Data recovery 2023, March

How to open a damaged RAR archive: the simplest methods for extracting and recovering information

Quite often, when working with packed data in the form of compressed RAR archives (and not only it), you can encounter various kinds of errors with messages that the archive itself or the files or folders in it are damaged and cannot be extracted . Most users, alas, absolutely do not know how to open a damaged RAR archive, believing that this is impossible initially. This is not true

Structured data: definition and purpose

Structured data refers to any type of information that resides in a fixed field in a record or file. They necessarily include materials contained in relational databases and spreadsheets

Recovering data from a damaged hard drive: instructions, tips

The hard drive of any computer or laptop is one of the most important devices, but it, like any other "iron" equipment, is subject to aging, mechanical damage and software failures. But the information stored on it is in many cases very important. Restoring a hard drive without data loss, even if it, as they say, “fell down”, in most cases is a very time-consuming process

A-Data flash drive recovery: easy ways to recover data, tips and tricks

USB drives manufactured by A-DATA appeared on the world market relatively recently, but have already gained popularity among many users of such devices due to their high reliability. Unfortunately, they are not immune from the appearance of all kinds of failures and errors, which often lead to the failure of microcontrollers and the loss of important information. Next, consider a few simple ways to restore a flash drive from this particular manufacturer

Is "Windows 11" the name of Microsoft's next operating system?

Not so long ago the world saw a new version of the Windows operating system from Microsoft, it was assigned the number 10, not 9, as many interested users thought. What will be the name of the next version - Windows 11, 13, 15?

How to remove scratches from a disc and avoid them

CDs are reliable and do a good job of storing large amounts of information. However, this type of portable media is extremely fragile, making it vulnerable to damage. That is why it is important to know how to remove scratches from a disk without involving repair organizations, because it is far from always possible to contact them

Icons disappeared from the desktop (Windows 10): how to restore?

Windows 10 is full of mysteries for most of its users. Despite the fact that it appeared more than a year ago, questions about its use remain to this day. Among them is the problem with the lack of shortcuts from the desktop. Dealing with this situation on your own is somewhat problematic. This article will discuss what to do if the icons disappeared from the Windows 10 desktop

Recuva file recovery app: how to use?

Probably, many people have encountered a situation where the necessary files were deleted randomly or during system failures. Nobody is immune from this. But what to use for fast file recovery? In this regard, the free Recuva program, which has unique algorithms and capabilities, is perfect. Consider its use in as much detail as possible

How to recover browser history (quickly and efficiently)?

Any browser, whatever you use, saves your browsing history. This feature has both obvious advantages and disadvantages. Let's say if you have one computer for several users, then not everyone likes the fact that anyone can see his browsing history. Some simply do not want to litter the browser memory

Problems in Windows: how to return the volume icon to the taskbar

There is no user of the Windows operating system who has not at least once de alt with problems related to sound and sound equipment. One of the annoying problems can be the disappearance of the volume control icon from the system tray. There are several ways to return the volume icon to the Windows 7 taskbar, here you can read them in detail

What is rollback and how to do it?

There are times when an important program or operating system fails. Of course, they can be reinstalled. But if this is not possible, a computer system rollback will help

How to use HDDScan? Data recovery software

Apparently most users of computer systems, if not encountered, then at least heard about such a wonderful utility as HDDScan. This is an application for scanning and partial recovery of damaged areas of the hard drive

How to disable Windows 7 Update: full instructions

Windows 7 Update is a service that is considered very useful. Only many users do not think so and do their best to get rid of it. How to do it?

How to remove the printer driver from the system?

The printer driver is a rather important component. But sometimes you have to think about removing it. For example, when reinstalling equipment. What should be done to get rid of the printer driver completely?

View deleted history in different browsers

If you need to find out what the user was doing on the computer, or you just need to restore your old data, for example, viewing a deleted history, then you can use one of several methods. First of all, everything will depend only on what kind of story you should learn. This can be a history of browsing on the Internet, correspondence using various instant messengers, or the use of certain programs

How to delete the desktop on Android? How to restore desktop on Android?

You should choose the best launcher for yourself. And then he will help solve the question of how to remove the Android desktop. Launcher for the mobile platform is a new interface and may have different visuals and other changes

Update - what is it? Yandex updates

Promotion of Internet projects directly depends on updates of search results, the results of which are made up of additional updates of the Yandex search engine, analyzed, and the final result is already expressed in the position occupied by the promoted resource

What can be deleted from drive C: tips

Cleaning your computer is pretty important. Being engaged in this business, you can mess up and simply ruin your operating system. Let's learn how to properly clean the system from "trash" and garbage

How to format a hard drive on a laptop: ways

The most frequently asked question: "How to format a hard drive on a laptop or desktop computer?" What is it for? This article will describe how to carry out this procedure and its purpose

Windows 7 Startup Repair. How to disable Windows 7 Startup Repair

With the system, there can often be some problems that disable the OS. Then there is a need to restore Windows. Today we will talk about how to enable and disable Windows 7 Startup Repair

What is buffering: detailed information

Buffering is a way of organizing exchange, namely the input and output of data in computing devices and computers. The buffer is used as a place to temporarily store data. During data entry, some devices write data to the buffer, while others read data from the buffer. In the output, everything is exactly the opposite

Our article will answer your question: what does TP mean

Many people use Internet resources to buy information, household products or software. But when buying them on the Internet, the user faces problems in installation, operation and security. What to do? Just turn to the site page, and at the very end you can find a link: TP. How to understand this abbreviation? Read about it in the article

How to recover data from a flash drive?

Sometimes there is an unplanned loss of information from a USB drive. The reasons can be very different. There is a need to recover data from a flash drive

The computer does not see the flash drive - what should I do? Ways to solve the problem

You urgently need to copy or move information, but your computer does not see the flash drive?! What to do in such a situation, how to solve the problem? This article will surely help you

Hard drive data recovery software: how to use it?

Often we simply forget that our computer is not eternal, and any trifle can disable the device. At the same time, the information stored on the hard drive is very vulnerable. Sometimes, due to the rash actions of the PC owner, a virus, or a minor glitch, really important information can be deleted. Then a program for recovering data from a hard drive will come to our aid, which we will talk about

How to turn on the sound on the computer - everything is not so difficult

The article shows the possible options for how to turn on the sound on your computer. The causes of malfunctions are indicated and solutions to these problems are proposed

How to delete recovered files from a flash drive? Learning how to properly delete recovered files on a USB flash drive

Today we will discuss how to delete recovered files from a flash drive, because there are cases when the owner of the media wants to get rid of information forever and at the same time keep the device itself in working order

SD card recovery: step by step instructions

Let's try to understand this issue and identify the best programs for recovering files from SD-cards, distinguished by their quality component, and most importantly, their work efficiency

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