"Toshiba Satellite": a detailed description

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"Toshiba Satellite": a detailed description
"Toshiba Satellite": a detailed description

Today we decided to give a detailed review of the modern Toshiba Satellite laptop, and we chose it for a reason, since this particular device differs from other products with incredible performance and attractive shapes. Of course, at present, almost every manufacturer is making some adjustments to the device being developed and takes inspiration for this from its own competitors. The result is a vicious circle, and potential buyers do not see completely new and unique designs.

However, as they say, technology does not stand still. After the release of Windows 8, completely new devices began to appear that receive touch screens. In fact, for an inexperienced user, this may seem quite strange. Additional questions arise, in particular: why does a laptop have a touch screen?

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toshiba satellite
toshiba satellite

The characteristics of the Toshiba Satellite laptop can actually impress at first, since it is impossible to notice any shortcomings at first glance, but nevertheless we will tell you about them today. They are few, but theyare present. Toshiba is currently not the most popular company, but it used to have stellar times when it was considered the main leader in the production of laptops. At that time, the devices were not only advantageous in relation to competitors, but also productive, attractive in external parameters.


characteristics of laptop toshiba satellite
characteristics of laptop toshiba satellite

Let's consider the Toshiba Satellite S50t-A-K3M model, which is currently one of the most worthy gadgets of this company. Let's start the review with the bundle that you can get when buying this device. The box itself does not have an attractive design, you can only notice company logos and small inscriptions, which, of course, is a big minus. Complete with "Toshiba Satellite" you get a warranty card, power adapter and instruction manual. Such a modest package can really repel a large number of potential buyers.


Toshiba satellite laptop won't turn on
Toshiba satellite laptop won't turn on

The "Toshiba Satellite Notebook" is described in detail in the official manual. The instruction is presented in various languages. Now it's worth talking about the dimensions of the driven device. The dimensions are 377.5x244x28.15 millimeters, and the weight of the device reaches 2.58 kilograms. Many will surely like the appearance of the laptop, as there are elements made of anodized aluminum. In general terms, we can say that the device really looks stylish.


howenable wifi on toshiba satellite laptop
howenable wifi on toshiba satellite laptop

You should also pay attention to the inside of the device, it looks very elegant, but at the same time strict. A similar feeling is created by the fact that there is no bland glossy plastic, which is used by almost all laptop developers. Now you will not have questions about how to enable WiFi on a Toshiba Satellite laptop, since this action is performed automatically and you just have to select the required network to which you want to connect. On the inside of the laptop, you can see a metal grill, under which the speaker is hidden, and an insert for the bottom part was also made of metal.

Input devices

The keyboard of the device "Toshiba Satellite" also has some unique properties, or rather the placement of the keys has an island type. The keys move really softly, while there are no clicks, everything is silent. If your Toshiba Satellite laptop does not turn on, then you definitely need to check the power supply in the mains. Perhaps the charger is not connected, and the battery is low. In this regard, turning on the device is simply impossible. You can remove the battery to resolve the problem with the laptop turning on. Connect the device to the adapter. And try to run it again. Most likely, the charge does not reach the battery. If the problem persists, contact the service center.

The keyboard layout has remained traditional, in principle, no one expected any changes, as usu althis is the input device. Accordingly, the developers left it the same as in previous versions. The disadvantages of the keyboard in the above device include the fact that there is no backlight, and it is also not possible to connect it. The device's touchpad has been placed slightly to the left of center, it has a fairly pleasant texture to the touch, and there are also two hidden buttons that, of course, duplicate the left and right mouse buttons. Although here we managed to identify a significant minus. It lies in the fact that when clicked, the elements crackle unpleasantly, but perhaps in practice this will not be so important.


laptop toshiba satellite instruction
laptop toshiba satellite instruction

If you looked at the photos of the device from the inside, then you already know that a small metal mesh is placed above the keyboard, which helps protect the built-in speaker system. Also, you probably could notice a special DTS emblem on the Toshiba Satellite laptop, which tells us that not the most ordinary speakers are installed in the portable PC, here the system is more serious. The power button of the device is located on the right side, it has a unique white backlight that gives an even glow. In reality, it looks amazing. Unfortunately, again, a drawback can be identified - it is not possible to turn off this backlight, and accordingly, at night it can bring additional discomfort.

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