How to set cursors for Windows 7. Beginner's Guide

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How to set cursors for Windows 7. Beginner's Guide
How to set cursors for Windows 7. Beginner's Guide

To diversify the appearance of the operating system, many users tend to change the desktop wallpaper, install a more attractive "Taskbar" or move it, for example, to the top of the screen. You can also change sound alerts and cursors.

how to set cursors for windows 7
how to set cursors for windows 7

Yes, often users do not pay attention to this small interface element, but by setting yourself any other instead of the standard white pointer, you will notice how the appearance of the OS will change, become more “alive”.

Experienced users know how to set cursors for Windows 7. However, if you are just starting to learn about the computer, then the information below will help you understand all the nuances of replacing mouse pointers. You will learn what types of cursors are, you can install them yourself using one of the methods.

What do the extensions ".cur", ".ani", ".inf" mean?

Indicators you have downloaded may havemiscellaneous extensions:

  • ".cur" - regular cursors, come in any color, shape, size. As a rule, most users install such pointers on their computer.
  • ".ani" - animated mouse cursors for Windows 7 and other versions. If you want to "revive" this element of the operating system, you can use these pointers. On the Internet you can find and download animated sets that will appeal to any user.
  • "inf." – files intended for automatic pointer setting have such an extension.

So, everything is clear with extensions, so next you will learn how to set cursors for Windows 7.

Replacing the pointer through the "Control Panel"

To change the mouse cursor, click "Start" and enter the "Control Panel". Here, set the small icons and go to the "Mouse" section. Now, by opening the "Pointers" tab, you can selectively change each cursor or change the scheme (this includes a set of pointers). It is also possible to remove the cursor shadow or, conversely, enable its display.

Installing Windows 7 cursors is done as follows. On the "Pointers" tab, in the "Settings" subsection, click LMB on the cursor you want to change, and then click "Browse". A window will appear where you can select one of the proposed options "Windows".

mouse cursors for windows 7
mouse cursors for windows 7

If you downloaded an archive with a set of pointers, then you need to unpack it to this folder - C:\Windows\Cursors, in order to havethe ability to install them later.

When you change mouse cursors for Windows 7, you will need to save the scheme by clicking on the corresponding button.

How to change the pointer using "Personalize"

You can set a new cursor through the "Personalization" section. Right-click on the desktop and select the option in question from the context menu. A page has appeared where you will need to click on the link "Change mouse pointers" in the menu on the left.

how to change cursor windows 7
how to change cursor windows 7

You already know how to change the Windows 7 cursor, so just follow the steps above. Go to "Settings" again and select the most attractive mouse pointer that you have previously downloaded from the Internet.

By the way, when you open the "Mouse" section, go to the "Pointer Options" tab. Here you can set cursor speed and some effects. For example, by checking the option to display the mouse trail, you will see that a kind of tail will “stretch” behind the pointer. In order not to search for the cursor, set the checkbox next to the corresponding function. Press the "Ctrl" button - the lost pointer will immediately appear on the screen.

Auto installation

If you wish, you can install the entire collection of cursors at once, rather than manually changing each option. To perform this operation, you will need to download a set of cursors. In this case, you need to see if there is a file with the extension ".inf" in it. If there is such a file, right-click on it and select the “Install” option from the context menu. Then, through the PU or "Personalization", open the "Mouse" section, on the "Pointers" tab, pay attention to the "Scheme" subsection. Select the one that you downloaded from the network and sent to the "Cursors" folder. Click Apply.

setting cursors windows 7
setting cursors windows 7

Knowing how to set cursors for Windows 7 using an ".inf" file can save you time by not having to manually change each cursor. But remember that it is not always possible to find a good collection of cursors that will suit you completely. By the way, when downloading the set, pay attention to the reputation of the site (install, for example, the WOT extension).


Of course, some users may say that it is not necessary to change any elements of the operating system at all, it is better to leave the standard wallpaper, mouse pointers, "Taskbar" and other options. However, in reality, this is a personal matter for each person.

You probably sometimes want to change the situation in the apartment, rearranging the furniture or doing at least cosmetic repairs. So people who work at the computer need a change of scenery.

So, now you know how to set cursors for Windows 7, so you can update annoying OS pointers at any time.

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