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How to check the battery on a laptop for performance: ways to check the status

In the era of mobility, the battery is the main component of any device, as it allows you to use it for many days, both at work and at home, without the need to connect to the mains. Checking the condition of your battery is the best way to take care of it to extend its lifespan. Modern technology offers a range of tools that allow the user to control power, load and voltage

How to turn off bluetooth on a laptop?

A universal means for wirelessly transferring information between devices by pairing is bluetooth, which is installed on almost all portable computers, as indicated by the factory sticker on the case

Universal laptop adapter: review, description, reviews. Laptop power supply

Every laptop owner who uses the device intensively enough faces the need to charge the battery every day. Some portable computers discharge faster, others slower, but in fact the power supply for a laptop is, one might say, its main companion and friend. What to do if such a necessary accessory is lost or out of order? Let's try to figure it out, because the variety of network adapters for laptops offered in stores is quite large

Notebook ACER Aspire 4315. Features, purpose and reviews

Notebook model ACER Aspire 4315 was officially introduced by the manufacturer in 2007. Its key features were high battery life and the ability to perform only the most simple tasks. It is the capabilities of this model of a mobile computer that will be thoroughly considered in the review material brought to your attention

How to connect Viber on a laptop: a few simple steps

Now the era of the heyday of digital technologies has truly begun, in which the popularity of all kinds of applets for online communication just rolls over. One of the most popular applications in this area is the notorious Viber messenger. Despite its initial focus exclusively on mobile platforms used only on phones (smartphones), at the moment, many users are increasingly asking questions about how to connect Viber on a laptop

How to reset an Acer laptop to factory settings: a few typical situations and reset methods

Do I need to say that very often laptop owners have to perform a factory reset as one of the most extreme measures to restore the device's performance? Most often, the laptop manufacturer supplies it with a preinstalled operating system and special proprietary utilities that allow you to perform all the necessary rollback actions. Next, it is proposed to figure out how to reset an Acer laptop to factory settings

Irbis laptops: customer reviews, review of models

This review will consider various modifications of Irbis laptops. Reviews about them, their technical specifications and possible applications will be given in this material. The following information is of greatest interest to potential buyers of such electronic equipment. With its help, they will be able to understand how such mobile computers meet their needs

How to enable NumLock on a laptop: tips and tricks

When working with computers, you usually have to type text and numbers. Sometimes it becomes necessary to activate the numeric keypad. This article will show you how to enable NumLock on a laptop

Laptop with passive cooling: review, rating of the best, pros and cons of models

Modern laptops are high performance devices that can do a lot. Among them there are even instances for gamers. However, they are very noisy. But many users want their laptop to be very quiet, making as little noise as possible. And there are such options. These are laptops with passive cooling

How to use tablet mode on a Windows 10 laptop?

With the development of modern technology, computers and laptops are becoming increasingly popular. Manufacturers are constantly improving their equipment so that it is as useful and convenient as possible for users. One of these innovations was the tablet mode on a Windows 10 laptop

How to change the video card from integrated to discrete: methods and instructions

Recently, stationary terminals and laptops with two rather than one graphics chip (video card) have become especially popular among computer technology users. In this regard, there are a lot of questions about how to change the video card from integrated to discrete. In principle, ordinary users can be offered several universal and very simple methods

How to rotate the screen on a laptop 90 degrees: step by step instructions, tips and tricks

Working with a computer or laptop requires certain knowledge and skills from a person. This article will talk about how to rotate the screen on a PC. What needs to be done for this? Are there any additional programs required for such a task?

How to make a smaller font on a laptop using the keyboard?

Computers and laptops are perfectly controlled by the keyboard, but not many people know about it. This article will address the question of how to increase or decrease the font on a laptop using the keyboard panel and more

HDD instead of a DVD drive in a laptop: setup methods, tips

Sometimes, having bought a laptop, a person wonders why this DVD-drive is needed. Nowadays, everyone uses flash drives, the price of which is quite affordable. You can find out how to get the benefit of a DVD drive and get a decent bonus in performance or HDD storage in this article

How to put RAM on a laptop: types, volume, procedure and expert advice

Installing an extra RAM stick is the easiest way to improve your computer's performance. However, the problem is that installing RAM on a stationary PC is quite simple. But in order to increase the amount of necessary resource for a laptop, you need to work hard. This will be discussed in this article

How to make your laptop more powerful for gaming: step-by-step guide, tips and tricks

To make your laptop more powerful for gaming, you need to resort to a few simple steps. However, they will not greatly increase the resource of equipment. It is quite difficult to improve the performance of a laptop without investments. Consider the options

How to disassemble a battery from a laptop: step by step instructions, battery repair and recovery

When a laptop serves a user for more than two years and at the same time runs on its own battery quite often, the latter begins to wear out quite strongly, and the overall charge level decreases. In this regard, the period of operation of the device without connecting to the network is also reduced. But there are also other situations in which it is worth repairing the laptop battery

Cheapest MacBook: specs, review and photos

To date, the cheapest 2018 MacBook Air labeled MRE82 is priced at $1,140. This is a fairly high cost laptop by today's standards. At the same time, this mobile computing system has advanced technical specifications and a solid performance margin. This is a premium laptop. This review will be devoted to its specifications

Acer Aspire 5733Z Specifications and Features

Modern laptops are high-tech and very expensive devices. But after all, no one bothers to consider as an option for buying a model from the recent past. For the work of these laptops is enough. And devices of this class are not intended for games. Only top-end configurations can work normally with toys. Therefore, outdated models will suffice for work. The laptop Acer Aspire 5733Z is very interesting in this regard

How to delete everything from a laptop: options, step by step guide

Any technique requires special care. Sometimes we do not notice how we install too many resource-intensive programs on a laptop, without taking into account the capabilities of the device. Because of this, various kinds of failures and errors begin to occur. And we are in a hurry trying to find out how to remove everything from the laptop

How to install "Windows 8" on a laptop: procedure, necessary drivers and expert advice

Have you ever had questions about how to install Windows 8 on a laptop? Among the vast majority of users, this modification, unlike its predecessor (Windows 7) and later development in the form of the tenth version, is not particularly popular. This is partly due to the fact that it is a kind of intermediate link between the “seven” and “ten”, which can be seen even from the interface

How to remove the password from Windows 10 on a laptop: methods, instructions

Using system access passwords in all known Windows modifications quite often turns out to be very inappropriate and makes sense only if you work in an office or enterprise, when several users are registered on one computer terminal or laptop. At home, you may need to use this login method only if you want to restrict access to the PC for children or relatives

Notebook HP Pavilion 15: features and reviews. How to disassemble an HP Pavilion 15 laptop?

HP Pavilion series laptops are regarded by users and IT experts as combining modern design, comfortable controls, support for the most popular technologies, and functionality

How to use a laptop for beginners? Laptop tutorial

Many people have no idea how you can watch movies, watch news on the Internet, play games, sitting at a small box. That is why there is a lot of information on the Web on how to use a laptop for beginners. And we have to admit, among it there are really valuable tutorials and instructions

Forgot my Macbook password - what to do? Reset password on MacBook

What should I do if I forgot my Macbook password? How to solve what seemed to be such a complex problem without losing important data? Do not despair ahead of time, because resetting a password on a MacBook is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, and even a user in the "teapot" status can change the combination. How to unlock macbook if you forgot your password? Read the article

Dell Inspiron 15 laptop: specifications, review, testing and reviews

The Dell Inspiron 15 lineup includes laptops packed with the latest technology. They provide a solution to any problem, allow you to cope with various applications. In addition, laptops have extensive customization options that you can adjust to suit your own needs

How to enter BIOS on a Dell laptop: a description of all possible ways

Very often, Dell laptop owners ask themselves the question: "How to enter the BIOS on a Dell laptop to install Windows or change settings?" At first glance, it may seem that the question is quite simple, but this is not entirely true, since there are 5 different ways to get into BIOS on Dell laptops

The fn button on a Samsung laptop does not work, how to turn it on?

The laptop keyboard is one of the most important elements of the computer, it contains various keys with which you can call up certain settings menus. And also, enabling and disabling various functions, one of these is the Fn (function) button. Using this key in combination with any other, you can reduce the screen brightness, lower or increase the sound on the laptop, and finally turn on Wi-Fi

How to clean a macbook? Programs for deleting unnecessary files and cleaning up memory for MacBook

The following article provides detailed information on several ways to clean your Apple laptop so that it runs as quickly and smoothly as possible. Both standard methods and options using third-party software will be considered

How to put a laptop on a shutdown timer: instructions

The material below provides and discusses in detail several working methods on how to put a laptop on the shutdown timer. The article describes both simple methods that do not require special knowledge, and rather complex ones that may require the use of third-party software

Why the touchpad does not work on a laptop: looking for reasons. How to set up a touchpad on a laptop

The material presented below is devoted to problems that may arise when working with the touchpad of any laptop. Here we will consider the reasons for the termination of its work, ways to correct the situation that has arisen, as well as several additional useful settings

How to restore BIOS on a laptop: step by step instructions

BIOS stands for "Basic Input/Output System", whose function is to identify, test and start the main components of a laptop or computer and the devices connected to them. BIOS versions may vary depending on the manufacturer of the device. In this article, we will tell you in detail how to restore BIOS on a laptop

How to turn off the monitor on a laptop, and why is it needed?

Some laptop users prefer to work behind large screens by connecting an external monitor to the device. In some cases, such a screen may be needed if the matrix is out of order (so as not to spend money on replacing it). It is also important to know that the display of a mobile computer consumes a lot of battery power. If you're just using your device to listen to music, you can turn off the display to extend battery life

How to fix a laptop: the most common breakdowns

Modern life is hard to imagine without a personal computer, tablet or laptop, which have a habit of breaking down. Often a faulty device can be diagnosed and a malfunction can be detected at home. A correct diagnosis is the first step to figuring out how to fix a laptop

Acer products: laptops. Laptop models and their characteristics

Acer is a renowned Taiwanese computer manufacturer that has been in business since 1976. According to statistics, every fourth user prefers to choose an Acer laptop. Out of competition presented on the market at this time new PCs from Acer. Laptops, models of which are suitable for a variety of consumer needs, are one of the main directions of the company's development

Laptop hangs: ways to fix the problem

Depreciation of parts, the presence of viruses, clogging of the system disk - these are all reasons why a laptop can start to freeze and slow down badly. This article will analyze the main reasons why such a problem occurs, and also consider what needs to be done to correct the situation

How to check a laptop for viruses: methods, features and recommendations

Computer viruses have caused many problems for computer users since the first operating systems. It is not surprising, because some types of threats can completely disable both software and hardware components of a computer, laptop or mobile device

WiFi access point on a laptop: instructions for creating

Unfortunately, not all users know that in Windows operating systems, starting from the seventh modification (except for the Starter version), the technology for creating a Wi-Fi access point is implemented using the systems themselves. This is the so-called software emulation technology called Software Access Point

Notebook HP 250: specifications and reviews

The hero of today's review is an inexpensive and silent laptop for everyday and office work HP 250 from Hewlett Packard. The device has a 15-inch screen, an economical Celeron N2830 processor, 2 GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive. x64 "Windows" 8.1 was chosen as the preinstalled operating system

Memory for a laptop: types of memory and ways to increase

Random access memory (RAM) is an integral part of any computer. It serves to store user data. And only the information that is being worked on at the moment. It is worth restarting the computer, and the "RAM" will be cleared. Below we will analyze the difference between RAM for a laptop and for a PC

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