Laptop as a Wi-Fi hotspot at home

Laptop as a Wi-Fi hotspot at home
Laptop as a Wi-Fi hotspot at home

The topic of our today's conversation is a laptop as a Wi-Fi access point. This is done using software and a wireless adapter. Before I start, I want to say a few words about what kind of "beast" it is - an access point. This concept is a place where an electronic node is connected to the Internet. For laptops, tablets, smartphones and other electronic devices that you can carry, a special Wi-Fi hotspot has been invented for online access. It allows you to work without a cable.

laptop as wifi hotspot
laptop as wifi hotspot

How wireless technology works, you know, and therefore guess that you can set up a laptop as a Wi-Fi access point. You can do the same with a computer equipped with a wireless adapter. This will make it possible to use the Internet by several owners of wireless devices. And it's not that hard to do.

Windows 7 allows you to use your laptop as a Wi-Fi hotspot. After all settings, the wireless adapter will function in such a mode as SoftAP. It is also called "virtual hotspot". WiFi. Next, launch the command line and enter the following instruction to the system: netsh wlan set. Then, in the parameter called ssid, specify the desired name for the access point, and in the key parameter, specify the password so that you can access this network. The system will execute this command, after which the necessary drivers will be installed. Your hardware list will update and you will see the new Virtual Wi-Fi device. It is subject to removal.

set laptop as wifi hotspot
set laptop as wifi hotspot

To do this, enter a command called mode=disallow, after which all other parameters will be omitted. Start the access point using netsh wlan start hostednetwork. In the next step, you will have to replace the "start" parameter with "stop". Now it will start working, and at the same time, the integrated DHCP server will be launched.

That's it, after that your laptop works as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Go to the sharing tab and turn on the permission for general access to your network. Then select the desired adapter in your SoftAP mode. Also, in order for your laptop to successfully function as a Wi-Fi access point, we need to help it a little through special software (utility programs).

virtual wifi hotspot
virtual wifi hotspot

Another important function in creating such access to the World Wide Web is also the fast organization of a local area network that can function without any cords and cables. In this case, the device that will be the access point can simultaneouslybe part of some other wireless network.

You can also easily create a repeater for the waves of the Internet. To do this, your laptop must be in the place where the Wi-Fi ends. In this case, the parameters for SoftAP are set exactly the same as for the main (parent) access point. Using this method, the coverage area is expanded, and network clients are automatically reconnected.

That's basically all I wanted to tell you. I hope you have learned everything and will be able to make the necessary settings yourself at home. If something does not work out, carefully reread the text again and try again.

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