Report is How is the term deciphered? What can you get

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Report is How is the term deciphered? What can you get
Report is How is the term deciphered? What can you get

Every novice player sooner or later comes across the frightening term "report". The definition of this word can be given in several ways, and any of them will be no less relevant than the others. The gaming community is constantly evolving, and ignorance of its components can lead to unpleasant situations.

How "report" is translated

This is primarily a complaint. The term comes from the English word report, which has several translations:

  1. Report.
  2. Message.
  3. Report.
  4. Reputation.
  5. Report.
  6. Report.
  7. Rumor.
report it
report it

Not every meaning is negative, however, when applying the word to the game, a person most often means a complaint. "Catch the report!" - this, and not only, can be heard repeatedly, immersed in any online game where people are forced to constantly contact each other.

The reporting system allows developers to collect information about in-game bugs, as well as about those who use them. With her helpdishonest players, the so-called "cheaters", are identified, allies or opponents who do not skimp on obscene expressions and generally behave aggressively towards others are punished. The efficiency of the system is determined by the game. In one, breaking the rules is followed by immediate punishment, in the other, the number of rude players does not decrease even if a large number of people report them.

What does it mean to "receive a report"? Can a player be punished for an unfair complaint?

Sanctions begin to be applied after a certain number of reports have been received on the player's account. If he enters into a conflict situation with another person, and he sends a complaint for using cheats as revenge, then you don’t have to worry about this case, even if after the first report a few more from the friends of the offended person come. A player who does not break the rules, as a result, has no complaints, and their small number will not cause attention from the developers.

report definition
report definition

For what you can get a report

There are cases where a person is still punished.

  1. Overuse of abilities. In another way, the use of third-party software that affects the mechanics of the game, or the use of bugs (errors). The developers strictly forbid players to resort to cheats, because any person must achieve an advantage by improving their own skills.
  2. Abusive behavior. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, but game developers believe that the latter should bewell-voiced. Any player will agree that an ally who constantly insults others only distracts, and an endless stream of swear words discourages the desire to fight for victory.
  3. Deliberate loss. When the whole team makes an effort to win, and one person does everything to make the enemy win, he will certainly be punished after he receives a well-deserved report.

These are just a few fair reasons to punish bad players.

report what does it mean
report what does it mean

Summing up, we can draw two conclusions. Firstly, a report is not only a complaint, but also a whole system that allows you to identify dishonest players. Secondly, players who do not break the rules are not punished, even if several people complain about them without a significant reason.

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