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Relational DBMS: database overview, examples

A relational database management system DBMS is essentially nothing more than a computerized system that allows you to store data. Users are provided with the means to perform several types of operations on the data in the database or to manipulate its structure. DBMS are classified according to the structures

Structuring information: concept and types, models and examples

Issues of structuring information are in great demand in the modern world due to the fact that the space is oversaturated with various information. That is why there is a need for the correct interpretation and structuring of a large amount of data. Without this, it is impossible to make important managerial and economic decisions based on any knowledge

Storing passwords on the computer and on the network

Living in today's world, among other things, means actively using the Internet and its endless resources. Sites with movies, games, news, weather, latest technology, cosmetics, various social networks, forums, portals, chats - the list of what a modern person may be interested in online can be endless, but the main thing is not

Functional dependency and relational databases

Information has always had adequate dynamic interest. The development of programming, databases and technologies has radically changed the content and structure of interest. However, as often happens in the nature of things, everything calmly flows and improves, but at the right moment it changes dramatically

NoSQL, databases: overview, examples and applications

NoSQL is storage that doesn't conform to the relational database model and characteristics, they don't have schemas, they don't merge, and they don't guarantee the ACID property. The NO-system scales horizontally and uses a wide amount of main memory of the computer, solving the problem of large amounts of information

DB classification: options, data models and main characteristics

The database stores information and links it into a logical unit along with the metadata needed for processing. This is a very useful tool for managing large files with a simple request, and has a permission system that determines which users or programs have access rights

Oracle Database: Key Features of Oracle Database

The rapid development of the information society has led to the development of various technologies designed to solve specific problems. One of the priorities was the need to design new ways of storing and processing large amounts of data using hardware

Data filtering: operations, purpose, examples

The information contained in spreadsheets and databases is not always necessary for the user at every moment of his work in full. Therefore, MS Office applications provide tools that allow you to present information in a form suitable for processing. In the article we will get acquainted with some of them

The most common in practice are which databases?

Working with the database accompanies any more or less complex project. The database acts as a repository of information, which contains all the parameters necessary for the correct operation of the system. And what developments are the most common in practice? When are they used? These and other questions can be answered in this article

Features of the "Counter" field, what is its function

An integral part of most database tables is the "Counter" field. What is the peculiarity of this column, what functions it performs and what properties it has, we will consider below. To do this, let us dwell in more detail on the concepts of databases, their objects and, in particular, tables, the element of which is the counter

ER-diagram is Description, types, construction rules

An ER Entity Relationship Diagram is a visual representation of the different entities within a system and how they relate to each other. What are the rules for constructing ER diagrams. Where are they used. Tips for newbie charters

Cross query - concept, use and creation

When working with databases, the user needs to receive information in a form that is convenient for display, summarizing the results for various parameters, using calculations and expressions. In the Access database, queries for data selection and reports are used for this. The article discusses another way to display and select the required values - a cross query

Google storage: purpose, volume, settings and instructions for use

Cloud storage allows you to save large amounts of files on the Internet, access them from almost any device, anytime and anywhere (after authorization). In Google Drive, you can additionally work with documents, spreadsheets, forms, and presentations. The service quickly gained popularity among users, because it is reliable and convenient

Data types in Access: classification, description, characteristics

Access databases, like other databases, store a lot of information in their tables. Some of them are interconnected, some are reference, some are entered by the user, and others are calculated automatically by the system. The variety of data in the database makes it necessary to classify them by type, depending on what information is stored in this field

Fundamentals of data mining: technologies, methods and tasks

The use of data is a problem in programming and developing information systems. Before analyzing a “large amount” of data and making a decision that guarantees a reliable and objective result, it is necessary to determine this “large amount”. The task becomes more difficult if the flow of information is growing rapidly, and the time to make a decision is limited

Where to store photos: the most convenient storage options, tips and tricks

At present, a modern person cannot imagine his life without the Internet, but not everyone uses it to the fullest. In addition to searching for information, communicating in social networks, watching funny videos, information and other electronic materials can be stored free of charge on the World Wide Web. Now there is no need to buy photo albums and store them in a closet. Everything has long become automated and comfortable for humans

Database architecture: concept, definition, levels

What is a database architecture? Centralized and distributed databases: features. Local and remote databases, architecture features of "file-server" and "client-server" systems. DBMS architecture levels. Features, elements of internal, conceptual and external levels

What is a data mart? Definition, varieties and examples

What is a data warehouse? As a rule, this is a database in which the entire mass of information on the activities of a particular company is stored. But it is often necessary to single out from this entire large-scale complex data in one direction of the organization's work, subdivision, or service issue. Here another type of storage comes to the rescue - the so-called data marts. What is it, what are its advantages, disadvantages, varieties, we will consider throughout the article

How to change the language in "GTA 5" in different ways

Some gamers are faced with the fact that they do not know how to change the language in GTA 5. And this is not surprising, because in the game settings there is no option at all that allows you to do this. Fortunately, there is a way out of this situation. From the article you will learn how to change the language in GTA 5. In this case, different methods will be considered, two of which are suitable for the pirated version of the game, and one will only work in the licensed edition

Details on how to link tables in access

Many of us work in manufacturing, where databases are most commonly used for reporting. In this article, we will talk in detail about how to link tables in Access. Article recommended for advanced users

SQL query - what is it?

The basis of working with databases is the execution of a query. This is a special command that allows you to get the selected data by building a certain relationship between several tables

Creating queries in Access. Request types

Queries are created in Access to generate records for other queries, reports, or forms. Using certain queries, data is collected from several tables

Step by step creation of SQL table

An article on how to create a SQL table. How to work with a table, how to change and delete it. Description of the main commands and their syntax

Recovery of lost data: algorithm of actions

Various ways to recover lost data. How to recover lost data after formatting or media failure

DB is Types and properties of the database

DB is an acronym that stands for "database", or "databases" (depending on the context). In this article, we will consider what it / they are, what they are and where they are used. We will also discuss whether a DBMS and a DB are the same or not

Relational databases. The concept of a relational database

The advent of computer technology in our time has marked an information revolution in all spheres of human activity. But in order for all information not to become unnecessary garbage on the global Internet, a database system was invented in which materials are sorted, systematized, as a result of which they are easy to find and submit to subsequent processing

Types of data and how they are processed

Everything that surrounds us is physical objects that are constantly in motion. This is how energy is generated that produces signals that are caught and registered by physical bodies. No matter what kind of data they are, they are all registered signals

MS SQL Server: installation and configuration. Versions of MS SQL Server. MS SQL Server and 1C

In this article you will learn about such a Microsoft product as a relational database management system MS SQL Server. Installation and configuration of the program will be described, as well as the most popular versions will be considered

Von Neumann architecture: the history of the term

The architecture of John von Neumann is one of the most famous achievements of programming in the middle of the 20th century. It was this architecture that became a breakthrough in the field of storing programs in computer memory. Von Neumann was one of the first to propose a fundamentally new approach to creating a computer

DBMS is a data management system

The article reveals the concept of a DBMS, its purpose and main functions, as well as such a concept as databases, the principles of their construction

WHOIS: domain information

Domain name is a unique symbolic address of a resource (node) on the Internet. A domain name is not necessarily the name of a site, but it is always unique, corresponds to a specific address, and has a specific informational value on the Web

Overview of database management systems

What is a database and a database management system (DBMS), which DBMS are most widely used, a brief overview of NoSQL databases and the database management system market

SQL (data types): table

Short but important information about basic SQL data types. Amount of memory allocated when defining data types

MySQL - Windows console commands

How and why is it necessary to learn MySQL commands? What are the prospects for working with databases?

General concepts of Access DBMS

The article describes the Access DBMS, its main functions and differences from other similar software products

Database connection failed: cause, fix

When developing our own website, we often encounter database connection errors, internal server problems, and so on. All this is frightening for a beginner. Even experienced bloggers struggle with similar problems. But don't panic. More often than not, such problems are solved in two ways

ArtMoney cannot open process. How to fix?

ArtMoney is a program that will allow you to benefit in the game in a great way. The application makes it possible to supply resources and funds in the amount required by the user. ArtMoney, like any program, is prone to errors and failures. Sometimes when using the application, an error occurs: "ArtMoney cannot open the process"

WindowsImageBackup: what is this folder and can it be deleted?

Let's analyze what is stored in WindowsImageBackup, whether it can be deleted, how it is filled and how to independently control its size and content

PDM-systems: review, examples, comparison. Implementation of PDM systems

PDM systems is the use of software to manage product data and process related information in a single central system. This information includes computer-aided design (CAD) data, models, part information, manufacturing instructions, requirements, notes, and documents

Overview of "Shareman" file hosting services

Comparative review and description of file sharing solutions. "Shareman", its analogues, differences and similarities

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