Where can I find a screw cutter in "Stalker"?

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Where can I find a screw cutter in "Stalker"?
Where can I find a screw cutter in "Stalker"?

Vintorez is one of the best weapons found in the universe of STALKER computer games. A powerful optical sight, quietness, high lethality and accuracy allow you to shoot enemies from a long distance, being in relative safety.

Beauty and lethality
Beauty and lethality

Of course, at first you will have to do without it - otherwise the game would become too easy. But any player dreams of finding a screw cutter in Stalker, so it will be useful to give some advice.

Shadow of Chernobyl

A fairly common question in the process of playing "Stalker": where to find the screw cutter in the first part? First of all, you can get it by completing the task of the head of the Duty group and finding the TRc 301 sniper rifle. But this is far from the only way to get the desired weapon.

If you were brought to the X-16 underground laboratory located at the Yantar location, then try to examine the electrical panels as carefully as possible - a rifle is hidden in one of them.

As many as two copies are located at the base of the "Freedom" grouping. One of them is indistant barracks, in the corner of one of the rooms lies directly on the floor. The second is hidden in a cache under the iron hatch, at the entrance to the sewers.

Having acquired such a weapon, you can safely challenge almost any mutant, as well as a whole group of enemies.

Clear Sky

If you need a screw cutter, there are also several places in "Stalker: Clear Sky" where you can find it.

The very first sample can be found at the Swamps location. Go along the railroad tracks in the north and, approaching the Springboard anomaly, carefully inspect the ground. Here lies the desired rifle. Alas, it is decently battered - apparently, the owner flew into an anomaly. But if you have money, you can always repair weapons.

With such weapons against the crowd
With such weapons against the crowd

In other cases, you will have to buy a screw cutter from Zub at the Dump or Mitya at the Agroprom (only if you have entered into Debt). For other merchants, it appears randomly. Interested not in an ordinary screw cutter in the "Stalker", but in a modernized one? Then you should visit the Forester in the Red Forest - by bringing him the Compass artifact, you will receive the coveted weapon.

Call of Pripyat

Perhaps, it was this part of the trilogy that turned out to be the most successful and popular of the series. Of course, there is also a screw cutter here.

The fastest way to get it is by visiting the Burnt Farm on the backwater - there is a rifle on one of the roofs. After visiting Pripyat, weapons can be obtained by searching the body of Ostrovsky. In the west of the same location, a cache is equipped in the basement, where a screw cutter lies - a stalker will neverpass by such a treasure. Having visited the River Port, the hero will definitely run into a group of Monoliths. If you manage to kill them, then the coveted screw cutter can be removed from the bodies of the dead.

Real prototype
Real prototype

It can also be purchased from several merchants: Owl (when the "We althy Client" achievement is achieved) and Hawaiian (when the "Friend of Duty" achievement is obtained).

If in the game "Stalker" a nominal screw cutter is your goal, then you should ask for help from Shustrom, a merchant who obtains weapons and equipment on order in Skadovsk. It costs 20 thousand rubles, but this rifle, called the Thunderbolt, is distinguished by increased accuracy and lethality. So it's definitely worth spending money on.

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