How to connect Viber to a computer: activation without a smartphone and through a proxy

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How to connect Viber to a computer: activation without a smartphone and through a proxy
How to connect Viber to a computer: activation without a smartphone and through a proxy

The ability to contact family, friends, work colleagues and customers at any time of the day is what various instant messengers are especially highly valued for. All that is required for communication: an installed program and access to the Internet.

Skype was and remains the most popular messenger. The program works on various devices and platforms. But often the application is “buggy”, and users cannot get in touch in time.

For these reasons, many people have multiple calling and messaging apps installed on their smartphones. One of them is Viber.

how to connect viber to pc
how to connect viber to pc

Viber is a great replacement for Skype

"Viber", like "Skype", allows you to instantly send messages to other users, make free calls anywhere in the world, attach photos, videos and documents to messages.

But all this can be done with the help of Skype. So why think about how to connect Viber to a computer, smartphone or tablet if the application does not provide any new features?

The answer is simple: Viber is notso heavily loads the operating system of the computer and smartphone. The application works quickly even on the weakest devices.

"Viber" maintains high quality of communication even with limited Internet speed. The clarity of sound during calls is amazing. Another convenient feature of the application is the automatic addition of contacts on whose devices Viber is installed.

The application is fully synchronized across multiple devices: messages, data and contacts will not be lost after switching from smartphone to computer.

how to install viber
how to install viber

Do not forget about the interface and design - unlike Skype, in Viber you can change the background of the application, add your favorite sticker packs.

How to connect Viber to a computer

Installing the application is a matter of two minutes. In order to avoid problems and delays with how to connect Viber to a computer, you need to make sure that the PC has access to the Internet, and the messenger is already installed on the smartphone.

After the application has been installed on your smartphone, you need to go to the official Viber website and download the version for a personal computer. Upon completion of the download, you must double-click on the file and start running.

The installation process is simple and takes no more than a few minutes. Next is the first launch of the program. Viber will ask the user to enter a phone number. A message with an activation code will be sent to the smartphone, which must be entered into the program on the computer. Process completed. After a few seconds, the messenger completelysyncs with the app on your phone.

How to install Viber on a computer without a smartphone

However, not all owners of personal computers have phones that work on platforms that this application supports. What to do in such cases and how to connect Viber to a computer without a phone?

how to connect viber to computer without phone
how to connect viber to computer without phone

First you need to download the application file on the official website and install it on your computer. Next, you will need a little help from friends or family members.

The SIM card used must be inserted into a smartphone that supports the application. Then you will need to copy all contacts to the address book.

The next step is to install the app on your phone and activate it on your computer. After the activation code has arrived on the smartphone, you can safely pull out the SIM card and delete Viber from the phone.

Those who use Windows 10 can also download the app from the store and choose to activate via Android. Once installed, the app will ask you to enter your phone number and then scan a QR code. At this time, you must indicate that the camera is not working. The application will give the code in text format. Just copy it and activate the program on your computer.

Installing the application through a proxy server

Many users wonder how the program works when connected through a proxy server. Will there be errors in the application, will it be installed on a PC, and in general, how to connect Viber to a computer through a proxy without adding it along with the programa couple dozen viruses.

how to connect viber to computer through proxy
how to connect viber to computer through proxy

The developers of the program note that each case of installation through a proxy is unique. For some users, the installation proceeds normally even without additional software. Others have a lot of problems with how to connect Viber to a computer.

It is worth noting that when using proxy servers, the application may not open at all. In such cases, you need to seek help from the Profixer program. Then the problems with how to install Viber will be solved in a few steps.

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