Information technology 2023, March

Wordpress, site transfer to another domain: procedure, tips and advice from experts

How to properly prepare for site transfer to another type of domain. The main reasons why this should be done. Steps to take before migrating a site. Six main stages of portal integration on a new resource. Common mistakes during integration and how to solve them

What are web services: concept, principles of operation, advantages and disadvantages

How relevant is the development of web services? Detailed description of the technology and its practical application. How does a web service work? Basic commands and requests for processing and sending data between subscribers. Characteristics of ongoing developments for portals

Network storage for home NAS: main features, ranking of the best, tips and reviews from owners

Detailed description of NAS storage equipment. How are hard drives different from regular storage? Principle of operation. What to look for when choosing NAS storage for your home. Rating of the most popular and demanded models on the market

Google products: list, features and capabilities, reviews

American corporation was founded in 1998. Sergey Brin and Larry Page became the "parents" of Google. In 2015, they founded the conglomerate Alphabet Inc. Google is now considered to be the most powerful brand in the world. The site of the same name is currently the most visited in the world. But in addition to the search engine, other Google products are just as popular

How to enable FPS in MSI Afterburner? Tips for using the program

The Internet is full of various programs that help to monitor the system. So MSI Afterburner is no exception. In this article, you can learn how to use the program and what features it has

"Media Get" does not download files: causes of problems and methods for their elimination

As you know, many programs have been created to download content from the Internet via torrents using P2P (peer-to-peer) technology, among which the Media Get application can be called one of the most popular. But very often users notice that in certain situations Media Get does not download files. There can be quite a number of reasons for this

Units of quantity of information: bit, byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte

There are words that everyone hears: "bits", "bytes", "gigabytes". But even the almighty "Google" can not always explain the meaning of familiar words. Either computer science, or the Internet - something computer. And it's true. Without them, there would be neither one nor the other, nor the third

How to transfer contacts from iCloud to Android: proven methods

Huawei and Samsung enter the market, continuing to introduce new modern products. For some users with older iPhones, this is a good opportunity to upgrade to modern Android. Many people after replacing the device want to transfer iCloud data to Android, but do not know how to do it efficiently. Before transferring contacts from iCloud to Android, the prerequisites are met so that data migration does not become a disaster for the user. Here are some effective tips

How to rename an application on Android: detailed instructions

We will try to identify the most popular and most effective solutions that will allow you to rename the application on Android without any problems. Consider the features of each method and possible difficulties. So let's get started

Element base: definition, classification, features

The element base in computers is their main electronic component. This component varies depending on the generation of computers. Generations of the computer element base explain the history of the development of computers based on evolving technologies

How to save contacts in the cloud: three popular services

In order to protect yourself from unforeseen situations related to the loss of contacts, it is best to transfer the list of details in the form of a backup or a copy that is constantly updated as it changes to some cloud service. Let's talk about how to save contacts in the cloud. As a few simple examples, let's take popular repositories from Google, Mail.Ru and Yandex

What is the size of the allocation unit and what size of the cluster should be set when formatting the media?

Do I need to say that in everyday work any user has to deal with formatting hard drives or removable drives in the form of the most common flash drives or memory cards? When this process is activated, most of us usually do not pay attention to the set size of the distribution unit, called the cluster, leaving this parameter to the discretion of the operating system itself

From which sites you can download movies for free: a list of verified resources

People really like to relax. Many are content only with this, others rest after work. Often you just want to escape from everyday worries and watch a movie. But sometimes downloading a movie from the Internet can cause problems, as there are many scammers on the Web. What sites can you download movies for free?

Customizing the menu of Windows systems: a few simple ways

Any Windows user in their daily work constantly refers to the use of special menus called through the RMB. Indeed, in some situations, many actions to open files, call some functions of the system or programs are greatly simplified. However, most of the operations presented there, if we are talking exclusively about Windows settings, and not about installed applications, the user simply does not need

How to speed up a USB flash drive: a few recommendations for optimizing the performance of a USB drive

Most users who prefer to use flash drives to quickly transfer data from one computer device to another, sooner or later face a clear slowdown in their work, not to mention similar situations in the case of using outdated drives released 10-15 years ago . At the same time, even the smallest files are copied for a very long time, although this might not have been observed before

How to get Root-rights in "ES Explorer"?

The most popular smartphone app for managing files is "ES File Explorer". This program allows the user to operate files in the same way as on a computer: copy, move, rename, and so on. Getting Root access allows you to use additional features of the explorer

How to flash Huawei: step by step instructions, necessary programs and expert advice

Huawei phones are good, but sometimes even the most reliable phone can freeze or stop responding. In most cases, flashing helps to cope with this. In this way, you can downgrade the OS version, upgrade your smartphone or return to the standard ROM

How to save contacts to Google: simple ways, transfer rules, recommendations and tips

How often do you think about saving contacts that are present in the phone book on your mobile device? Many owners of such equipment, alas, do not attach much importance to this. But in vain! After all, the device can fail, and when it is restored or repaired, all data can be destroyed. And this is not about the fact that the phone itself can be completely elementary lost. And how then to recover the data?

How to remove the Google search from the main screen: the simplest methods

Apparently, it is not necessary to say that almost all buyers of new smartphones or tablets running Android, when they first turn on the device, immediately notice a rather impressive Google search field on the main screen. What is most interesting, most people never use a quick search (and even using voice input), preferring to open the browser installed on the device for this

Voice messages in VK: how to save and use them

In many social networks there is a function of sending a voice message to the interlocutor. Network administrators have introduced this feature in order to simplify communication and make it as convenient as possible. This article talks about how to use this feature on different devices and how to save voice messages to VK

H323: protocol, gateways, ports, configuration and application

H323 is an ITU-T (International Telecommunication Union) standard that defines protocols for providing audiovisual communications over network packets. It is very similar to SIP - Multimedia Session Configuration and Administration Protocol

Mobile banking: how to install, settings and practical tips

Mobile banking has become one of the most popular services among plastic card holders. Almost everyone who has credit cards wants to learn information about accounts online and use services without restrictions. But how to install a mobile bank remains a mystery to almost half of the customers. Application installation methods and service rates differ depending on the financial institution

How to restore correspondence in the "Telegram": step by step instructions, tips

How to restore correspondence in the "Telegram" after deletion? This question torments many users of the messenger. It happens that on emotions, out of uselessness, or just by chance, you delete correspondence, and then you regret it. There are several ways to solve the problem

How bluetooth headphones work for a phone: how to connect and use

Headphones are a popular phone accessory. Almost all smartphone users have headphones. A wired headset is the most common, but there are also wireless headphones. This article is about how wireless bluetooth earbuds for phones work

How to make a business account on Facebook: creation, setup and promotion

Today it's hard to deny that more than two billion active Facebook users can help promote any business. The main argument is that this social network makes it easier for people to find the information they need and interact with their brand online. How to make a business account on Facebook and promote it? To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps

How to make a YouTube channel and make money from it?

Own YouTube channel today has become one of the opportunities to earn money in your favorite pastime. That is why the question "how to make a channel" is increasingly heard. However, not everything is so simple: before you reap the benefits of popularity, you have to go through a long and difficult path of promoting the channel. Much depends on a successful topic, as well as on the quality of the content

Address bar with search function - it's easy

Today, everyone is familiar with browsers - special programs that allow you to quickly and easily surf the World Wide Web. If you are reading this article, then you have certainly landed on this page by using the address bar. However, many beginners are not familiar with all the secrets of this seemingly simple tool

Remote download of computer and files

To boot a computer remotely, you do not have to have magic, the ability to program, you just need to read the information in this article to get enough information to turn on the computer remotely or download a file from file hosting to file hosting

Types and possibilities of information retrieval systems

The concept of information retrieval systems (IPS) emerged in the late eighties of the last century. These are systems that allow you to search, process, select the necessary request data in your specially created database

Transmitting data over Ethernet with and without wires

Data transmission over a network includes a set of communication devices that are combined by data transmission channels, switched by devices and provide messaging between all end devices

How Google works: program description, features and capabilities

What services and applications Google provides to users. Tools for webmasters, opportunities for advertising and monetization of the site provided by its various services. Operating system created by Google

What is a restart and how to do it right

Restart, in the understanding of the average user, is associated with restarting the PC due to some problem in its operation. For example, you had a very large number of applications running, after which your computer could not cope with the load and hung. This happens very often, especially if the PC is weak in performance (in this case, the likelihood that this will happen is higher than for a person with a more powerful computer). To solve the problem, just turn off your PC from power, and then turn it back on

Cloud solutions: types, characteristics, technology and benefits of use

What does cloud technology mean. What is the purpose of advanced remote access? The main advantages of cloud solutions. Description of available technologies. main features of cloud solutions. Provided types of services

How to restore contacts in WhatsApp: features and methods

WhatsApp is often a convenient place to store important information. These are not only correspondence, messages, but also video, audio, and contacts. The messenger provides a search that helps you quickly find the information you need in the program. All this data is stored on the device, and if it is lost, when resetting the settings, the information is lost. At such moments, the question arises of how to restore contacts in WhatsApp and whether it can be done

How to update applications on Android: step by step instructions with photos

Following the article below, you will learn how to update applications on "Android". This skill is basic. Every user should know how to update applications. What's more, you'll learn the difference between phone and tablet updates. Well, let's get started

How to remove an unnecessary driver: the nuances of uninstallation

As you know, almost all Windows modifications in terms of monitoring the current state of the installed hardware drivers are quite capricious. Not only do they not know how to update the control software on their own, they also save outdated or unused drivers on the hard drive, which leads to cluttering it with unnecessary files and conflicts between outdated and updated driver versions

How to set up WhatsApp on your phone and how to use it?

On the Web, there are a huge number of online services for communicating and transferring various files, referred to as social networks. WhatsApp can be attributed to them. However, this application has a slightly different structure. This article will show you how to set up whatsapp on your phone

NVidia GPUs for modern graphics cards. Characteristics and positioning

Modern NVidia processors allow you to create high-performance graphics cards. Such devices are capable of solving tasks of increased complexity and have a high speed of operation. Within the framework of this material, the current model range of semiconductor chips, which underlies the accelerators of the 20XX line, will be considered

How to use a VPN: how it works, how to turn it on and choosing a browser

VPN technology has recently become popular among users of computer and mobile devices. However, many do not think about what it is for and what VPN is better to use. What is the principle of the VPN and how to choose it?

Failed to copy download files: causes, troubleshooting methods and expert advice

As you know, none of all known Windows operating systems is immune from the appearance of such critical errors and malfunctions in them that sometimes the computer simply stops booting normally. When this happens, you may receive notifications that the operating system was not found, and when restoring the bootloader using command line tools, a failure is reported when copying Windows boot files

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    Restore Skype account: step by step instructions, return access to your account

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  • How to find out who "liked" a person on Instagram. Proven Methods
    How to find out who "liked" a person on Instagram. Proven Methods

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    How to restore a channel on YouTube: detailed instructions, simple and effective tips

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  • How to remove a contact from "Vatsap" and how to block an unwanted interlocutor
    How to remove a contact from "Vatsap" and how to block an unwanted interlocutor

    WhatsApp is a popular messenger. It has many features that users are not even aware of. One of these is the ability to block contacts. It helps to get rid of annoying interlocutors. And how to remove a contact from WhatsApp and how to block it? You can perform these actions in different ways