Pcalua exe - what is this program in Windows

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Pcalua exe - what is this program in Windows
Pcalua exe - what is this program in Windows

In this article, we will talk about a process called pcalua.exe. What kind of application it is, what role it plays in the system - this will be discussed later. But attention will be paid to the problem of virus danger, which indirectly concerns pcalua.exe. Read the article to the end to find out all the nuances.

Pcalua.exe - what is it?

pcalua.exe what is it
pcalua.exe what is it

So, first, let's find out why the system needs this file. If you open the properties of the application, then in the description you can see that this is a program compatibility assistant. In simpler terms, this is an application that allows you to work with programs designed for other versions of Windows operating systems. You should also pay attention to the line "Copyright". It states that they belong to "Microsoft Corporation", which means that the application is not a virus. But this is not always the case.

Could it be a virus

We have found that pcalua.exe is a program developed by Microsoft and is not a virus. Then the question arises - why do many users on the Internetargue otherwise? It's simple, the fact is that virus developers often use the names of system programs to deceive users.

Now we will tell you what to do if you find a virus called pcalua.exe on your computer.

Method 1: using special programs

You can eliminate the threat using special programs for this. You need three of them in total: Dr. Web Curelt, CCleaner and AdwCleaner. Actions are as follows:

  1. Use the Dr. Web anti-virus program to scan the entire hard disk of the system, and if viruses are found, remove them.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Use CCleaner to clean the system registry and check startup and scheduler, and if suspicious software is found, remove it.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Use the AdwCleaner program to scan the system too. This is an antivirus that specializes in so-called pseudo-viruses.
  6. Restart your computer.

After completing all these steps, you will clean your OS from malware.

Method 2: through the "Task Scheduler"

You can always find the pcalua.exe virus in the "Task Scheduler", from there it can be removed. To do this:

  1. Start it up.
  2. Go to "Task Scheduler Library"
  3. Open the properties of each task one by one until you see the application name pcalua.exe in them.
  4. Select it and click the "Delete" button.
pcaluaexe in the scheduler
pcaluaexe in the scheduler

After you can close the program - the virus is removed.


Now you know that pcalua.exe is a process that in itself is not a virus and does not pose any threat, on the contrary, it plays an important role in the system. But most importantly, you learned how to eliminate the danger, thereby securing Windows.

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