Hearthstone - priest: deck and its features

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Hearthstone - priest: deck and its features
Hearthstone - priest: deck and its features

The basic Hearthstone Priest deck consists of sixteen different abilities that will be available to every player. However, some nuances should be taken into account here. Today we decided to conduct a detailed review of the priest deck, as well as tell you what it is. So, first you need to understand that the base deck offers a set of different cards that can be obtained for special training or for reaching the tenth level of your hero.


hearthstone priest deck
hearthstone priest deck

Today we are primarily interested in Hearthstone - a priest whose deck has certain features. In addition, it has its pros and cons. However, if you look closely, then you can probably understand that the parameters for the priest can be balanced on their own, and then they will fit perfectly. I would also like to draw attention to the fact thatThe given deck can suit both a beginner and a professional player. It can be called universal.


Let's talk about Hearthstone tactics (priest) now. The deck helps develop it. I would like to point out certain difficulties. They can occur with the base deck, or rather, we are talking about a special containment of aggro. Your character will be a priest, and accordingly, he will have a significantly lower attack level, but you will be able to perfectly control your hero. Naturally, as you could already understand, all tactics, as well as the main strategy, will revolve around such a balance. We can also recommend another approach for you. Do not be afraid to destroy the enemy, in addition, you should use spells when playing Hearthstone (priest). The deck can also be used for a unique strategy. It allows you to change various resources. In this case, you can use items of various levels, which gives you much more options when attacking the enemy. All this is given by the fact that your deck balance will be at the highest level.


hearthstone priest base deck
hearthstone priest base deck

We should also talk about neutral cards. True, they are used in most strategies and tactics not often, here everything will depend primarily on the circumstances. Surely you could already understand that Harestone currently has a low popularity among players, but is still sometimes used. This option is best suited for aggressiveopponents, for example, we can name the Warrior, Shaman, Hunter, and also the Robber. Now you know who a Hearthstone (priest) is. The deck and its features have been described above.

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