What is a promo code and how do I get it?

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What is a promo code and how do I get it?
What is a promo code and how do I get it?

Many Internet users shop online. After all, this way you can save some money. When it comes to paying for an order, we almost always see the "Enter promo code" field and the corresponding form for this operation. Very often we do not pay attention to it and make payment. But in vain! We could still win a little more financially. Let's try to figure out what a promo code is, where to get it and how to apply it.

what is a promo code
what is a promo code

Promo code overview

To begin with, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that a promotional code and a coupon are completely different tools for making purchases. The first is a combination of symbols that provides bonuses and is used in online stores when paying for orders. They are issued by stores in order to encourage the user to makerepurchase or to attract new customers. Promotional codes are convenient and beneficial in that they have an instant effect: they used it - and the total amount is immediately recalculated. They are free, allow you to save on everything: buying shoes and clothes, booking hotels, ordering air tickets, a romantic dinner in a restaurant. When learning what a promotional code is, it is important to know how it works.

what is a promo code and how to get it
what is a promo code and how to get it

How promo codes and their options work

Below we will consider specific cases of their action, now we will get a general idea. We find a promotional code on the shoe website, we immediately use it when buying, for example, a pair of shoes. We look at the changed price - the savings amounted to 35%. Everything is available, simple and honest. There are several options for promotional codes: for a discount, for delivery, with a gift. In the first case, you get your discount on the product in monetary or percentage terms. For example, 100 rubles or 30% as a gift. In the second case, sometimes it turns out not to pay for shipping at all or save a lot on it. In the third case, which is often used by cosmetics stores, you can get a set of samplers, for example.

Where to get/get a promo code

There are several ways to do this, but the best of them is to use specialized sites. One of them is PromKod.ru, where dozens of new promotions and codes for shops are posted every day. Therefore, there is no need to track the news of specific stores to search for discounts. Everything is concentrated on one site, besides, sometimes you can getfor this exclusive offer. Sometimes the codes can be found in the mailing list from the online store or on social networks.

How to use promo codes

Let's demonstrate this on the example of the previously designated site "PromKod.ru". The whole procedure consists of the following seven steps.

  1. First you need to find a good store.
  2. We select the code that will give the maximum effect.
  3. Now you need to open it, for which we click on the image "Show code".
  4. The code will appear in the window, copy it.
  5. Select the product we are going to buy and send it to the cart.
  6. After completing the selection of goods, go to the basket and use the copied code.
  7. We get the required discount.

Having performed this procedure once, we are convinced that promo codes are an honest, easy and reliable way to buy more but pay less. Having considered in detail what a promotional code is and how to get it, let's try to do it on third-party resources.

what is a promo code for biglion
what is a promo code for biglion

Using a promotional code on "Biglion"

Being a Biglion member means having the opportunity to buy goods, use various services, travel the world with great benefit for yourself. At the same time with discounts from 40 to 90 percent. On the site every day you can get a discount of up to 90% for the services of entertainment centers, medical and educational institutions, for visiting restaurants and cafes, fitness clubs, beauty salons. Purchasing electronics and equipment,cosmetics, clothes, interior items, gifts could save up to 80%. Let's see what the promo code for "Biglion" is. You can see all the information about the code in the "Personal Account". It is possible to use it on the Biglion website when paying for goods or coupons. A field will appear in which the promo code is entered. Here you will see how the amount of payment will decrease. Each code has a denomination and an expiration date; you can pay for certain goods or promotions with them, sometimes for everything. You need to carefully read the restrictions before applying it.

Yandex direct promo code
Yandex direct promo code

What is a promo code from "Yandex. Direct"

Due to the growth of the advertising market, "Yandex. Direct" opened a program that specifically supports this phenomenon. Newbie advertisers can get bonuses by promoting their sites. To do this is quite simple. When paying for the first time, you need to activate a special code. And where to get it? The Yandex company conducts seminars for its future customers, take part in one of them and get what you need. If you plan to use Yandex. Direct to advertise your site, the promotional code is just what is intended for you. With it, you will replenish your account with 1500 rubles with bonuses and use them for their intended purpose. The main thing is to comply with the condition when receiving bonuses - activate the code only for those resources that were not previously advertised in search engines. When creating an account, enter the received special code in a special field. After you make the first payment in the amount of 300rubles and more, get your bonuses. Remember that the promotional code is not eternal, and over time, its denomination changes downwards. It can only be used once.

qiwi promo code
qiwi promo code

Promo code in QIWI payment system

Everyone knows that the Internet has everything that a modern person needs. Being in your home, you can sell and buy, earn money and communicate. It turns out that the money needs to be stored somewhere in the network. For this, special resources are used, such as Yandex. Money and WebMoney. Recently, they have been worthy competition with the QIWI system, which not only makes it possible to deposit and withdraw money, pay for various services, but also provides various bonus programs and promotions. For example, the QIWI promo code allows you to make absolutely free purchases in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. This is done using SMS notifications. That is, if you are registered in the system, then in any case you will receive a notification about the action, which will be soon. Sometimes QIWI arranges such a holiday for its customers and gives them small gifts. It is important not to miss your moment. When transferring money from one service to another, a certain percentage is charged for the provision of this service. The more often you do this, the greater the bonus you will receive and the lower the percentage will be taken from you. This is what a promo code for QIWI is. This payment system has a partner "KupiBonus", which also provides its users with surprises and gifts. This may be a small discount, or maybe 80% off the price of the item. So go to the QIWI websiteand read the latest news. Don't miss your chance.

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