How to use "Lucky patcher": tips

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How to use "Lucky patcher": tips
How to use "Lucky patcher": tips

Currently, many people own smartphones based on Android. Most of them install games on their gadgets that allow them to diversify their leisure time. The main disadvantage of games is that they are paid. Therefore, for those who do not want to spend money, special applications have been developed. Our article will discuss how to use the "Lucky patcher" and what this application is all about. Features of the utility will be discussed further.

What is the app?

This is a program that is used to hack trial versions of applications and games. You can also use this utility to check the authenticity of software product licenses. Note that the Lucky patcher program is the most powerful for gaining unauthorized access to games.

how to use nail polish patcher
how to use nail polish patcher

Such a utility would be appropriate:

  1. For faster game progression, getting in-game resources, orcurrency.
  2. When using free programs, when ads constantly “pop up” on the display.
  3. When the paid version of the app also has ads.

Utility functions

Before talking about how to use the Lucky Patcher, you need to understand the functionality of the application. The most useful tools of the utility are the following functions:

  1. Auto update. The app has this feature. Moreover, the update process takes place without closing the utility.
  2. Changelog. When the program starts, it automatically notifies the user about changes and new versions of the software product.
  3. Compiling and decompiling a program. There is a built-in script. It makes it possible to unpack and pack any application back.

How to download and install?

how to use nail polish patcher
how to use nail polish patcher

So, how to use "Lucky patcher"? First you need to download it. Note that this is possible with root rights. Pattern:

  1. Download a utility from the Play Market that will give you the opportunity to gain root rights.
  2. Install it and give permission to add to system files.
  3. Next, download "Lucky patcher" for "Android". You can do this both from the official site and from any other resource. The installation version is not important. Since after it the application will be updated to the current version anyway.
  4. Next run Lucky Patcher with root permission

Before installationapplication, go to the "Security" section. Next, check the box next to the permission to install software from unverified sources. This is necessary so that you can install installation files downloaded from the Web (their format is apk.).


How to use "Lucky patcher"? Consider all the possible actions that can be performed in this application:

  1. Get rid of the license check. There are programs that can be installed only with a license issued by Google Play. By applying the appropriate patch, you disable the application from constantly accessing the Internet. This way you avoid the license check.
  2. Support for InApp and LVL emulation. Allows you to upgrade the player, buy currency, resources.
  3. Remove advertisements. Thanks to the program, you can completely get rid of annoying ads.
  4. Changing individual components. The user can independently disable and enable individual components of the game.
  5. Create modified apk. This application allows you to rebuild game files and save the updated version. For example, you can cut something from the program.
lucky patcher for android
lucky patcher for android

Danger of using the app

This utility has two disadvantages. First - there may be problems with the performance of the game or program after applying the patch. Secondly, the risk of smartphone infection with viruses increases, since application updates do not pass security checks, but they are downloaded from unverified sources. This is a common problempirated software. Therefore, before installing the utility, install a good antivirus on your smartphone.

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