Intel Core i5 2450M Specifications

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Intel Core i5 2450M Specifications
Intel Core i5 2450M Specifications

Intel Core i5 2450M is a laptop processor from a Canadian company. It was introduced in 2011 and immediately began to be used in laptops from DELL. The article discusses its characteristics and defines the parameters in which it surpasses its competitors, and in which it lags behind them.

Intel Core i5 2450M Specifications

This processor is built on a dual-core architecture, unlike its desktop counterpart. In standard idle mode, the frequency per core is 2.5 GHz. In boost mode, the frequency can rise to 2.8 GHz, and with a full load of two cores, the processor can accelerate to a maximum of 3.1 GHz, depending on the needs of the computer. Quite impressive, especially against the background of competitors from AMD, which have approximately the same parameters, but with a large heat dissipation during overclocking. The processor has 3 MB of cache memory, Turbo Boost 2.0 technology and is built on a 32 nm architecture. The power consumption of the processor is only 35 watts. In conjunction with it, you can install up to 16 GB of RAM using dual-channel technology.

The processor includes a traditional graphicssolution from the manufacturer - Intel HD Graphics 3000. The chip supports DDR3 memory format.

In all respects, the Intel Core i5 2450M outperforms the i7 3517U, which was a big breakthrough for Intel's mobile technology.

core i5 2450m
core i5 2450m


This processor is installed in budget laptops that are designed specifically for solving office tasks or basic multimedia needs. And the device copes with its task perfectly. It is head and shoulders above competitors from AMD and outperforms previous solutions from Intel by 10-15 percent. In terms of price category, this processor is close to AMD A8 and A10, but bypasses them in terms of characteristics.

The built-in graphics core is unlikely to cope with all modern games. With it, you can safely run online projects, such as Dota or Counter Strike, at the minimum graphics settings. For those who like to play all the latest in the gaming industry, this configuration of the Intel Core i5 2450M processor is clearly not suitable.

core i5 2450m specs
core i5 2450m specs


As a result, Intel has come up with a great budget option for laptops and netbooks, which is slightly ahead of its competitors and almost catches up with more expensive and powerful processor lines. Customer reviews of this model have collected only positive. Despite the rather high price, all fans of the company's products were satisfied with the new Intel Core i5 2450M.

In the near future, the company plans to translate all mobileprocessors to a new architecture, with which a new generation of graphics cores will be integrated. It was also decided to leave all solutions dual-core, but 4-threaded, which expands the possibilities in multitasking processes.

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