What is it: patch. Game patches. Installation. Tips

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What is it: patch. Game patches. Installation. Tips
What is it: patch. Game patches. Installation. Tips

Patch is information intended for computer files and automated introduction of necessary changes and innovations into them. In the Russian IT environment, this phenomenon has a certain name - "patching".

Patch is…

patch it
patch it

In fact, this is the same update, which contains special automated information aimed at eliminating errors in the software. The patch can also not only make some minor corrections, but also radically change the overall functionality.

Corrections can be applied to already installed programs, or only to the source code. In addition to fixing bugs, you can do the following: change the appearance, improve ergonomics, improve performance and much more. Typically, the size of a patch is a few kilobytes or hundreds of megabytes. The size always varies and depends on how much new information is contained inside. The largest patches are those that contain changes to non-program data, to music or graphics. It often happens that updates of this type have a slightly different name, such as ServicePack or SoftwareUpdate. As a rule, thesepatches are made for video games.

History of occurrence

The appearance of the first patches dates back to the times when a punched card or paper tape was used to load a program into a computer. So, punched cards, whose set of perforations differed significantly from the original, were the prototypes of patches. As for the punched tape, sections were marked on it that should have been subject to change. The necessary punched card was successfully replaced, and a brand new program piece was pasted into the marked and then cut out section of the tape. Hence the name "patch". After all, the English word patch literally meant a patch.

how to install the patch
how to install the patch

Over time, patches began to be transmitted on magnetic tapes. After the first floppy disk appeared, users began to receive the necessary updates inside mail envelopes. Nowadays, the question of how to download and how to install a patch no longer bothers users. Thanks to the widespread use of the Internet, all the necessary files are downloaded directly from the network, from official sites and forums.

What are patches

There are several types of patches:

  • The first kind is commonly used during software development. The distribution of such patches looks like either a list that indicates all the differences between two versions of the file, or a set of all the necessary changes. How to install the patch should not be a problem. Updates are downloaded using special utilities such as Diff or Patch.
  • The second view updatescompiled software. It is distributed either as a binary file, which is downloaded by the program itself, or as a standalone application that is launched by users. Patches of this type operate automatically and do not require human intervention.
patch for gta
patch for gta

Game patches

As a rule, video game developers diligently correct all the errors and imperfections of their product before presenting it to the public. However, absolute perfection is a myth, and any game will need a patch sooner or later. Whether it will fix bugs or make changes to the functionality depends on the decision of the developers, which is based on ratings and reviews.

For example, patches for GTA brought not only a variety of performance-related improvements, but also large-scale additions that made it possible to diversify the gameplay. In this way, developers can keep the interest of gamers and support their product for a long time. Licensed patches for launching games are installed by the program itself, often users see automatic notifications that a new update has been released.

Some interesting facts

game launcher patch
game launcher patch
  • After the tragic events that took place in New York on September 11, 2001, Microsoft released a patch for their popular flight simulator Microsoft FlightSimulator. The new addition allowed usersremove the affected mall from the scenario.
  • A huge number of people around the world are working on unofficial custom patches. Their creation is due to the fact that very often updates created by developers do not meet expectations. Some details may be missed, and some mistakes take too long to fix.
  • For a simple orientation among the patches, their names indicate the version. This usually looks like a series of numbers with dots between them.
  • Before installing, it is important to check the version of the patch and all the updates indicated in it. There is always the possibility that something could go wrong. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to create backup copies of important files. If the patch accidentally removes them, it means that its version is not suitable enough. Authors must clearly list all possible glitches and bugs that the user may encounter.

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