"Snapchat" - what is it? Features of use

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"Snapchat" - what is it? Features of use
"Snapchat" - what is it? Features of use

"Snapchat" - what is this program? How to use it correctly? What features does she have? You will find answers to these and other questions in our article.

The Snapchat application allows you to edit pictures in an original way or take unusual photos or videos. The principle of operation of this utility is to apply all kinds of effects on a photo or video in real time (during shooting).

How to download the app?

how to use snapchat
how to use snapchat

Before you can use "Snapchat", you need to download it. How to do it? This application can be downloaded on any device, including a computer.

Instructions for downloading "Snapchat":

  1. Go to your smartphone store (AppStore or Play Market).
  2. Search Snapchat.
  3. Download and install the first app in the search result.

After the application has downloaded, you need to run it.


We have already considered that this is Snapchat. Now let's talkabout the first launch of the utility. Application launch instructions:

  1. Launch the Snapchat application (after downloading, a shortcut to this program will appear on the main screen of your smartphone).
  2. When you first start, you will be prompted to register a user, that is, you.
  3. Enter all required information (nickname, username, date of birth, email, phone number, etc.).
  4. After the required information has been entered, a confirmation code for registration in the Snapchat application will be sent to the number you specified.
  5. Enter it in the required box.
  6. Restart the app.

Now enter your username and password and you will be logged into your account. Here it is proposed to add friends by numbers in your phone book.


how to use snapchat
how to use snapchat

How to use Snapchat? Since this application is designed to edit photos or videos in real time, you will immediately enter the shooting mode.

Now select the desired mask to change the photo (or video). To do this, simply click on the desired circle with a mask, which are located at the bottom of the application screen.

Once you have decided on the choice of mask, you can take a photo. It will be located both in the phone memory and inside the "Snapchat" application in the "Saved" section.

From the application, a photo or video can be posted immediately to Instagram. This feature is stronglymakes life easier for fans to share their pictures on social networks.

What masks are there in Snapchat?

snapchat program
snapchat program

Those who are interested in finding the answer to the question: "Snapchat" - what kind of program is this?, You should familiarize yourself with the masks in this utility. This application has a huge number of different masks. The app is updated daily.

The collection of effects and how to use them are as follows:

  • applying masks in the form of various animals (dogs, hares, cubs, kittens, etc.);
  • imposing grimace masks (enlargement of eyes, eyelashes, various types of make-up, etc.);
  • voice change (on video);
  • animated masks (the app asks you to do something like stick out your tongue, open your mouth, blink, etc.);
  • video background music (monotone music);
  • different kinds of pictures in the background (for example, hearts, leaves, etc.);
  • thematic masks and animations during various holidays (New Year, Halloween, Easter, May 9, September 1, etc. calendar holidays).

Usage nuances

Those who are interested in how to use Snapchat should familiarize themselves with some of the nuances of the utility. Despite all the convenience of this application, it has some inconvenient moments.

Cons of the Snapchat app:

  • you must have an Internet connection (without it, the masks in this application are not loaded);
  • memoryphone becomes clogged instantly (the application weighs a lot and increases with each photo or video);
  • on weak smartphones, the application may not load masks well (slow down);

"Snapchat" - what is this program? App Features

Snapchat program features
Snapchat program features

A special feature is the ability to upload ready-made snapshot photos or videos immediately to any of the selected messengers or Instagram. If you find it difficult to do this, then you need to save the recordings made in the phone's memory and download or upload the photo (video) somewhere, already from the gallery (phone memory).

You need to systematically monitor how much memory the Snapchat application takes up. If necessary, you can delete the saved pictures in its memory. You can also go to "Phone storage settings" and clear the history of the "Snapchat" application. In the latter case, the account information will also be cleared (you will have to enter it again).

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