should not count on the power of the components that the Dell Inspiron 7347 laptop has. The media is full of negativity about this. Such an expensive device, a modern processor, a large amount of memory - and all this is endowed with integrated graphics! Yes, and problems with the hard drive. The manufacturer refused many potential buyers by installing a magnetic drive with a spindle speed of 5400 rpm. And this is in the era of SSD drives!

Ultrabook Dell Inspiron 7347
Ultrabook Dell Inspiron 7347

Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners, there are questions about the wireless Wi-Fi interface, which works on its own, involuntarily disconnecting and losing connection. To solve the problem, experts recommend disabling the proprietary wireless network management utility and entrusting the work to the Windows system, which will save the user from all problems.

And if you bring everything to mind?

If the user is not satisfied with the performance of the system, then the problem can be partially solved by slightly increasing the performance. Firstly, the amount of RAM is increased to 8 GB (there is a free slot for this). The second step is to replace the hard drive with an SSD drive,which will significantly increase the power of the Dell Inspiron 7347 laptop.

Gambling fans will have to sweat a bit with the software settings of the BIOS and the driver of the integrated video adapter. You need to make sure that the BIOS is set to Turbo Boost mode for the processor, which can increase the performance of the processor and integrated video as a result of the load. And in the driver settings, you must force the switch to the "maximum performance" state. As a result, it will be a completely different laptop that will run many popular games.

Device Maintenance

A topical issue for many owners of mobile devices is the possibility of self-service, namely dust cleaning, which all manufacturers recommend at least twice a year. Notebook Dell Inspiron 7347 Touch has something to brag about. It is enough to unscrew a few screws and remove the bottom cover to get full access to the device's motherboard. The cooling system is visible, you can blow it with a vacuum cleaner in a few seconds. Fans of better cleaning will not be difficult to remove the cooler and, having completely eliminated debris, apply a new layer of thermal paste.

Dell Inspiron 7347 ghost clicks
Dell Inspiron 7347 ghost clicks

Full access to components gives the owner the opportunity to independently upgrade the device. Memory, hard drive, battery and battery are easy to replace. If you intend to completely disassemble the laptop on your own, it is recommended to pay attention to the size of the screws thatused by the manufacturer - they are all different, and this may cause a problem when assembling.

Feedback on shortcomings

The company logo on the cover of the Dell Inspiron 7347 laptop looks very nice. Reviews of the owners in the media complain about the manufacturer's defect. Was it really difficult to make this logo backlit, like all expensive mobile devices?

There are also complaints about the power and volume buttons. If the device is used as a tablet, by changing the position of the screen, it is quite easy to miss pressing the desired button. At the initial stages, all users faced the problem of turning off the power of the device instead of changing the volume level.

There are also complaints about the cooling system: the hot air outlet is organized through the bottom of the device, which creates a lot of inconvenience for users who like to use a laptop lying on the couch, placing it on their legs or stomach. After all, as you know, all laptops place a heat sink on the side panel.

And what's so good about it?

Did the reader hear so much negativity that they lost interest in the Dell Inspiron 7347 laptop? Media reviews are more positive. And the device, once on the market, immediately topped the TOP of sales. This fact already emphasizes that the laptop is interesting to users. Its benefits are described below.

  1. This is a convertible laptop. Two devices in one. This solution eliminates a lot of the inconvenience that many owners have to face, who have a lot oftechnique.
  2. Mobility. Light weight and dimensions position the laptop in the business class niche, where the main thing is convenience and comfort, not gaming performance. The laptop is practical on business trips, on vacation and on the plane. And the manufacturer's logo will only emphasize the business style of the owner.
  3. Dell Inspiron 7347 is the only laptop on the market that can handle handwriting professionally. Learning to draw, giving presentations, hobbies or just having fun will immerse the owner in the world of creativity.
Dell Inspiron 7347 power supply
Dell Inspiron 7347 power supply

In closing

When you think about it, Dell has some of the best people in the world who have run the company for decades, so there's no doubt that the Dell Inspiron 7347 wasn't built from scratch. Definitely, the device was focused on a certain category of people who would need it. No one can have the right to condemn such a step by the manufacturer.

The laptop is definitely not designed for gaming. Its owners are businessmen and creative individuals who, having agreed on the price, will accept all the functionality they need in one device and will enjoy the pleasure of working.

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