File types 2023, March

PCM format: what is it and how to work with it?

Quite often novice musicians and sound engineers are faced with the need to process sound files or live instrumental and vocal parts recorded as PCM recordings. Many ignorant users have a lot of misconceptions about what it is, because they consider this type of audio to be only a file extension. In fact, this concept is common to several types of audio

Mpeg4 and Mp4 - is it the same thing? Finding out the nuances

Most often, when downloading videos or movies from the Internet, the user has to deal with file types such as MPEG-4 and MP4. It's the same thing, many people think. Let's see if this is actually the case. MPEG-4 and MP4 are two terms that are easy to confuse with each other, not only because their names differ by two letters, but also because they are very closely intermingled in the world of a huge number of media files

SU binary needs to be updated: what to do?

One of the most popular superuser rights management solutions is the SuperSU app. It is worth noting that the utility perfectly performs the functionality assigned to it, but sometimes causes problems, the most common of which is the inability to update the SU binary file. Let's take a closer look at the application itself, and also try to figure it out: if the SU binary needs to be updated, what should I do in this case?

MP3-format: description, programs for converting

Today, most of the audio recordings that a person listens to almost every day are presented in the form of universal MP3 files, since they are the most common and in demand in terms of audio information storage format. Now the nature of this type of data, the history of the emergence of the codec itself and the principles of coding will be considered

File damaged: causes and methods of recovery

Probably, each of us got into a situation where, due to some kind of system failures or an emergency shutdown of a program, a document previously opened or supposed to be opened was not opened. Applications associated with such objects usually give messages that the file is corrupted, cannot be read, and more. What if it's an important document that you've been working on day and night, and you need to edit it immediately?

Tablet firmware: step by step instructions. How to update correctly?

The article discusses ways to flash tablets from various manufacturers. There are also ways to flash problematic Chinese products

Restoring video files: detailed instructions

Video files recorded on completely different media, due to their limited lifespan, can be damaged, quality is reduced and many more problems arise along the way. Even movies stored on computer hard drives are prone to this phenomenon, not to mention that they can be completely accidentally deleted

A gamer attack called "The file is not a 7z archive"

Most users have encountered a problem when running the setup file or extracting the archive, the error "the file is not a 7z archive" occurred. There are several ways to deal with it

Three ways to crop a PDF file

PDF format was created to organize text and graphics content into one continuous file with an easy-to-read look. This same file can be viewed in special programs for this, but this article will not be about them. Some users are wondering if it is possible to crop a PDF file, and looking ahead, let's say that this can be done

How to make content in Word: design features and recommendations

A table of contents is not only a mandatory requirement for the design of official multi-page documents, but also a convenient way to display the internal structure of the text. Most often it is used in thesis, term papers or e-books. This article will tell you how to make content in Word of any version in a few minutes

How to create an empty file in Windows for beginners

For inexperienced PC users, briefly and in simple words about the file and its extension. In detail with step-by-step instructions on working with changing and deleting a file type - its extensions for performing technical elements in a Windows system

CDA format - opening and converting to other file types

The article talks about the CDA format, how to play it on a computer and options for converting to other audio formats

How to reduce the size of a photo - a detailed guide

Photos taken with cameras and modern smartphones often have such a resolution that it even creates inconvenience for the user. Why use a photograph, for example, 5000 x 4000 px, if it is not necessary at all? If the photo that you have does not require enlargement, you have a slow Internet connection or a provider's traffic tariff, etc., then there is no point in using a photo with such parameters

How to open hidden files in different versions of Windows

When working with files in the Windows OS, quite often situations may arise in which it is necessary to access hidden files. Hidden files are files that are not visible to the computer user by default. This function is implemented in order to prevent inexperienced users from interfering with the work of important files for the system

How to save a document in Word - step by step instructions

Microsoft Word leads the word processor market by far. It is included in the Office software package and is a universal tool for an office worker to create text documents. This article will provide answers to such basic questions at work: how to save a document in Word or how to restore a Word document if it has not been saved?

GB, Mb, Kb - these are units of information, and how do they differ from each other?

How to determine how many gigabytes are in one terabyte or how many bits are in a kilobyte? Even for experienced users, such questions can cause difficulties

CSS animation and its possibilities

How to make animation of text, block, button in CSS? Description of the nuances and details of this process so that the webmaster can create a beautiful design for his site

File format .spl7: how to open?

Someone sent you an unknown .spl7 file? In this article we will tell you how to open .spl7, the main and all alternative ways

How and how to open a .pak file? Description of the .pak file format

Having a problem opening a .pak file of unknown format? In this article, we will look at how to open a .pak file

File extension pages: how to open?

Pages is a file that is used in Apple devices and the Mac OS operating system. It is a widely used document format. In this article, we will consider how to open Pages

SQL file. SQL file format: extension description

Databases are complex systems that store information in interconnected tables. SQL file - SQL format for representing data in databases. In other words, this is a plain text file with a set of instructions for working with information in tables

How to open the .sig extension? Description of the file format and related programs

Extension.sig is a digital signature file format. Most commonly used in documentation sent via email. For a simple user, this format may occur once or twice, but in a commercial environment it is not uncommon

What is RAW, how to open the format and how to work with an image

RAW is a popular and basic format for digital images of modern photo and video equipment. When forming an image, several unprocessed layers, electrical signals of the matrix, are superimposed. Such formatting is not suitable for printing, so it becomes necessary to export to jpeg, png, and so on. In the presented article, we will understand how it is formed and how to open the RAW format, and also dwell on some technical points

How to merge two tables in "Word" horizontally or vertically

Despite the fact that the interface of Microsoft Word is quite simple, there are often problems with moving and merging tables. Below are detailed instructions on how to merge two tables in Word in several steps

How to remove underlining in Word: an overview of easy ways

How to remove underlining in Word? Consider the main types of underlines, why they appear and how to get rid of them with minimal effort

How to open RAR files on Windows 8: the simplest universal ways

The RAR archive format has been one of the most demanded and most frequently used by users around the world for data packaging (compressing files and folders) since its inception. The latest generation of Windows systems have their own tools for working with archives, but it is not always appropriate to use them. Next, it is proposed to figure out how to open a RAR file on Windows 8 or in any similar OS of the latest modifications

Files disappeared from a flash drive - how to recover? Ways to solve the problem

Missing files from a flash drive after connecting it to a computer or performing a scan is not uncommon. The reasons for the loss of files can be different, however, viruses are most often found among them. Is it possible to recover files from a flash drive and how to do it?

What is this M3U8 format? How to open a file?

Before explaining to you how to open M3U8, I would like to clarify that such a file is widely used to store track records. Almost any operating system supports this format, but you should use special utilities to play it. And what exactly? Read more about this below

How to open an ISO file on Windows 8 or similar systems: three easy ways

Very often, many users have to work with a specialized ISO file format, which is an image that can either be opened directly on a computer to view its contents, or mounted into a virtual drive that will work in exactly the same way as a regular one optical drive, or burn it to a blank disc or USB stick. How to open an ISO file on Windows 8 or similar systems will be discussed further

How to send a file to the cloud: instructions and recommendations

Modern cloud technologies used in organizing remote file storages allow users of computer and mobile systems to significantly save space on their storage drives by placing important files and directories directly on the servers of companies providing such services with full preservation of downloaded information and fast access to it when needed. Let's talk about how to send a file to the cloud

View, creation and structure of the XML file

Extensible Markup Language is an XML file structure for formatting data that makes it easy to exchange between applications and computers. The standard is more flexible than other markup languages such as HTML because it separates data storage from browsing and provides a way to describe data

How to split FLAC into tracks? FLAC: tips and tricks

The world of music is long overdue for a revolution, as the sound quality that comes from compressing files into standard formats like MP3 to reduce the size of an audio file is not to the liking of many music lovers. They are being replaced by more and more uncompressed audio formats like FLAC. But here's the problem - entire albums can be recorded as a single file, as a result of which sometimes it becomes impossible to switch between tracks when playing them even on a computer

IGS format. How to open it?

In our article we will talk about how to open the IGS format, what this extension means. Programs that can be used to work with such documents will be considered. So what is the IGS format? Just want to say that it opens with special utilities. The .igs file itself is a 2D/3D vector graphics format

How to decompress a ZIP file on a computer? ZIP archiver

ZIP format is one of the first among all those that have been actively used for data compression. But how do you unpack a ZIP file on your computer to extract all the necessary information from it? To do this, you can use several universal tools, among which the tools of Windows operating systems of all the latest generations, and third-party archivers, and even some file managers stand out

How to open a deja vu file on a computer?

Many computer users are faced with the need to open déjà vu files. This format, like .pdf, is the most popular for storing scanned documents. In our article, we will figure out how to open a déjà vu file on a PC. Next, we will consider programs that can be used to work with similar documents

How to delete files from a DVD-RW disc: instructions

Let's try to figure out how to delete files from a DVD-RW disc and do it as painlessly as possible for both the user and external media. There are two ways to clear a writable drive

DLL files: what are they in Windows operating systems and installed software packages?

Have you paid attention to the fact that when installing absolutely all Windows operating systems or some programs in file managers, including the standard "Explorer", you can often find objects of an unfamiliar format in the form of DLL files. What are these files and what is their purpose, ordinary users with an initial level of training imagine very vaguely. Shall we try to figure it out?

BTRFS or EXT4: systems overview, performance, conversion

Linux supports file systems, including those used by other operating systems such as Windows FAT and NTFS. On Linux, EXT4 extended file system, XFS and BTRFS are used for storage partitions. Understanding the parameters can help you choose the right applications

How to install and open APK on a computer: an overview of easy ways

The Android app system proved to be versatile and developer-friendly immediately after its launch. Running them usually requires an Android smartphone or tablet. But what if you want to try the Android service without such a device? To do this, you will have to run the APK file on the computer

What are DLL files? Oddly enough, the library

Libraries have long been known to everyone, and many even used them. Literally "storehouse of books". Now they store not only books, but also microfilms, microfiche, transparencies. And not only people use their services. Computer programs also have their own libraries

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