Explorer has stopped working - what does it mean?

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Explorer has stopped working - what does it mean?
Explorer has stopped working - what does it mean?

Problems with Windows are a well-known headache for users of this system. In this article, we will deal with why and why the error "Explorer has stopped working" occurs. This bug sometimes gets so bad that it becomes impossible to work. Some people immediately take out a disk or flash drive with Windows, demolishing the entire old system in one fell swoop, and we will try to do without such cardinal and costly decisions.

explorer terminated
explorer terminated

What does that mean?

What does this error actually mean? Unfortunately, she speaks of the seriousness of what happened, since in this case the work of the Windows file manager was terminated. The error of this important system utility in this case is not so catastrophic, otherwise the system would crash to a blue screen, but this also does not bode well.

In this article we will try to find out what the appearance of such a message means in each case, and also talk about methodsfix this dangerous bug.

Common cause

Very often all this happens for the simple reason that some "left" software turns out to be incompatible with your version of Windows, causing internal conflicts in the latter along the way. If this program is at the same time registered in the context menu, then the scale of the problem becomes simply threatening.

Constantly pops up the message explorer has stopped working
Constantly pops up the message explorer has stopped working

Often the root of the problem lies in "clumsy" video codecs. This is especially often manifested at the very moment when you open the folder in which all your films are folded. If you observe this behavior of the system constantly, then you need to completely remove the problematic software (K-Lite Codeck Pack, for example).

Of course, do not forget about the products of evil hackers: Trojans and viruses that like to erase system files often become the culprits of problems. If you see the message "Explorer has stopped working", it is advisable to immediately scan your computer with one of the two programs below:

  • Dr. Web CureIt.
  • Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool.

We strongly advise you to use a utility whose manufacturer has nothing to do with the anti-virus program installed on your computer.

To put it simply, Doctor Web owners are not advised to use Dr. Web CureIt. Well, if a regular program from a certain company did not identify and eliminate the threat in time, then it is unlikely that in the anti-virus databases of the scannerwould be the correct definition. If these solutions do not help, you will have to resort to other methods.

Cleaning the context menu

why does the explorer program stop working
why does the explorer program stop working

We have already said that the error is often associated with the inadequate behavior of third-party utilities. If you disable the defective component, the problem will immediately disappear. It is very convenient to use the compact ShellExView utility for this. You can download it from the official website, where you will also find the Russification file.

Then run the program and start sorting the values in its main dialog box by type. To do this, simply left-click on the column of the same name.

You should be interested in all the elements in which the “Context Menu” appears in one way or another. Immediately turn off all components whose manufacturers are not listed as Microsoft itself. To perform this action, you must press the F7 button.

After that, you can restart your computer. Has the "Explorer has stopped working" error gone? We turn on one of the previously disabled context menu components, after which we reboot again. We check for an error, after which we continue to explore the list until the culprit of the bug is found.

Fixing a bug in "Safe Mode"

Trying to boot into the system using "Safe Mode". If everything works fine, we are looking for the cause of the failure in the installed programs. If you see the message: "Explorer has stopped working",immediately proceed to the next paragraph of our article.

Restoring system files

what to do if the computer says explorer has stopped working
what to do if the computer says explorer has stopped working

This event is applicable in cases where, after using all the tips that are given in our article, the message "Explorer has stopped working" still constantly pops up. First you need to run the command line emulation mode with administrator rights. To do this, click on “Start” again, look for the “Search” field there, and then enter the CMD line into it. The found files will appear in the right part of the search window.

On the one that has the same name as the command used above, right-click, then select "Run as administrator" from the context menu. All. Immediately after that, paste the following command there: sfc /scannow. Press the ENTER button.

The system will automatically check and restore system files. Please be patient as the program may take a long time to complete. Why does it say "Explorer has stopped working" even after that?

Use "Clean Mode"

Left-click on the "Start" button, then in the "Run" field, write the command msconfig. Press the ENTER button. We are interested in the "General" tab, where you need to select the "Selective startup" item, and then uncheck the box next to the "Download startup items" option.

explorer program stopped working what to do
explorer program stopped working what to do

Next go to "Services". There you will need to check the box "Do not display Microsoft services." After that, click on "Disable all" and on OK. Important! After that, you need to close all windows of active programs, save the results of your work and reboot.

The system will start in a lightweight state, with only the most basic components running.

If there is no error, then it is advisable to check the system for viruses, because there is damage to system files. We have already talked about fixing this problem above. Here's what to do if your computer says "Explorer has stopped working."

Diagnosing the system in Clean Mode

To do this, first disable half of the services (we already wrote where to look for them). After that, reboot your system. In the case when the error disappears, the problem is in one of the disabled components. This checks all available services. It's long, but it's still better than a full system reinstall when you lose all your user data and installed programs.

Checking "Startup"

If the service check did not reveal anything, we work with this component. We load the system into "Clean Mode" again. Restart the msconfig.exe program. We already wrote about this above, so read the above sections again. This time we are interested in the Startup tab, in which you should also disable at least a few applications. Click on OK and send the system to reboot again.

error terminated program explorer
error terminated program explorer

Looking forthe culprit of the problem in the same way that you used when working with services. If we see the message "Explorer has stopped working" again, what should I do in this case?

Alas, but the failed program will have to be completely removed. If you cannot do without it in your daily work, then you need to go to the developer's website and download the latest (or older) version of the program. In addition, sometimes consulting with technical support helps. Note that the System Restore service can also help if the bug has started to appear recently.

System Restore

Click on the "Start" button, select "Control Panel" from the menu that opens. There is a "Recovery" option. Click on the link, after which the dialog box of this system utility opens. In it, you need to left-click on the "Start System Restore" button.

The working window will open again, where you can select a specific date for which the system will be rolled back. We recommend that you select the earliest possible state, as in this case the probability of fixing the error becomes much higher.

In closing

If all of the above did not give any result, there are two ways: either negotiations with the technical support of Microsoft itself, or a complete reinstallation of the system. It is advisable to use the sfc /scannow command, which automatically creates the CBS.log file.

You can find it using the "Search" in the "Start" menu. This document will be required by the support service to determine the exact cause. We hope thatthe error "Explorer has stopped working" will be fixed by you.

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