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The game GTA: Vice City. Code for "Vice City" for a helicopter

GTA: Vice City has a lot of vehicles, but players are interested in the one that moves through the air due to the ability to quickly escape from the chase and hide in distant locations. The article will discuss the codes for Vice City by helicopter

Fallout 4: how to remove power armor from a raider

With the release of Fallout 4 in the post-apocalyptic world, there are many different options that many will seem unfamiliar. Here are some changes with power armor. In this article you can learn how to use power armor now

GTA V game. How to open the entire map in GTA 5

Players often wonder how to open the entire map in GTA 5. Not everyone wants to bother with the passage and look for hard-to-reach secrets in unexplored territories. This will be discussed in the article

How to put a spawn point on the server in Minecraft

The network mode in Minecraft gives the player a lot of advantages, but on the server, players can not only play together, but also try to conquer someone else's territory. And the field of an unsuccessful battle may turn out to be such that the respawn occurs at a completely different point in the biome. Therefore, it is worth learning how to put a spawn point in the game

GTA V game. Code for a fighter in "GTA 5"

The GTA: San Andreas project attracted the attention of players with the presence of the first military fighter back in 2004. For fans accustomed to the limited spaces of Vice City, this was a real treat. When the news about the release of the fifth part appeared, gamers waited with bated breath. The article will discuss whether it makes sense to enter a code for a fighter in GTA 5 and where you can find it

Path of Exile: Ice Witch guide

For obvious reasons, Path of Exile players are not too fond of ice skills. Despite this, some characters, having received an ice build, can show very good results. One of these heroes is a witch. Let's take a closer look at the Ice Witch build guide

Mod "Morrowind" for "Skyrim"

There is no game that can compare with Skyrim in terms of the number of mods released. Everything is possible in this game. Fans of the Elder Scrolls series of games decided to create a mod that will take the player back to the days of Morrowind. Let's see what came of it

How to get through level 238 of the "Planet of the Gem" faster?

The army of match 3 fans is growing due to the simplicity of games and the desire to "kill" time. The brainchild of the St. Petersburg company Nevosoft has an audience of more than 6 million players. Approximately half of them at least once encountered difficult levels. In the article you will learn how to pass level 238 of the "Planet of the Gems"

Which is better, "FIFA" or "PES": description and main differences

Football simulations have firmly entered the world of PC gaming. Most users choose one of the following options - FIFA or PES. What is the difference between "FIFA" and "PES"? If you have not yet decided what to choose for a pleasant pastime, then this article is for you

How to change the language in Skyrim. Trying to use the console

Introducing cheats in any game is a way to not only bypass the task, but also fix bugs. So let's learn how to change the console language in the game "Skyrim"

Installing Sims 4: how to start the game

Today we'll talk about how you can install the long-awaited Sims 4 simulator on your computer

How to transfer a character and his companions to "Mass Effect 3"

Mass Effect 3 characters are unique, traveling with Shepard in the first and second parts of the game, which is why they are loved by the fans. With the start of a new game, everything had to be done from scratch, until BioWare came up with the concept of transferring the story. This allowed gamers to continue playing as their favorite hero instead of recreating from scratch in the appearance editor. The article will discuss how to transfer characters to the third part without losing the action history of the previous series of the setting

Why do we need places of power in Dragon Age: Origins

Places of power in Dragon Age: Origins are elements of a side quest, according to which the player must leave marks of a half-forgotten mage in certain places and remind the world of his power. The storyline does not change, but promises a good reward. The quest will be discussed in the article

How to install World Of Tanks: system requirements

How to install World Of Tanks? It is enough to go to the official website and get acquainted with the technical features, non-compliance with which will cause considerable discomfort or will not allow you to enjoy the process. You can install it from the resource or through the game center - the official client of Wargaming. What needs to be checked will be discussed in the article

How much does Skyrim weigh. System requirements

How much does Skyrim weigh? The question is quite interesting and ambiguous. More details will be described in the article

All parts of "Mass Effect" in order. Short review

Not every fan of the saga goes through all the parts of "Mass Effect" in order: they usually limit themselves to the first three, because Captain Shepard's heroic odyssey is an imperishable classic. The fourth part is knocked out of the canon and tells about the events that fit into the time period between the end of the first and the beginning of the second part. This will be discussed in the article

How to raise your personal rating in World of Tanks on your own

Players are wondering how to raise their personal rating in World Of Tanks - an indicator of the effectiveness of each gamer, consisting of damage de alt, activity in general battles and thoughtful actions on the map. This will be discussed in the article

"Snake tooth", "Skyrim": walkthrough

The developer's mistake is that with the growth of the character level, difficult opponents do not appear. Over time, enemies pop like seeds. Addition "Skyrim: Serpent's Tooth" introduces a storyline into the game with a complex dragon and a unique location

Turgenevskaya station. Walkthrough "Metro 2033"

Fans of the post-apocalypse love the project for the colorful atmosphere of post-nuclear Moscow, shootouts with bandits and mutants in the subway. In Metro 2033, the passage of the Turgenevskaya station is difficult due to the threat of collapse and monsters. Details are in our article

"Skyrim": codes for witchcraft spells, abilities

Spell cheats in Skyrim help you quickly learn these vital defenses in a harsh world where an assassin hides in every dark corner or a magical trap is set. This will be discussed in the article

How to make a monster in Minecraft. Creation Guide

The square-style game world is inhabited by various kinds of creatures that can be friendly or hostile. Some you can create yourself, and they can do a good job

How to build a bridge in Minecraft - step by step instructions

Minecraft takes a lot of time to build. Players prefer their housing and surroundings to be both practical and beautiful. Therefore, this article will discuss in detail the question of how to build a bridge in Minecraft

What is a stack in Minecraft. stack mods

Minecraft uses several terms that only players can define, since you will not hear such words in everyday life. In this article you can find out what a stack is and what mods are available for it

How to build a hospital in Minecraft. Phased construction and obtaining stone slabs

When you want to diversify your game world in Minecraft, many players turn to guides that help with the construction of a particular object. In this article you can learn how to build a hospital using stone slabs

How to enchant a book in Minecraft? Detailed instruction

In "Minecraft" the main task is to survive in a dangerous world full of different dangers. To provide your character with good equipment, you need to use auxiliary items like a spell book. Next, you can learn how to enchant a book in Minecraft

"Minecraft": how to download the game. Guide for installing and starting the game

Before you can start playing a new game, you need to download and install it. In this article, you can learn how to download and install Minecraft on a computer and on a smartphone. A start guide will also be provided

Increasing the level of opponents in The Witcher 3: what are the changes, features and option settings

"The Witcher 3" is a role-playing game with its own atmosphere, which attracts with its unusual theme of the ancient Slavs. This atmosphere can be supplemented by an option that increases the level of opponents in the game and allows you to enjoy the combat process to your heart's content

Passage "How to get a neighbor: Hell of a vacation": level 11

Sometimes we need some friendly help to get through this or that game. Especially when it comes to puzzles or games in which you need to reach a certain level. Today we will share with our readers the secrets of passing level 11 of the second part of "How to get a neighbor"

Nancy Drew in the "Crystal Skull": walkthrough

"Nancy Drew. The Legend of the Crystal Skull" is another chapter in the adventures of a young detective who has prepared for her fans many new exciting mysteries, interesting characters and an intriguing story. In The Crystal Skull, as in any other game from the Nancy Drew series, we try on the role of the main protagonist, who goes to explore an old estate in New Orleans

"The Witcher 3": how to prepare herbal extracts - a walkthrough guide

The Witcher 3 is an incredibly atmospheric game with a multi-layered story component. The player's journey begins with the protagonist named Ger alt, whose mission is to protect his adopted daughter from the Red Riders. In the future, he will not only have to fight, but also use his knowledge of alchemy to prepare the herbal extracts needed to complete the task

"Skyrim": Wind arc. Description of the location and its location

The territory of "Skyrim" is full of mysterious places that will never meet during the passage of the main storyline. This location is the Wind Arc. In this article you can learn about the features of the location and its location

Localization of games. Translation and dubbing of computer games. Games in Russian

In addition to translation from the original language into a foreign language, localization involves the creation of new files in the game library, as well as the translation of all kinds of manuals for it, recording audio in a foreign language. Even some changes are made to individual game details in order to fall within the framework of the cultural characteristics of the region for which the game is being localized

Passage of the quest "Urn of sacred ashes" in Dragon Age: Origins

The Urn of Sacred Ashes is a story quest in Dragon Age: Origins. You can get it after completing the Earl of Radcliffe quest or even at the very beginning of the game in Lorraine by talking to the knight in the church. According to the plot of the task, you need to find the ashes of Andraste, which is able to heal Arl Eamon

Passage of "Corsairs: Cursed by Fate". The game "Corsairs: Damned by fate": the passage of all quests

Welcome to the world of sea adventures, fast ships and brave pirates! Today we will go on a journey with a new addon of the most popular game called "Corsairs: Cursed by Fate"

How to run "Fallout 3" on "Windows 10": problem solving

Many gamers after switching to Windows 10 faced such a problem that their favorite toys refuse to run on this operating system. And many do not even know what to do in this case. Now we will consider the question of how to run Fallout 3 on Windows 10. Millions are still being chopped into this legendary toy. So this guide will obviously not be superfluous

This War of Mine Walkthrough, Guide, Tips

An exciting game is always full of surprises. Everyone is given the opportunity to test their organizational skills, to ensure the normal existence of a group of characters in difficult conditions. Some beginners manage to mess things up at the beginning of the game This War of Mine, the passage of which requires the correct distribution of resources and an adequate response to various factors

Simulator is Driving simulator. Simulation games

Simulation games are considered one of the most popular among all genres of the industry. This direction has a number of features for which people love them. The realism of what is happening is only one of them

Walkthrough and description: Skyrim (College of Winterhold)

The College of Mages rises as a gloomy stronghold in the northeast of Tamriel, is the territory of the province of Winterhold. As the inhabitants of the stronghold say, the glory of Winterhold is gone, but the College is still alive

Fallout 4 power armor and nuclear unit

Using power armor in Fallout greatly simplifies the process of passing the game. Let's take a closer look at the issues of using power armor, and also find out what the nuclear block is used for in Fallout 4

Amaterasu Sasuke: what is it and what is it for?

In the shinobi world of the "Naruto" universe, among the many techniques, it is difficult to make a choice in the direction of any particular one. Everything is known in comparison, therefore, the comparison of advantages and disadvantages plays an important role in giving preferences. Amaterasu is one of the most interesting and at the same time dangerous techniques

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