Notebook HP Compaq 6720S: review, specifications and reviews

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Notebook HP Compaq 6720S: review, specifications and reviews
Notebook HP Compaq 6720S: review, specifications and reviews

Multifunctional laptop for work and leisure is the most sought after purchase in the global market. As practice shows, all owners are satisfied with their choice. The fact is that this particular segment meets the "price-convenience" requirements, which are so necessary for all potential buyers.

HP Compaq 6720S
HP Compaq 6720S

The focus of this article is one of the representatives of the corporate segment, which claims to be the pet of an undemanding user - the HP Compaq 6720S mobile device. The review, specifications and reviews of the owners will allow the reader to learn a lot of useful and interesting things about the laptop.

The frivolous approach of a respected manufacturer

An ordinary cardboard box does not fit into the concept of a well-known global manufacturer, Hewlett-Packard. After all, all HP laptops, the prices of which are within 40,000 rubles, a priori have brightly colored packaging and are equipped with decent equipment. And in this case, the manufacturer acted ugly in relation to the end consumer, at leastowner reviews are full of negativity about the box and its contents.

HP Compaq 6720S laptop
HP Compaq 6720S laptop

The package bundle of the laptop can be called weighty, but not rich. Inside the package, the user will find: a laptop, a battery, a charger, a patch cord cable and a lot of paper brochures. In addition to the instruction manual, the manufacturer supplied the laptop with a lot of unnecessary instructions, which in certain circles are referred to only as "waste paper".

First meeting

Lovers of sophistication and elegance will not like the HP Compaq 6720S mobile device. The portability of the device simply ends with the compact dimensions common to all 15-inch laptops. Otherwise, this is a standard representative of the budget class:

  • massive screen flap with huge hinges;
  • large and spacious case for installing components;
  • functional and rich interface panel for connecting additional devices.

A laptop with its bulkiness is more associated with equipment protected from external factors, which is in demand in business and production. However, there is no need to build illusions, because the large dimensions of the case still will not protect the installed components from bumps and drops.

Build quality and ergonomics

You can list the inconveniences of a large laptop as much as you like, but when it comes to build quality, negative reviews stop abruptly. None of the owners allowed themselves to reproach the manufacturer for poor assembly. HP laptopCompaq 6720S is made of very thick and high-quality plastic, which does not deform at all, does not emit extraneous sounds and does not collect dust with fingerprints.

HP laptops prices
HP laptops prices

As for the build quality, it is on top: the plastic at the joints is even, all the buttons and connectors are perfectly centered, and the moving elements have no physical flaws. With such external characteristics, the Hewlett-Packard mobile device can safely claim the award for "Best Build Quality".

Weak link in the platform

Many users believe that the laptop's liquid crystal display spoils the whole impression of a quality mobile device. The fifteen-inch matrix is made using TN+Film technology and has a low resolution (1280x800 dpi). A rather strange attitude towards the buyer, who will spend at least 8 hours of working time in front of the screen of portable equipment. This problem is relevant for almost all of the company's devices, because many HP laptops, the prices for which vary between 30-50 thousand rubles, are equipped with cheap matrices.

HP Compaq 6720S specs
HP Compaq 6720S specs

There is nothing to surprise the buyer here. Viewing angles are low (140 degrees), there are some problems with the color reproduction of shades (the screen is clearly not for creativity). Pleases only the anti-reflective coating of the display. In bright sunny weather, the image on the screen is clearly visible and does not create discomfort for users.

Platform performance

Given that HP Compaq laptop6720S features installed components are focused on office tasks, potential buyers should not count on the high performance of the entire system. The device on the market is represented by several modifications, which differ only in built-in processors.

HP Compaq 6720S Battery
HP Compaq 6720S Battery

Thus, cheap laptops with Celeron crystals are available to the buyer, as well as more productive systems with powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processors. As for memory, the device has one module with a capacity of 2 GB. At the request of the buyer, the parameter can be doubled by installing an additional chip (there is a free DDRII slot). A 250 GB hard drive with an integrated X3100 video adapter limits the performance of the platform at the level of the budget class.

Input devices

Notebook HP Compaq 6720S is positioned as an office solution, but the keyboard unit installed in the device does not at all meet the stated requirements of this class. The absence of a digital block in a 15-inch laptop causes a lot of negative feedback from users, judging by their reviews.

But the manufacturer guessed right with the keyboard itself. Large separate buttons have a fairly long stroke and perfectly serve all the keys up after they are pressed. Typing quickly with these buttons is very convenient - no ghost clicks or typing errors.

But the touch pad laptop HP Compaq 6720S is already an amateur. Some users are confused by its small size, as well as highthe sensitivity of the sensor itself. Mechanical buttons are quite comfortable, however, they create a loud click when pressed. The disadvantages include only the lack of the ability to disable the touchpad at the hardware level.

Interfaces and connectors

On the right panel of the device, the user will find an optical DVD drive that can not only play information from discs, but also record to storage media. The other panel looks a little richer: three USB ports, a video output, communication connectors (RJ-45 and RJ-11) and a built-in receiver for removable memory cards.

HP Compaq 6720S BIOS
HP Compaq 6720S BIOS

On the back panel of HP Compaq 6720S laptop there is a battery, and the front panel is equipped with interfaces for connecting acoustics (headphones and microphone). In their reviews, the owners assure that it is the absence of additional interfaces on the back of the laptop that makes it more comfortable to place the mobile device on the desktop.

Setup and launch features

Many potential buyers have noticed that there are no discs with drivers and software included with the laptop. The manufacturer decided to make it easier for users by creating a recovery partition on the hard drive of the mobile device. True, you can only restore the Windows 7 Home operating system.

To install the modern Windows 10 platform, the user needs to download the software for the Vista system from the official website of the manufacturer (since it is compatible with the desired platform). Also worthtake care of the availability of licensed Windows 10. Next, the BIOS opens in the HP Compaq 6720S laptop, the optical drive is installed as the first bootloader, and the operating system is installed from scratch.

Solutions and their problems

Judging by the reviews of the owners, the actual problem for them is to find the necessary drivers for the laptop when changing platforms. The main thing here is to know that all software created under Windows Vista is fully suitable for a mobile device. True, this applies only to 32-bit systems.

HP Compaq 6720S manual
HP Compaq 6720S manual

The manual that comes with the HP Compaq 6720S laptop does not contain any information regarding disassembling the mobile device for upgrading and cleaning. Here the user will have to act at his own risk or contact the service center specialists.

Yes, the budget representative has low potential for performance improvement - the processor does not overclock well, and the integrated graphics card does not have its own graphics core. However, it is still possible to increase the power of the system. Experts recommend installing an SSD instead of a magnetic hard drive.

In closing

The HP Compaq 6720S mobile device is a regular mid-range laptop that is aimed at corporate users and undemanding buyers. By purchasing such a device, the end user is more likely to get convenience and reliability than mobility and speed. An important factor is the price - everythingstill 40,000 rubles. For this money you can buy something simpler or more beautiful. However, most users prefer the trusted HP brand.

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