How to transfer a large file over the Internet? Fast way to transfer a file

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How to transfer a large file over the Internet? Fast way to transfer a file
How to transfer a large file over the Internet? Fast way to transfer a file

So, today we will see with you how to transfer a large file over the Internet. In fact, there are several ways here. All of them are good in their own way. Some, however, depend on the characteristics of your connection and the recipient. However, this is not a hindrance for us. We will try to cover all the ways that you can take into account.

how to transfer a large file over the internet
how to transfer a large file over the internet

Via Skype

Well, if you are thinking about how to transfer a large file over the Internet, then you can use a relatively convenient and fast method. For example, if your friend is online, and your World Wide Web speeds are quite fast, then you can try to transfer via Skype.

To do this, simply drag the required object into the field where you write a message, and then wait for your interlocutor's response. It will accept the request and the sending will begin. True, this method is not very popular. Different file types take different amounts of time to transfer. If you are going to transfer about 10-15 GB, or even more, then you can leave this scenario and not at allremember him.

If you are thinking about how to send a large file to your interlocutor (for example, a photo or video), you can still try this method. When it comes to toys or anything else, it's best to refrain from it. Instead, we will offer you a couple more ways.

how to send a large file
how to send a large file


Well, now it's time to consider archiving with you. It can help you answer how to transfer a large file over the Internet. Moreover, you can put several documents into one archive. This will allow you to transfer several objects at once.

The thing is that archiving can compress the size of the transmitted documents. After that, you can, for example, download the received file into an email and send it to a friend. True, here we are talking about documents of medium size. That is, it is useless to download the game.

Just highlight the files you need and then right-click. Click on "Add to archive", and then specify the desired name of the total, as well as its location. This way you can combine different types of files in one object. After the process is completed, upload the resulting archive to Skype or email. That's all. True, the above methods are somewhat similar. Let's see more effective options.

File hosting

Well, now let's see with you a more interesting way. Moreover, he is one of the most popular. If you think howtransfer a large file over the Internet, you can try using a variety of file hostings.

file types
file types

In order for the user to have such an opportunity, he needs to register on a special site of the "exchanger". The most popular now: "DepositFiles", "Mega", "Rapidshara", "Lightbit", "Turbobit". After you have decided where exactly you will go, it is enough to go through a short registration. You will receive an account in which you will be able to upload documents to the World Wide Web. You only need to upload a large file and get a link to access it. Next, send the address to a friend, and he downloads the document.

It's best to use data archiving before uploading. This will help speed up the download process of the final document and shrink it a bit. Sometimes this approach can save 1-2 GB.

True, this method has a number of disadvantages. The first is a bunch of ads when downloading a document. Unfortunately, you can't get away from it. The second disadvantage is the low speed of downloading a file from a friend when choosing a free method. So let's see what else we can do.


Another rather interesting way is to use so-called cloud services to transfer information. For example, you can use "Google". Files from there, as noted by users, are downloaded quite quickly. However, it is possible as"places of study" use "Yandex. Disk". It is with him that we will now work.

upload large file
upload large file

If you are thinking about how to send a large file to your friend, then you can use this service. To do this, you will have to register an account, and then "fill in" the object we need there. As a rule, there are also small restrictions here. For example, large files up to 10 GB can be downloaded for free. For a small toy, this is enough. Also, you won't be able to store many documents. Each cloud has its own limits on the total volume. In principle, for paid services you can increase the limit to 1 TB.

When you upload the document, you will receive a special link. According to it, your friends and acquaintances will be able to download the file. It is enough just to give the download address. Nothing complicated. But how quickly the transfer to a friend’s computer will be carried out depends on his Internet. However, these are not all ways. Let's see how to quickly transfer a file over the Internet without clouds.

Special programs

Now progress has reached the point that each user has the opportunity to use a variety of services for their own purposes. If you are thinking about how to transfer a large file over the Internet (up to 5 GB inclusive), then you can use an interesting utility. It's called "File Dropped".

This service is something like our usual "Rapidshara". It's just a lot easier to work here. Moreover, you will not have to register. First of all, go to the main page of the site. A window will appear in front of you, in which you will be informed that sending large files (up to 5 GB) is carried out in literally 2 steps. The first is uploading the document to the server, the second is getting the final link for you and your comrades.

uploading large files
uploading large files

Click "Upload". Now find the required document and upload it. When the process is completed, in a special window you will receive an address where your file can be found. Then you can copy it and share it with your friends. They will figure out how to get the document. However, things are not always so simple. And, the constant exchange of links does not suit everyone. Thus, one has to think about what else can be done.


So we got to perhaps the most popular and common method that will allow us to quickly transfer and receive large files. It is nothing but a torrent. The thing is that we will pay special attention to this option. Let's analyze in detail how and what to do in order to get maximum efficiency.

In general, now it is this method that is used everywhere to transfer huge and weighty documents. Professional programs and novelties of computer games are especially popular here. The download speed increases along with the number of users downloading the file. That is, you may not even have time to blink your eyes, as the document is alreadywill be in the operating system. Very convenient and simple.

In order for you to be able to work with torrents, you will need a special program. Several such applications can be found on the World Wide Web. We will test in action "Utorrent". So let's start our work.


Well, now we will prepare our file for sending and, in fact, for receiving. First of all, we will need to download and install the torrent program. As we said, we will review "Utorrent" with you. We "get" it from the World Wide Web and put it on our computer. Now it's enough just to launch the application.

sending large files
sending large files

You will find yourself in a program where there is currently nothing special on the right side of it. It is there that the documents that we "uploaded" and downloaded will be displayed. Let's start working with you as soon as possible. Click on "file" and then "create a new torrent". You will see the object selection menu. Here you can either add a specific document or folder. There are separate buttons for this idea.

Next, when you find the desired file, just click on "Create and save to …". A window will open in front of you, where you just need to click "yes", and then select the place where the so-called torrent file will fit (we will learn how to work with it further). After you have completed this task, you can proceed to the next step.

Make it work

Now we are withwe will see how to transfer a large file over the Internet using the torrent we just created. We start the "Utorrent" client again. Click on "File" and then click on "Add New Torrent". Next, a familiar window will appear in which we will have to find the previously created document. Found? Then select it and click on "Open".

Look at the program window. A line with the name of your document will appear on its right side, as well as the inscription "Distributed". This is a sign of correct action. Now right-click on the line and select "Force Run" from the list that opens. All you have to do now is to give the created little torrent file (which we just downloaded) to your friend. He will keep it for himself, and then use the same torrent client to download it.

For the lazy

True, if you yourself downloaded a game or program using a torrent tracker, then most likely the most convenient and quick option would be the following move: find the address from which you downloaded the torrent, and then send the link to a friend.

transfer file quickly
transfer file quickly

Ultimately, a friend will download this or that document faster than you might imagine, especially when it comes to a toy. Each downloader gives the rest a little speed to download. Due to this, users can not wait for several days in front of the computer in anticipation of the result.

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