Laptop screen repair and replacement

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Laptop screen repair and replacement
Laptop screen repair and replacement

In our time, technological progress has touched everyone. Nowadays, devices such as computers, mobile phones, and tablets have become familiar to everyone. They are created using the latest technology and over time acquire an increasingly complex structure. And, of course, like any other mechanisms or equipment, these electronic devices can undergo various breakdowns and malfunctions. This article will cover in detail such an urgent problem for many as breakdowns, as well as replacing the laptop screen. Why do such troubles arise, how to avoid and eliminate them?

Packard Bell laptop screen replacement
Packard Bell laptop screen replacement

About laptop screen design

Notebooks themselves, regardless of the model and manufacturer's preferences, always have a similar design. They consist of a screen and a panel, inside which is the entire electronic "stuffing" of the device. At the top of this panel is the keyboard.

The laptop screen also has a rather complex structure. Its basis is a matrix, which reproduces the main graphic image. In addition, the screen device alsoincludes special cables connecting the matrix to the motherboard, video card and a number of other nodes necessary for normal operation. The matrix is protected from external influences by the laptop case, as well as coatings, which are now made mainly of transparent plastic. But even such a reliable design can be broken. This is due to a number of reasons.

Why is the screen broken?

Laptop screen replacement
Laptop screen replacement

So, what are the most common causes of broken laptop screens? First of all, such troubles are associated with mechanical influences. This may be a blow, a fall of the device on a hard surface, a consequence of careless handling. In any case, it is precisely such impacts that harm the matrix the most. As a result, the laptop screen may need to be repaired or replaced.

Another reason is the impact of adverse conditions. This series includes such adverse factors as moisture, high or low air temperature or the device itself, power surges and surges, short circuits. They can harm, first of all, the electronic component of the matrix and its accompanying microcircuits, cables and nodes. Therefore, it is very important to protect the laptop from all these adverse effects, and failure may not occur at all.

Signs of broken screen

Laptop repair screen replacement
Laptop repair screen replacement

Evidence that something is wrong with the screen can be quite different manifestations. The screen can transmit a distorted image, reproduce it in fragments. ATin some cases, delays are observed, for example, when watching movies that do not depend on other circumstances. It often happens that the screen does not show any "signs of life" at all, even if the laptop is turned on normally. It is these alarming events that tell us it's time to replace the screen.

A breakdown still happened

What if the laptop could not be saved and the image is either abnormal or missing? In this case, an urgent repair or replacement of the laptop screen will be required. First of all, you need to learn that independent attempts to fix it will not lead to anything good. A complex device and many details sometimes baffle even experienced repairmen, to say nothing of amateurs. Therefore, as soon as possible, it is necessary to hand over a broken device to the nearest workshop that specializes specifically in working with computer equipment.

One of the most easily repaired screen problems is the failure of the backlights. Their malfunction is indicated by darkening of the image, especially at the edges of the screen. Often the image takes on a certain hue and does not change. In this case, you won’t have to spend a lot of money, because there are plenty of lamps in every service center, and they cost a penny (compared to more complex components).

Laptop Repair: Screen Replacement

Samsung laptop screen replacement
Samsung laptop screen replacement

Since the matrix is a technologically very complex device, it must be replaced only if its repair is impossible, for example, due to mechanicalimpact. In the service center, these facts are taken into account in the first place. In general, the repair procedure includes many complex steps. This is:

  • Complete disassembly of a laptop or (in some cases) its screen cover.
  • Further laptop diagnostics. It is carried out using sophisticated equipment. It helps to identify such problems when the interference of the screen image is not always associated with the matrix. In rare cases, this can be caused by problems with the video chip or cables, as well as bridges.
  • If the root of the problem is still in the matrix, then the most suitable replacement is selected for it. Usually, this takes into account such important parameters as dimensions, mounting methods, screen resolution.
  • Then the installation of the new matrix itself is carried out directly. This process may vary depending on the laptop model and manufacturer.
  • After the process of installing the matrix, the laptop is subjected to rigorous testing using specially designed programs and devices.

In many ways, this process can be slowed down by some features. The very diversity of manufacturers, model ranges and separately produced laptops implies a great experience of the master in working with electronic devices. At the same time, manufacturers, in an effort to please picky customers, install matrices that are completely different in their structure and characteristics on devices of the same model range. Yes, and prices for them significantly fluctuate depending on the rarity. For example, replacing the screen on an Asus laptop may require you to look for uniqueaccessories. But, as a rule, there are no problems with popular brands.

ASUS laptop screen replacement
ASUS laptop screen replacement

As an example, consider such well-known brands as Packard Bell and Samsung. Each of these manufacturers has its own approach to the manufacture of equipment. Therefore, their matrices can be very different.

Specific requirements for screen replacement

For example, replacing the screen of a Packard Bell laptop can be quite expensive, since it is difficult to find their products on the market now, the situation is similar with accessories for them. But since the company is part of Acer, many parts of their laptops are interchangeable. Directly for matrices, these are details such as lid hinges. Basically, these laptops are equipped with matrices manufactured by LG (15.6 inches).

If you need to replace the screen of a Samsung laptop, then you need to take into account that all matrices produced by the company are controlled by their own brand, which makes them, albeit of high quality, but still having minor flaws that generally do not affect the operation of the laptop. One of these is the tendency to overheat, but this rarely happens when the necessary rules are followed.

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