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How to hide VKontakte friends from your phone: tips and tricks

"VKontakte" is a popular social network with a huge range of possibilities. Users are offered a variety of account settings that help hide information from individuals. In this article, you will learn how to hide friends on VK from your phone

Why do we need a hashtag in social networks: role, how to use

You can show yourself on the Internet in many ways. Many options work in the promotion of goods and products. Therefore, a natural question arises here: why do we need a hashtag? Understanding this, you will find out what is the power of the "grid" in the company with a couple of words

How to change the name of the Wi-Fi network: instructions and recommendations

As for how to change the name of a Wi-Fi network, ordinary users usually never think about it. By and large, they do not need this, since very often the initial configuration is performed by a specialist from the provider's service. But in the case of mobile operators, when specially designed for this firmware modems are used to create a connection, which can operate in the mode of distributing a wireless signal, you have to set the parameters yourself

How to connect a PC to WiFi without a cable: step-by-step instructions for setting up a home wireless network

In most cases, when using a wireless Internet connection for computer devices, routers (routers or ADSL modems operating in Wi-Fi mode) are used. Mobile devices, as a rule, are initially equipped with wireless modules, which allows you to connect to your home network through a router "over the air" directly

How to attach an album to a VKontakte post: tips and guides

"VKontakte" is a social network where you can attach multimedia to messages. But how to do that? This article will talk about attaching albums to posts and messages in one case or another. Everything is elementary

How to get a pen pal interested? Basic Tips

One of the most important aspects in the process of communicating with a young man she likes for a girl is the ability to present herself correctly. How to interest a guy by correspondence, what questions and messages to send to the interlocutor, read the article

How to delete a page on VKontakte quickly and permanently?

Modern Internet users are familiar with social networks. In them, you can chat, get to know each other, share photos / videos / music, play and just find communities of interest. It happens that the cycle of virtuality is addictive. And one day a person realizes this, deciding to retire from social networks. How to delete a page on VKontakte? Can it be done at all?

How to set up Wi-Fi: step by step guide

A couple of decades ago, a small number of people knew about the existence of the Internet. Now the whole civilized world knows about it, moreover, everyone uses it. The first Internet connected users with a network of wires, which continues today. But technology does not stand still, and wireless data transmission has been developed. In this article, we will learn how to set up Wi-Fi on a Windows laptop of any version

How old can you sit in "VK"? At what age is it legal to register on social networks?

Social networks have become an integral part of the life of modern society. This article will talk about the age at which you can sit in "VK" and other social networks. The information is relevant for Russia. What do kids and adults need to remember about social media age limits?

Tagged port: what is it?

A tagged port is obtained after a VLAN tagging operation, also known as Frame Tagging. This is a method developed by Cisco for available packets passing through the backbone. When an Ethernet frame traverses this link, the receiving side has no knowledge of the use of virtual networks

How to make a playlist in VK: tips and tricks

Playlist is a handy media object that helps people listen to only selected tracks. It is something like a collection of selected songs or a self-made album. This article will tell you how to create a playlist in VK

How to find out how many messages in the "Vkontakte" dialog from a computer and from a phone?

Often a situation arises when it is necessary to check how many messages have accumulated in the chat from other people. There are several options for doing this without having to delete anything. More on how to find out how many messages are in the Vkontakte dialog

How to freeze a friend's page in VK: step by step instructions and methods

Social media is in huge demand. Only sometimes there is a need to abandon them. This article will talk about how to freeze your friend's page in VK. What it is? And what is fraught with such an act?

How to delete all posts in VK: detailed instructions. How to clean the wall in VK

"VKontakte" is a popular Russian social network. Despite the fact that thousands of people communicate here every day, it still raises questions from users. For example, when cleaning the wall. This article will talk about how to delete posts from the wall in VK

Internet provider "Smile": customer reviews

There are many ways to connect to the Internet. Each provider offers services with different conditions. People have to make difficult choices, given the number of such companies. In this article, we will consider the specifics of the work of the "Smile" provider and get acquainted with the real feedback from subscribers

How to view and rewind videos on Instagram. detailed instructions

The Instagram application is one of the most popular in the world, and there are several reasons for this: it contains all the options that a modern person cannot live without. This is a photo editor, and a messenger, and a social network where you can share pictures and videos. A multifunctional application is also good because you can find friends there by interests, learn something new from professional bloggers

How to clear your Instagram search history. All options

A large amount of information is uploaded daily to the Instagram social network, new pages appear. The search system in the application allows you to find absolutely everything. Users actively use this feature

How to repost a post on Instagram: step by step instructions

The Instagram app has long been one of the most popular photo and video sharing services. In a social network, you can not only share moments from your life, but also communicate with other users. The program also has a built-in photo editor that is used to improve the quality of pictures

How to unlink an Instagram account from Facebook: procedure

Recently, it has become popular to link social networks together. This greatly simplifies the process of communication, publication of photos and videos. Just a couple of clicks - and the post appears in several sources at once. But sometimes situations arise when one of the accounts needs to be unlinked. There can be many reasons for this. In this article, we will look at how to unlink an Instagram account from Facebook

Bold font in WhatsApp: how to change the writing style

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications used by more than a million people around the world. It allows you to make free video and audio calls, as well as exchange text messages. Using the application is possible not only for individual, but also for group chats. The developers have provided many functions of the program, including providing users with the ability to highlight certain words, phrases, using other types of font

How to change the language on Instagram. Step-by-step instruction

Surely everyone noticed that when installing “Instagram” there is no way to select a specific language. This applies to both the mobile app and the web version. The browser automatically sets the language based on your location. That is, if you live in Russia, the program interface will be in Russian by default

How to change marital status in VK: tips

Marital status in social networks helps to understand with whom a person is currently in a relationship. It can change rapidly, especially among free and single people. So how to change the joint venture in VK? Let's try to figure it out

How to watch live on Instagram: instructions and recommendations

To attract new followers, many Instagram users broadcast live. This is a great chance to connect with people, share life stories or business ideas. Broadcasts are video that plays in real time. If you still don’t know where to watch live on Instagram, but want to follow the life of successful bloggers, then this article will be useful

Corporate networks are the main informatization mechanism

What are corporate computer networks? Learn from the article about how they are organized, how they work and what devices they include

How beautiful to run "Instagram"? Username on Instagram. How to get started on Instagram

How beautiful to run "Instagram" to get a lot of likes and subscriptions? What do you need to do for this, and where do you start?

Quick YouTube channel promotion

In today's world, mass business is moving to the Internet. YouTube, as the largest video hosting and the second most searched search engine in the world, is also the resource on which you can earn decent money. To do this, you first need to create a YouTube channel. Promotion is the second component of success. How you can promote your channel tells our article

Video call in "Contact": learning to call

So, today we will talk with you about how you can set up a video call in "Contact". It's actually very easy to do this. Especially if you have already made video calls on other social networks

How to set up Wi-Fi on a laptop? Several ways

Decades ago, most of humanity was unaware of the existence of the Internet. It was relatively widespread in the zero years, when the entire planet was shrouded in network wires. But technology does not stand still, and in 1998 a wireless connection was developed, which was called Wi-Fi. And in the article below, we will learn how to set up Wi-Fi through a laptop

How to delete deleted pages "VKontakte": step by step description

It is very rare to meet a person who does not have a page in at least one of the well-known social networks. Despite the seeming simplicity in handling them, sometimes there are still questions that cannot be answered on their own. How to delete the page "VKontakte" forever? How to delete deleted pages "VKontakte"? Answers to these questions in this article

Peer-to-peer network - what is it?

In today's world, we are all used to being able to share interesting information and materials with friends and others. The Internet is especially important in this regard, since it is the global network that provides us with a bunch of opportunities for this kind of exchange

How to delete a page from different social networks: instructions

Social networks occupy more and more place in the lives of modern citizens. This article will tell you how to delete pages in various social networks

Learn how to leave Odnoklassniki. We solve other problems of this network

Today we will try to leave Odnoklassniki and learn how to clear our discussions. This article will also help those who cannot leave the Odnoklassniki social network

"Internet l", "Megaphone": description and traffic

Mobile operators offer a range of options with which, for a certain subscription fee, you can access the Internet. The most interesting, in terms of capabilities, is the "Internet L" option from Megafon

VKontakte history will help secure your profile

Many users of the famous social network are wondering how to view the history of VKontakte. Using this information, you can find out from which devices and at what time your account was online

How to hack a page in VK? Is it possible to hack someone else's page on VKontakte?

Social media is not an example of security. Getting into the privacy of each person is quite simple. Today we’ll talk about exactly this: we’ll tell you how to hack a page in VK and how you can protect yourself from it

Why can't I follow on Instagram? All possible reasons

We subscribe to people with a specific goal - to find friends, like-minded people of interest, to learn something new for ourselves. And sometimes it is very strange to see that the Instagram system does not allow you to "follow" the profile you are interested in. This error occurs quite often, no one is immune from this trouble. Let's analyze the main reasons why Instagram does not allow you to subscribe to people

How to find out who "liked" a person on Instagram. Proven Methods

Everyone who is trying to start the path of a blogger or has already achieved some success in this field, hopes that the content that he shares with readers will not be left without attention. The main indicator of page popularity is “likes”. “Thumbs up” is also put when they want to attract the attention of potential subscribers

How to restore a channel on YouTube: detailed instructions, simple and effective tips

This article describes how to restore a channel on YouTube after deleting it. To understand this task, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with some terminology. There is a difference between deleting and blocking a YouTube account

How to remove a contact from "Vatsap" and how to block an unwanted interlocutor

WhatsApp is a popular messenger. It has many features that users are not even aware of. One of these is the ability to block contacts. It helps to get rid of annoying interlocutors. And how to remove a contact from WhatsApp and how to block it? You can perform these actions in different ways

How to recover deleted SMS in WhatsApp: all the ways, step by step guide

Sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to return deleted messages in WhatsApp. This messenger supports several ways to restore correspondence. So how to recover deleted SMS in WhatsApp? By default, WhatsApp backs up all chats in the device's memory. The program performs this action every day at 2 am, regardless of the Internet connection. In local form, copies are stored for a week. If necessary, they are easy to restore

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