Notebook ASUS N551JM: model specifications and review

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Notebook ASUS N551JM: model specifications and review
Notebook ASUS N551JM: model specifications and review

Multimedia series N from the Asus brand is not only constantly updated, but also replenished with enviable frequency with new devices. Almost all models are suitable for a wide range of entertainment: they sound great, have a good display, and some are equipped with external subwoofers for a more immersive virtual reality experience. In addition, the filling of the representatives of the series has very good technical characteristics, allowing not only to watch high-definition videos, but also to play modern games.

asus n551jm
asus n551jm

Let's consider the most remarkable representative of the line - 15`6” laptop ASUS N551JM: specifications, model features, positive and negative aspects of the laptop.

The basic version of the gadget is equipped with a modern and well-proven processor of the new generation Haswell (Core i5-i7) coupled with a fairly fast discrete graphics card from Nvidia GTX 860M 2GB series. On board there is 4 GB of RAM and a 1 TB hard drive, which is more than enough for movies and games. In addition, the device has a high-resolution display and acoustics supplemented by a subwoofer. Let's figure out what the ASUS N551JM laptop can offer to a sophisticated user, and is it worth the money.


The case of the device is made in a pleasant style - a combination of black and silver. Some parts, such as the bottom, are made of reinforced plastic, but there are also aluminum parts (palm pad and lid).

laptop asus n551jm
laptop asus n551jm

The top of ASUS N551JM is stylized as an area with concentric circles, in the center of which you can see the brand's familiar logo. It seems to be nothing special, but this design looks extremely advantageous, stylish and simply beautiful, even though the idea of such an original device frame is far from new.

The bottom panel is not particularly remarkable and is similar to similar models of previous years: a battery compartment, coupled with a latch, as well as a cover covering the RAM and hard drive. It is worth noting that there should be no problems with the mini-upgrade - access to the hard drive and memory bars is opened with a simple screwdriver.

Slightly surprised by the dimensions of ASUS N551JM - 383 x 255 x 28 mm. It seems to be the usual dimensions for a 15.6-inch gadget, if not for the thickness, which is clearly increased. In the pursuit of practicality, many manufacturers are trying to make their devices thinner, while Asus has released a solid model, and even with a decent weight of 2.7 kg.

asus n551jm cn123h
asus n551jm cn123h

This option is unlikely to fit the role of a permanent companion, and girls will not be able to carry a weighty "friend" to study or work, so you can position the model as a home entertainment center.

As for the assembly, it will not work to add some kind of fly in the ointment - ASUS N551JM is very high quality and soundly constructed, without any problems with twisting the case or deflections in certain places.


15, 6-inch screen has a distinctive diagonal resolution - 1920 by 1080 pixels, and this is a very good plus. Here you can add a high-quality matrix with IPS-scan and appropriate visibility (up to 180 degrees), a good margin of brightness of 350 cd / m2 and a matte screen coating that reduces all kinds of glare and reflections.

asus n551jm review
asus n551jm review

For a more flexible setting of the ASUS N551JM display, the viewing angles and color reproduction can be adjusted with Asus' proprietary utility - Splendid. It makes the picture more juicy, and the quality will be as close to natural as possible, and regardless of the selected perception mode (Default, Theatrical, Custom and Vivid).

We should also note the excellent color gamut in sRGB space, exceeding the threshold of 90%, which is an excellent result for many fans of "photoshopping".

Input devices

Working area ASUS N551JM CN123H has enough space for the keyboard unit, so all the buttons are located in the familiar island type. Medium-sized keys with clear markings and long travel with springy feedback. The key actuation moment is good, so the keyboard is perfect for both typing and gaming.

15 6 laptop asus n551jm
15 6 laptop asus n551jm

Buttonsvery comfortable and, in addition, the work area has a beautiful and, what is very important, adjustable lighting, allowing you to work both in the dark and in poorly lit rooms.

The ASUS N551JM keyboard is a full-size keyboard with a numeric keypad. The layout is standard, so you don't have to rebuild anything. The only thing that the owners of the device sometimes complain about is the reduced navigation arrows, which are sometimes difficult to find, and frequent misses also happen. But if you are accustomed to navigating by the number block instead of the arrow, then this problem can be considered insignificant.


The manipulator is shifted slightly to the left of the working area, and for this many left-handers leave warm reviews for the designers. The touchpad surface is relatively large, with a smooth and matte texture. Positioning the cursor and performing various multi-touch gestures is extremely convenient with this manipulator, because it recognizes such commands very accurately.

Work offline

The laptop is equipped with a six-section lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh. If the standard power saving mode is turned on, the network is working and video is being watched, then the device lasts for about three and a half hours, and this is a very good indicator. Separately, it is worth noting that in hibernation mode, the laptop can stand for about two weeks.

Summing up

Like other representatives of the N-series, this model causes mostly positive emotions. Everything that is provided in the device works for the result. Needs to be ridden frequently - durablecase, if you want to play - a powerful video card, you need sound - a subwoofer and an excellent audio chip, to watch something - a display with a high screen resolution. In general, the model fully justifies itself and the money invested in it.

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