Notubuk HP Envy dv6: overview and characteristics of the series

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Notubuk HP Envy dv6: overview and characteristics of the series
Notubuk HP Envy dv6: overview and characteristics of the series

The Envy series can be attributed to stylish, relatively powerful and multimedia laptops. The line has many variations that differ from each other only in the filling. Has the usual screen diagonal - 15.6 inches.

hp envy dv6
hp envy dv6

Let's consider the most versatile model in terms of price and performance HP Envy dv6-7252er: characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, as well as experts' opinions on the advisability of buying a device.


A user accustomed to products probably expects to see a pretentious box with expanded and original printing, which is typical for expensive models of the series. But he is in for a disappointment. We see the usual and unremarkable rectangular packaging with a handle, in which the Pavilion series is usually packed.

Inside, everything still smells of asceticism and simplicity: a battery, a power supply, entourage "waste paper" and, in fact, the HP Envy dv6 laptop itself. Nothing more than the standard was included in the kit, so there are no accessories such as stands or any holders with covers.

Of course, this laptop cannot be attributed to the premium segment - it's just a multimedia station wagon, but I would like packaging and equipmentmore interesting. Moreover, the cost of HP Envy dv6 (price for spring 2016) ranges from 40 thousand rubles.


The case of the device is made of aluminum in black coloring with a matte style. The appearance is rather strict, conservative, but nevertheless attractive. The pleasant to the touch cover is crowned with the familiar brand logo.

hp envy dv6 price
hp envy dv6 price

HP Envy dv6 has neat rounded corners around the perimeter, making it more attractive to girls. Despite the matte surface, working with the device leaves fingerprints on it, so it will not be superfluous to stock up on a special cloth.

The screen is attached to the working area with two hinges, no backlash, squeaks and other assembly defects were noticed, the fixation is excellent, so you can work in any position. The bottom is made of rough, unlike the cover, practical matte plastic.

Work area

Under the cover of the HP Envy dv6, you can see an almost perfect design in terms of style. Beautiful matte keys, a smartly placed touchpad and modest Beats Audio branding - it all looks amazing. But behind a beautiful screen stretches its own fly in the ointment.

laptop hp envy dv6
laptop hp envy dv6

The keyboard is built according to the island principle and is equipped with an additional numeric keypad. And these same glossy "veins" are very fond of attracting all kinds of dust and dirt. There are many fingerprints on the beautiful buttons, and the fate of the work area frame is the same as that of the keyboard.

In the endit turns out that after a few hours of fruitful work on the HP Envy dv6, the appearance is no longer as brilliant as at first. Of course, there is nothing fatal in such flickering, if you are a fan of cleanliness and order, then you will have to use a special cloth along with the gel very often.

HP Envy dv6 touchpad

The characteristics of the manipulator turned out to be very high: touch-sensitive disconnect elements, intelligently selected dimensions and place, buttons with a pleasant and understandable response, support for multi-touch gestures - in general, there are absolutely no complaints about the touchpad. Function keys are intuitively felt during operation, as well as the boundaries of the working area of the manipulator.

Sound and camera

Thanks to the innovative and well-proven Beats Audio system, the sound quality is high quality. The speakers are made quite soundly, covered with a nice mesh and located in the upper part of the working area.

hp envy dv6 7252er
hp envy dv6 7252er

At the top of the screen you can see a small and inconspicuous peephole branded HP TrueVision webcam with high-resolution support and high-quality microphone. The camera is enough not only for Skype communication, but also for more or less high-quality selfies, which is also pleasing.


On the left side of the HP Envy dv6, you can see a cleverly hidden DVD drive, LED indicators, an interface for recharging the device, two USB 2.0 ports and one 3.0 type.

A slot for memory cards is located on the front end, on the left there are two USB 3.0 interfaces, an RJ-45 Internet output,3.5 mm audio jack and D-Sub and HDMI video outputs.


The model is equipped with a high-quality HD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. And all this on a diagonal of 15.6 inches. It is worth paying tribute to the development engineers: the output image turned out to be juicy, completely understandable and somewhere even exceptional.

hp envy dv6 specs
hp envy dv6 specs

Whatever you do on this laptop, movies, music, games and work - all this "blooms and smells" of rich colors. The screen has an almost perfect brightness, rich colors, excellent contrast. Due to the matte style, it is devoid of any glare and unpleasant reflections. Display characteristics - perhaps one of the weighty arguments in favor of buying HP Envy dv6. The price of the model, of course, will seem biting for many, but literally a few of the competing segment can boast of such a balance.

The viewing angles of the screen are also pleasing, you can easily watch videos or flip through photos in the company not just with a friend, but with friends, since a 15.6-inch size is enough (though not more than). As for high-resolution video, fans and connoisseurs of high-quality cinema will be satisfied.

Summing up

The Envy line turned out to be quite solid and should appeal to many fans of the brand, and not only. By purchasing additional accessories for the device, you will receive a universal gadget that can perform almost any task assigned to it.

The laptop is suitable for working with demanding softwareproviding and spending leisure time with powerful gaming applications, so it can be recommended to almost any user who appreciates quality and is looking for a balance of features.

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