Ultrabook Asus Zenbook UX32LA

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Ultrabook Asus Zenbook UX32LA
Ultrabook Asus Zenbook UX32LA

Asus has been producing and selling computer equipment for more than one year. The company constantly listens to the wishes of customers and is not afraid to experiment, use new technologies. It is for this reason that Asus products are so popular. In this article, we will take a look at the recently released Asus Zenbook UX32LA ultrabook. Let's talk about its features, consider characteristics, etc. Want to learn more about Asus' new brainchild? Read this article!

Asus Zenbook UX32LA

Creating the perfect laptop means finding the perfect balance between size and power. Apparently, the guys from Asus succeeded. Zenbook is a new word in the world of computer technology. The developers have realized their most daring ideas. The result is something amazing. The Asus Zenbook UX32LA is the kind of laptop you won't want to part with. What is the reason? Whatspecial in this model? This is what we will talk about in the article.


Asus Zenbook UX32LA
Asus Zenbook UX32LA

The first thing that catches your eye is the design of the device itself. Ultrabook attracts attention with its strict, seasoned style. As for the material, the body is completely made of aluminum. Thanks to this, the device is quite light. However, with all this, the Asus Zenbook UX32LA is a tough nut to crack. The case of the ultrabook is quite durable. Dozens of crash tests that have been conducted by Internet users will not let you lie. It is also worth noting that Asus specialists have developed a new, rather interesting design. As a result, the use of mounting screws was minimized in the device, which simply cannot but rejoice.


The filling of the new ultrabook is quite solid. The Asus Zenbook UX32LA R3108H has several fourth-generation Intel Cores installed on board. This allows you to achieve previously unseen power for laptops. The device has a new discrete graphics card from the notorious company Nvidia. Together, this gives enormous computing power. Therefore, using an Asus ultrabook, you can play top games even at high settings. In addition, you can use "heavy" programs like 3D MAX, etc. without any delays and sagging. What can we say about watching movies in high quality, ultra-fast Internet surfing and other joys that only owners of powerful computers can afford. To exchange information with other devices inZenbook UX32LA has three USB 3.0 ports.

Asus Zenbook UX32LA reviews
Asus Zenbook UX32LA reviews


Another indisputable advantage of the Asus Zenbook UX32LA is the sound system. The ultrabook has a unique audio technology called SonicMaster. Thanks to her, the brainchild of Asus boasts a fairly wide dynamic range, very powerful bass and amazing clarity. However, the Asus Zenbook UX32LA sound system pleases not only with the hardware component. The ultrabook has excellent software that allows you to customize the sound depending on the user's personal preferences and environment. All this gives just incredible sound. When listening to music, you get the impression that you are at a real concert.


Recently, cloud storage has become increasingly popular. Specialists from Asus could not ignore this fact. Thus, the owner of the UX32LA can freely and completely free of charge use the Asus WebStorage online storage. And in order to synchronize your device with the cloud, a special utility called MyBitCast was developed.

Asus Zenbook UX32LA reviews

Ultrabook Asus Zenbook UX32LA
Ultrabook Asus Zenbook UX32LA

According to users, the new ultrabook from Asus is technically perfect and simply has no flaws. The experts have done their best. The ultrabook has a pretty stylish design, incredible performance and crystal clear sound. But as you know, you have to pay for everything good. Here it emergesThe main disadvantage of this device is the price. In order to hold this miracle in your hands as an owner, you will have to pay more than 60 thousand rubles. But it is worth noting that the price is fully consistent with the quality.


Asus Zenbook UX32LA R3108H
Asus Zenbook UX32LA R3108H

Asus Zenbook UX32LA is an amazing ultrabook. But before buying it, you need to think carefully. Ultrabook gives the user a lot of opportunities. If you need a powerful and at the same time compact, convenient device for working with heavy software, then the Zenbook is an excellent choice. If you use a laptop mainly for Internet surfing, working in standard programs, then in this case you should pay attention to more budget models.

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