Setting up Emule: step by step instructions, features and reviews

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Setting up Emule: step by step instructions, features and reviews
Setting up Emule: step by step instructions, features and reviews

Let's imagine this situation: your friend has a rare program on his computer that you really need. Of course, it is realistic to send the necessary file to email or a flash drive to share it. It is possible to do this through torrents, as well as by sending a friend a link to the source from which the program was downloaded. But why, if there is a convenient application that allows another user to access a specific folder on your computer? To do this, it is enough that the same program is installed on your PCs. So what is it? We will tell the reader in detail about eMule and its configuration later.

What is this?

What is eMul? A program that allows network users to access a specific folder on a remote computer. From it, other people can download application installation files, movies, music, photo archives, and so on. Moreover, they will have access to only one single folder you designate. Agree, very convenient.

Scientifically speaking, eMule is a client for sharing files anddocuments in the ED2K and Kad networks (the name of the serverless file-sharing network operating under the Kademlia protocol).

Someone already knew how to set up eMule, someone else didn't even know the name of this program. Note that today such a file sharing service is not very popular. Users are more familiar with torrent clients that use the bittorrent protocol. Let's compare these networks.

emul client setup
emul client setup

eMule versus torrents

The main advantage of torrent applications is that the protocol they use allows you to download files faster than in ED2K networks. However, very rare and valuable files can be found in the latter.

But the Kad network is faster. It should be noted that there are no servers in it. In fact, each client here acts as a small source server operating in the Kademlia network.

Setting up eMule will allow you to find on your computer, if not an alternative to the usual torrent clients, then certainly a worthy addition to them. Let's see how the application is evaluated by its direct users.

App Reviews

As for the feedback about the program, the following advantages are determined:

  • completely free and open source app;
  • high threshold of reliability - the program has been trusted for over 10 years;
  • the ability to make a wide variety of files available for download;
  • Easy installation and configuration of eMule.

The last point makes sense to analyze in more detail.

local problems withopening emule ports
local problems withopening emule ports

Download program

Before proceeding to set up eMule, the application needs to be downloaded. There are several ways.

  • Official website of eMule. The most secure option. The installation file "weighs" 2.3 MB. There is a version with a Russian-language interface, completely free.
  • "Mirror" of the official website. The version with Russian language support weighs 3.2 MB.
  • Other Internet resources. This path should be chosen only if you are sure of the reliability of the source.

Program installation

Let's start with setting up eMule by installing the client. If you chose the official site as the source, then you should go to the program download page and download the “Installer v…”.

Save the installer file on your computer. Conveniently, the installer will include support for all languages. When you launch it, you only need to select the appropriate one.

Setting up the eMule client, as we said, is a simple matter. Run the setup file (double click on its icon with the left mouse button). The standard installation wizard will open:

  1. Select the language of dialogue with the program.
  2. Read and accept the license agreement to continue using the app.
  3. Click on "Next" in the new opening windows of the program.
  4. Wait for a message about successful installation on your computer. That's it!
local problems with opening emule ports
local problems with opening emule ports

Customer Setup

Here are the instructions for installing and configuring eMule. The process will not takea lot of time, since you need to change a very small part of the automatically set parameters for yourself. To go to the program settings, just click on the corresponding icon in the client toolbar.

And then we will analyze what is recommended to change in each section of the parameters.

  1. Basic settings. Uncheck "Show splash screen" and "Check for a new version of the program." These options are of dubious use, so you should not overload your computer with them.
  2. Display. If your PC cannot be called powerful, then it is advisable to check the box “Saving device resources”. You can also set the client to not save your search history. To do this, uncheck the "Autocomplete" box. Then select reset history.
  3. Connection. Setting up an eMule connection is one of the most important. If you have a fast Internet, then set the real speed for receiving and sending data. Even larger parameters can be specified. For example, in reviews, users are advised to set the value to 9,999 Mbps for both reception and transmission. Thus, you provide the client with speed without restrictions. If necessary, set a transfer limit: 100-300 Kbps will be sufficient.
  4. Connection restrictions. Another valuable tip: set "Max sources/file" to 800, and "Limit connections" to 800 as well. What will it give? The client will download documents and files at the highest speed possible. In Kad networks, for example, this value can compete with the speed of torrents. However, it should be understood that wheneMule's fast download speeds use up a lot of your computer's resources.
  5. EMule ports are configured automatically. Next, we will analyze its features in more detail.
  6. Server. You can go to the "List …" section and manually enter the addresses of specific servers into it. But, as users themselves note, few use this opportunity.
  7. Folders. Here you can select the directory where you will upload permanent and temporary documents.
  8. Files. Useful option "Video player". If you specify the path to the video player here, you can watch movies and other videos until the file is completely downloaded, which is very convenient. But it’s best to uncheck the “Make a copy” box: depending on the size of the uploaded document, this process can be very long. "Try to load preview parts" is a questionable option. In fact, it allows you to use the video player to show incompletely downloaded files. However, if this item is not checked, the preview will still be available. The option "After the file is completed, unpause the next one" may be useful. What does it mean? After the client downloads one file, it will automatically start downloading the next one(s).
  9. Other parameters. Here you can reduce the load on the local hard drive. It is enough to check the box “Take up space for the full size of the file.”

As practice shows, reconfiguring these parameters is quite enough for normal client operation.

about emule and its configuration
about emule and its configuration


Many users are also wondering how to set up a router for eMule. To do this, you need to use the instructions specifically for your device.

The router has a management interface on port 23 or 80. Through them, the settings for working with the client are made.

Problems opening ports

Opening eMule ports (Torrent, by the way, also has a similar flaw) causes problems for client users. Let's take a quick look at how to fix them.

So, for local problems with opening eMule ports, it is important to do the following.

  1. The problem is related to the Low-id status that each user receives with unopened and incorrectly assigned communication ports.
  2. By default, the client uses TCP 4672 and UDP 4672 ports. However, they can be closed by the provider, so the window will show different information by name.
  3. Go to the client log (in the same "Servers" tab). Servers with which a connection has already been established will be highlighted in blue. In their relation, we see the default settings on the ports - 4672. Also, the Kad and eD2K networks are marked with checkmarks.
  4. To test the connection, go to the Test Ports tab.
  5. You will be redirected to the browser. If the ports are open, then you will get a conclusion about the successful completion of testing.
  6. All other settings you can now set as you wish. Including tie them to the maximum speed of your Internet channel.
emule connection settings
emule connection settings

Speeddata transmission

If we go back to the user reviews, we can see that eMule is notoriously slow to download files. Is it so? Indeed, if a file is not particularly popular on the network, there are few sources for it, then you should not expect a high speed of downloading a document. And if, on the contrary, the number of sources is large, then there is a decent speed (especially when using Kad networks).

An important aspect. The Kad network will not be available to you immediately after installing and configuring the client. First, the files will be transferred over the slower ED2K. Getting started with Kad is simple: upload a small file using ED2K. After this simple action, the ability to transfer data over a high-speed network will immediately become available to you.

Note that in the Kad and eD2K networks, a rating is compiled for each client. The more information given by the user to other people on the network, the higher the data download speed will be for him already for himself, the less he will expect the downloaded information.

Where can I get servers for eMule?

Yes, the server list is automatically set in the client. However, not all of them are working. Some users note that in their case none of the servers functioned. What to do in this case?

Use the eMule site servers first. To do this, copy the address below:

Next, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the "Settings" of the client, go to the "Servers" section.
  2. Stop at "Update server.met from URL".
  3. Paste this address from the article in the appropriate field.
  4. Click Refresh.

That's it, you've uploaded new servers to the client. Further, everything is simple: click on the "Connect" button. You will have an almost instant connection to the ED2K network.

emule setup
emule setup

Searching for files using the client

We have connected to the network. So, it's time to start what we did all the work for - look for the necessary files on the network.

It's very simple here:

  • start the client, go to the "Search" tab;
  • in the search box, enter a keyword or phrase to find files;
  • if a small number of results are displayed, then click on the "More" button.
  • Search method is best to choose "Global" or "Automatic".

As we already noted, the first search and download is possible only through ED2K networks. After that, the search in Kad becomes available. To use it, check the box "Kad-network". You'll get more results, more sources, and faster download speeds.

Upload files via eMule

So, you have found the required file. Effectively (without overloading the computer and the client), you can upload up to 10 documents at the same time. Note that the download may not start immediately, but after a minute or two.

Like torrent clients, eMule allows you to view download status. To do this, just go to the "Transfer" tab:here will be the names of downloaded files, their size and download progress.

Of course, the client can "accelerate" to the simultaneous download of several dozen files! But if this negatively affects the performance of your PC, then you can “slow down” the process a little. Find in the settings the item "After the end of the file, unpause the next one." Stop all downloads here. Then restart ten of them. As soon as the first of the files is downloaded, the 11th one will start downloading and so on.

emule port settings
emule port settings

Now you know the necessary information for installing and configuring eMule. As you can see, this is a fairly simple process for the average PC user. You just need to change a few parameters for yourself to start normal work with the program. Often users have problems setting up routers, opening ports, and connecting speed. However, they are solvable - you just need to understand the basics of how eMule works.

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