The system has problems with activation: possible causes, deleting problematic files

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The system has problems with activation: possible causes, deleting problematic files
The system has problems with activation: possible causes, deleting problematic files

Windows OS activation is a necessary step if you want to work with this operating system. However, not all users purchase a licensed version, which comes with an individual activation code. Therefore, sooner or later they meet with the following banner: "The system has problems with activation." How to resolve it? Let's share expert advice, useful applications.

Causes of the problem

You downloaded the version of "Windows" from the Internet, installed the operating system on your computer. After 30 days of the trial period, it will ask you to enter a special activation code. If you do not do this, the OS will stop updating, you will receive messages "The system has problems with activation", notifications that you are using a non-genuine version.

Hence the cause of the problem is the installation of a non-genuine, "pirated" version of the OS. You could also purchase a license set, but lose the activation key for it. Or it was not provided by an unscrupulous seller. The problem will be the same: "The system has activation problems." What to do?

the system has activation problems
the system has activation problems

Ways to solve the problem

Your Windows desktop has received a warning: "The system has problems activating". There are two solutions:

  • Purchasing a license key to activate and further use Windows.
  • Using third party activation software. If the system has problems with activation - KMS Auto will be the best solution.

About KMSAuto

Why? KMSAuto - universal free program:

  • Designed to activate all versions of Windows.
  • Suitable for both 32- and 64-bit systems.
  • Easy and intuitive interface. Not only an experienced PC user can work with the program, but also a child, an elderly person who has recently mastered a computer.
  • Copes not only with the starting variation of the operating system, but also with the maximum and corporate.
  • Easy to use. To activate any version of Windows, you need to make just a few clicks of the mouse, following the instructions of the application.
  • Extra bonus. KMSAuto allows you to quickly activate not only Windows, but also the widespread Microsoft Office suite of office applications.

Does the system have problems activating Windows 7? If you chose the second path, then we suggest followingfollow us further.

kmsauto net system has activation problems
kmsauto net system has activation problems

Download and install KMSAuto

The program is freely available: you can download it from any of the Internet resources that inspire confidence in you.

Did you download the installation file? Find it in the folders and unpack the archive. You need to run the program with administrator rights. It is important to note that KMSAuto does not need to be installed on your computer. You only need to run the program. After starting, we proceed to solve the problem using KMSAuto: "The system has problems with activation".

system have activation problems 8 1
system have activation problems 8 1

Activate the OS using the KMSAuto program

Instructions for user actions to activate any version of Windows installed on your computer will be identical. You should follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch KMSAuto on your computer.
  2. You will see the working window of the program. Here you need to click on the "Activation" button.
  3. In the next window, select what you need: "Windows OS Activation" or "Microsoft Office Suite Activation".
  4. Next, you need to wait a while - about 2-3 minutes. During this period, the system activation process will be performed. Various messages may appear along the way - the user agrees with all of them by clicking on OK.
  5. After the key is successfully installed, the program window will displaythe corresponding message about the successful activation of the system.
  6. "The system has problems activating 8.1". How do you know that KMSAuto has really de alt with the problem? Go to "Properties" in your computer settings. There should be information about the successful activation of the OS.
  7. Don't forget to restart your computer. After that, you can continue to work with Windows without any problems!

Problem with KMSAuto

"The system has an activation problem." will be the best solution here. Activation with this program is usually quick and easy. But problems may arise here as well. Let's analyze the frequent cases that users encountered when the application did not help activate Windows:

  • A working antivirus. Sometimes a security program can prevent the OS from successfully activating. How to solve a problem? Simply disable the antivirus while KMSAuto is running.
  • Run without administrator rights. If the user inadvertently forgot to check this item ("Run as administrator"), then KMSAuto turned out to be powerless to help. The solution to the problem is simple: re-run the program, this time granting it administrator rights on your computer.
  • The. NET Framework 4.5 software is not installed on the computer. This problem is especially common when you need to install an earlier version of Windows. We find a way out simply: download the. NET Framework 4.5 on the official websiteMicrosoft. The product is distributed freely, it is completely free to download.
  • Problems with loading the archive. You cannot run KMSAuto on your computer even if the installation file did not download completely or was damaged during the download. In this case, delete it and then download it again. To be sure, it is better to download the program from another Internet resource.
the system has problems activating windows 10
the system has problems activating windows 10

Reset activation

Let's say you have the opposite problem: you need to reset the OS activation to get rid of the accumulated problematic files. How to do it? You need to download software from the same series, but already called KMS Cleaner. By the way, it comes immediately with the KMSAuto archive.

With KMS Cleaner, you can quickly "clean" your computer from traces of the activator. It's easy to do: run the program on your PC. A working window will appear with a single button "Remove activation". Click on it if you are sure of your decision.

Please note that in this way you can reset only the activation that you made using KMSAuto. Otherwise, the reset will fail.

the system has problems activating windows 7
the system has problems activating windows 7

Activation "Windows 10"

The system has problems activating Windows 10. What is its origin?

In 2015, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 users got a great opportunity: to upgradeversion of its operating system up to the tenth anniversary using the original license key. A similar condition was suitable even for new version distributions that were installed by the user on the hard drive.

On the first of August 2016, the possibility of free activation of "dozens" expired. But there are new opportunities. If you upgraded from the seventh and eighth to the 10th version, then the license will be tied not only to the ID number of the PC hardware components, but also to the information of your account in the Microsoft system.

What's good about it? You can cleanly replace the "hardware" on your computer - processor, motherboard, and so on. But at the same time, continue to use the already obtained license on new equipment. To do this, just log in from the computer under the previous Microsoft account. The license, as you remember, is tied to it. It's so simple now!

You have upgraded Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. To make sure the license is linked to your Microsoft email account, go to Settings. Then move to "Main". Opposite the "Activation" section there should be a corresponding inscription: "The system is activated using a license linked to your Microsoft account".

If you have only used a local account so far, the system will prompt you to add an electronic account to it. A license will be attached to it in the future.

kmsauto system has activation problems
kmsauto system has activation problems

Problem with Windows 10 activation

We have figured out how to properly activate the licensed top ten. But what if you have trouble activating an unofficial copy that you downloaded from the Internet? Exit in the use of auxiliary programs.

These applications are:

  • KMS Auto NET. The same activator whose action we have already described.
  • Lite KMS-Activator. Light version of the previous program. Its main difference is in the addition of additional utilities to the functionality.
  • Re-Loader Activator. Another automatic activator, perfect for both the Windows line and the Microsoft office suite.
  • KMSpico. You can find a version that requires the installation of the program, as well as a variation that works without it.
the system has problems activating windows 7
the system has problems activating windows 7

The problem with the activation of the Windows operating system, as we found out, is easily solved. The fastest way is to use ancillary software freely available on the web. The main thing here is to download the application on a reliable Internet resource so as not to bring malicious files, "worms" to your computer, which are not easy to get rid of.

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