Emachines E525: specifications, reviews and photos

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Emachines E525: specifications, reviews and photos
Emachines E525: specifications, reviews and photos

At the end of 2007, Acer entered into a deal with the large concern eMachines, wholly bought the brand. And given that the company is engaged in the production of computer equipment for the middle class of the population, the purchase of the budget line "Emachins" very logically and profitably fit into the overall ideology of "Acer".

emachines e525
emachines e525

The new line of Acer eMachines laptops are typical budget models designed for work. You will not find any newfangled design key in these laptops, and you should not expect revolutionary performance from the device.

These laptops are suitable for everyday tasks without involving powerful graphics packages. It is also worth noting that Emachins models have one of the lowest percentage of breakdowns among all well-known world brands.

The focus of today's article is the eMachines E525 laptop. The design features, performance and other characteristics that will help the user navigate his choice will be described in detail below.

The laptop has a 15-inch work surface and a rather modest appearance. The performance of the device canattributed to the average, and the brand indicated the price is quite acceptable. Overall, the Acer eMachines E525 is a well-balanced model that combines everything you need for everyday work.


The appearance of the laptop is unlikely to surprise anyone. The device has a strict and very restrained form of design. Everything about it is practical, “cheap” and minimalist. The body of the laptop is made of plastic and has a matte finish, which will prevent it from picking up fingerprints and will hide minor scratches.

emachines e525 laptop
emachines e525 laptop

Gloss on eMachines E 525 can only be seen on the frame around the display. Having a fairly solid design, the device does not creak and does not make extraneous sounds like a crunch, so the Eiser's build quality pleased me - it turned out to be at a high level. The hinges are quite tight and allow you to open the display 185°, which is quite good and quite enough for traveling and working in unusual conditions.

Interior and exterior

The interior of the eMachines E525 is also equipped with matte plastic. The working surface and the touchpad are pleasant to the touch, and the hands feel quite comfortable on such a surface while working. Under the lid, as well as outside, there are no special sophistications - everything is ordinary and spartan simple: a panel with an additional keyboard block, a touchpad and three function keys like a mouse, coupled with LED indicators. At the top of the display, the user will see a standard laptop webcam.

emachines e525 specifications
emachines e525 specifications

BIn principle, the eMachines E525 should be used as a stationary laptop, but if you have a desire to take it to nature or take it on a long trip, this will not be a problem. The laptop does not have any ultra-compact, but nevertheless, 2.7 kg is not very burdensome on the road.


Laptops with a 15-inch display are enviably popular, especially since this is the optimal size for a digital monitor matrix. Therefore, the eMachines E525 display characteristics are not much different from similar laptops. The device has a diagonal of 15.6 inches with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

emachines e525 dust cleaning
emachines e525 dust cleaning

The bright backlight of the screen and relatively high-quality color reproduction allow you to perform all everyday household and office tasks without stress. Watching modern dynamic films also pleases with color and saturation. Modern wide screen format will allow you to fully enjoy the pleasures of the film industry in high quality.

The display has a glossy surface, due to which the picture on the screen looks more juicy, but due to technical nuances, sunlight falling on the device can cause some inconvenience, especially if the rays come out directly from behind the user's back. The viewing angle of the screen has standard characteristics, like most similar laptops: vertically - a little less, and horizontally a little more.


Given that eMachines E525 is a "workhorse" and is used mainly for office needs,the future user should pay attention to the keyboard and touchpad. In principle, it is impossible to say something negative about them.

The keyboard is regular and consists of 99 buttons, has an additional block with a numeric section. Its use is quite convenient, and getting used to the new keyboard will take some couple of tens of minutes, so there should be no problems with typing.

The touchpad also has standard dimensions of 86 x 43mm with a clearly defined vertical scrolling area. The control unit itself is shifted slightly to the left of the center (left-handers will appreciate this option), and the “mouse” buttons click easily and clearly, the same thing happens with the cursor, it does not twitch and obediently follows the user's movements. This effect is achieved thanks to the ultra-smooth surface of the sensor.


Model eMachines E525 can be made in several variations and differ in hard drive capacity and RAM. The flagship of the line - Acer eMachines E525-902G25Mi Yota 4G WiMAX.

acer emachines e525
acer emachines e525

The filling of the core in the device is a processor from Intel - Celeron 900 with a maximum frequency of 2.2 GHz. The laptop is equipped with 2 GB of RAM, expandable up to 4 GB. The laptop has a small hard drive with a capacity of 250 GB and an integrated graphics chip from the same Intel - GMA X4500. Such a graphics engine, of course, is not suitable for modern games, but the chip will do just fine for ordinary office and household tasks.

Manyuser reviews of the laptop on specialized Internet portals, mostly in a positive way. The only thing that literally every second owner of this laptop advises is not to forget to service the stuffing of the eMachines E525 in time (dust cleaning, checking the processor paste and, if necessary, replacing the battery).


The device is equipped with all necessary ports and network protocols (USB 2.0, 3.0, RJ-45). Also on the case there is a convenient card reader capable of "accepting" all known microformats from SD to Pro/xD.

At the end of the laptop there is an optical drive with a Kensington lock and video / audio outputs. The only thing missing, according to the opinions and feedback of most users, is an additional HDMI port, which will greatly facilitate the life of any movie buff.

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