Asus X54H laptop review

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Asus X54H laptop review
Asus X54H laptop review

Notebook Asus X54H is able to please many homebodies: an impressive appearance, a very heavy case and a huge keyboard. But still, 15 thousand rubles is a rather high price for such a laptop.


asus x54h
asus x54h

One of the main disadvantages of the Asus X54H laptop is the lack of a licensed OS. You need to purchase your own for 2000 rubles (Windows 7). The laptop has an improved Intel Celeron B800 processor. However, changes in the processor did not lead to an improvement in performance - you should not expect something supernatural from it. In all ratings, he occupies only average values. In addition, the B800 falls short not only of the other representatives of its series, but also of the cheap Pentiums. Although he manages to get ahead of AMD A4 / A6, which is enough for viewing various media files and working with office programs.

Video card

asus x54h reviews
asus x54h reviews

Not a very powerful AMD Radeon HD 6470M is installed on the Asus X54H laptop. Thanks to Eyefinity technology, you can display an image on 4 displays at the same time, although the laptop itself has only 2 video ports. Due to the blocking of the integrated Intel HD Graphics, the device does not havecollaborative graphics properties. It is noteworthy that the AMD Radeon HD 6470M turned out to be much weaker than its brother 6370M. For example, the limit of the map is BattleField Bad Company 2 at minimum settings, and then the FPS sags to such a state that it is basically unrealistic to play. Windows scores are very average because of the graphics card.


The Taiwanese manufacturer has been demonstrating low-grade material for cheap laptops for several years, and the Asus X54H is no exception. Despite the matte plastic, fingerprints always remain on the surface. The weight of the device is over 2 kg. The case is covered with a small pattern, which is why the laptop looks strict, but not boring. The lid of the Asus X54H is very thick, which makes the device very difficult to damage. There are speakers from Altec Lansing, but the sound is barely below average. There is also a 0.3 megapixel webcam and a microphone. Various indicators are located near the touchpad, and an LED was not even placed under the “ON” button. At the same time, the Asus X54H has very good input devices. For example, the keyboard is well placed across the entire surface of the laptop. In addition, it is equipped with a digital block. As marketers say, a keyboard with large buttons will help you type much faster. In addition, it is aesthetically pleasing to press such keys, which are equipped with sufficient rigidity and stroke, as well as various colors of the Russian and Latin alphabets. But all these words are nullified by the following: the keyboard flexes strongly on the right side and in the center. A huge plus istouchpad area, as it is quite large. There is a pleasant coverage, and it is very real to control the cursor without jerking. The sensitivity of the device is also pleasing - it does not matter whether you press with the entire pad of your finger or just touch it with the tip.


laptop asus x54h
laptop asus x54h

Since the Asus X54H is in the category of cheap laptops, it will not have a good screen a priori. The display was created by LG Electronics, a major manufacturer of displays for various devices. This model has a very standard resolution - 1366 by 768 pixels, and the diagonal is 15.6 inches. As always, Asus doesn't want to go with matte displays, which would solve a lot of problems (like glare in sunlight, etc.). In general, the laptop is very average in almost all characteristics. It has a meager battery, and the runtime at high performance was less than an hour and a half. It was created only for light office work, listening to music and watching movies, but it will not be able to do anything else.

So we figured out the main features of the Asus X54H. Reviews about him are very mixed. Users most often attribute the absence of problems with overheating and an affordable price to the advantages. Compatibility with Windows 10 is also often cited as a strength.

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